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Chapter 799: Tian Jian Steps in

“Haha you little snake, you think you can run Obediently offer up your hidden essence.” Just as Nubis finished speaking, a heavy voice appeared.

A burly, gold-robed middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere, blocking Jian Chen and Nubis’ path.

Nubis became extremely ugly.

He cried out angrily, “It’s very close to the Mercenary City.

If you dare to attack, you’ll definitely alert the authority of Mercenary City.

When that happens, you’ll be doomed even if you’re Class 8.”

“Hehe, you, little snake, are pretty smart to know that there are very few people who are my opponent on this continent, which was why you fled towards Mercenary City.

But you used a secret technique to flee without paying attention to the consequences and now you’re completely burnt out.

I only need a twitch of a finger to kill you.

I won’t alert the human experts at all.” The middle-aged man sneered while he extended his hand towards Nubis.

Wherever it passed by, a powerful energy would rip open the space.

It seemed simple, but it contained a great power that could collapse mountains.

Currently, Jian Chen and Nubis were both trapped in the suddenly-condensed space lock and were completely immobilised.

They could only watch on helplessly as the hand quickly approached them as they just did not have the power to forcefully break the space lock from a Class 8 Magical Beast.

“A Magical Beast dares to infiltrate my Tian Yuan Continent.

How dare you”

At that very moment, a grim, cold voice boomed in the sky.

The white-robed Tian Jian suddenly appeared right in front of Jian Chen and Nubis.

With a pointing gesture, the space in front of him trembled.

A finger-sized hole directly appeared in the hand reaching towards the two of them.

Not only did Tian Jian’s gesture pierce the magical beast’s hand, it even passed through to his chest, punching a finger-sized hole into it.

The tough body of the Class 8 Magical Beast was like tofu before Tian Jian’s casual pointing gesture.

The Class 8 Magical Beast produced a muffled grunt and stared at the sudden appearance of Tian Jian in shock.

When he recognised who Tian Jian was he immediately paled in fright, completely terrified.

He did not even have the intention of putting up a fight, instead immediately disappearing without hesitation.

He had fled with a secret technique.

Tian Jian remained expressionless.

He said, “Nine Godly Secrets, Worldlock!”

The space in the surrounding thousands of kilometers immediately froze.

It seemed to be sealed up by a mysterious but powerful energy, and it was not just space; time itself seemed to freeze.

In that very moment, the air froze and time stopped.

Everything fell into silence.

The magical beast reappeared hundreds of kilometers away.

Currently, he was locked up in the air in a fleeing posture, completely unable to move and absolutely terrified.

Tian Jian took a single step.

He traversed the hundreds of kilometers and arrived before the magical beast.

He gently placed his hand onto the magical beast’s head.

The Class 8 Magical Beast trembled and the light in his eyes quickly disappeared.

They had become lifeless.

Tian Jian’s gentle hand had already extinguished his origin soul, killing him instantly without the chance for a counterattack.

With the death of the magical beast, the surrounding space recovered to how it was before.

Tian Jian appeared beside Jian Chen with a flash, carrying the magical beast’s corpse, and said, “I’d never think that a Class 8 Magical Beast would infiltrate our continent, though fortunately it met me.

Otherwise, with his superior ability for battle as a beast of antiquity, there aren’t many people who could stop him.”

Jian Chen and Nubis were stunned as they stared at the middle-aged man in Tian Jian’s hand.

The shock they experienced had already reached the absolute limit.

A Class 8 Magical Beast, not to mention a Silver Striped Golden Snake beast of antiquity, had been slaughtered by Tian Jian without the slightest difficulty, just like that.

The strength displayed by Tian Jian had already deeply astounded them.

They had never thought that killing a Class 8 Magical Beast, something equal in strength to a human Saint King, could be done so easily.

Killing a Class 8 Magical Beast was just like having a meal to Tian Jian.

He did not have any particular reaction.

Everything seemed ordinary and unimportant to him.

Standing in front of Jian Chen, he calmed gazed at him and asked, “Has everything been dealt with”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and glanced at Tian Jian’s hand, still rather perturbed.

It was still a human-form Class 8 Magical Beast.

Gulping with difficulty, he said, “Senior, junior’s dealt with everything.

We can leave right now.”

“We can’t waste time.

Leave with me this instant.” Tian Jian directly cut open the space with a swing of his hand, creating a Space Gate with his ability as a Saint King.

“Jian Chen, where are you going Oh yeah, I felt the presences of several experts from the Beast God Continent a few days ago.

Have those magical beasts perhaps come to the Tian Yuan Continent” Nubis also recovered from the shock and asked on one side.

In the past few days he had faced the pursuit of the old snake, unable to contact anybody as he left the mercenaries.

He had since been on the run for his life and still did not know that the news of the Winged Tiger God had already been leaked.

Jian Chen nodded, “Those experts have come for the Winged Tiger God.

The news has already been leaked and the ten protector clans are searching the entire continent for me.

It’s no longer safe for me to stay here.

I need to take refuge with the Sea race.”

“The Sea race!” Nubis was slightly surprised.

After some deliberation, he said, “I still don’t know if there are other experts of the same species as me from the Beast God Continent.

Since they’ve already entered the Tian Yuan Continent, it’s no longer safe for me to stay either.

Once a magical beast of the same species finds me, it’ll become troublesome.

I’m a magical beast so those human experts can only wish for us to kill each other.

They definitely won’t be saving me.

Jian Chen, I might as well just go to where the Sea race is with you.”

Silver Striped Golden Snakes were beasts of antiquity, but were an extremely brutal species.

If they wanted to gain strength quickly or evolve, they needed to kill their own clansmen to absorb the hidden essence.

“That works too.

Senior Tian Jian, why not bring Nubis along” Jian Chen requested.

“Yeah, with you two together you’ll have a great chance at surviving.

Though I must warn you about something.

The strength and situation of the Sea race is unknown, and the sea god is still alive.

They may be much more powerful than the Tian Yuan Continent.

You two need to be careful about everything once you arrive.”

“Don’t worry senior, we will definitely be cautious,” Jian Chen replied.

Tian Jian then turned to Nubis and tossed the Class 8 Magical Beast corpse to him.

He said, “This Silver Striped Golden Snake’s already at the Fourth Heavenly Layer.

As the same species, you should be able to absorb the hidden essence from it.

It should let you power up by quite a lot.

You should take it.”

Nubis immediately became extremely excited.

He hurriedly accepted the corpse; the serendipity was so great that even his voice began trembling, “I thank senior.

Junior will never forget senior’s kindness.

Junior will always remember it and return this favour in the future when he gets the chance.” To Nubis, Tian Jian’s gift of the Class 8 Magical Beast corpse was virtually the same as receiving a great fortune.

The magical beast had even reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer; if he absorbed the hidden essence, his strength would skyrocket or even evolve.

Tian Jian paid no attention to Nubis, “The Sea race’s territory is located in the direction of the northern ocean.

It’s extremely far away from the ocean, so if I created a Space Gate with such a great distance it would most definitely be discovered by other experts.

Let’s first go back to Mercenary City.

You can use the Space Gate there to slip out without anyone knowing.” As he spoke, Tian Jian waved his hand and sucked Jian Chen and Nubis into a Space Gate.

After Tian Jian had left, a person appeared there without a sound.

He stared at where the Space Gate closed up grimly and mumbled, “Jian Chen definitely has a Saint King beside him, and that person’s strength is too terrifying.

He actually slaughtered a Fourth Heavenly Layer Class 8 Magical Beast without much effort at all.

That’s definitely not something I can do.”

“And that space-locking technique before was definitely a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

It seems like the supreme skill of Mercenary City, the Nine Godly Secrets.

As legend puts it, it was left behind by Mo Tianyun years ago and has a total of nine forms.

One of the forms, Worldlock, seems to have an effect like that.

Perhaps the person with Jian Chen is an expert from Mercenary City”

This person was the ancestor of the Kara clan.

When Jian Chen and Nubis reappeared, they were in the floating palace where Jian Chen had initially met Tian Jian during the Gathering of Mercenaries.

Standing in the palace, Jian Chen hesitated for a while before clasping his hands at Tian Jian, “Senior, junior has an unreasonable request.

I wish to leave my parent’s bodies in Mercenary City.

After I leave this time, I do not know if I am able to return in the future.

If I cannot, I hope senior can try find ways to revive my parents.”

After a slight deliberation, Tian Jian nodded.

Jian Chen did not choose to take his parent’s bodies with him to where the Sea race resided.

He had no ideas of the dangers, or even if he was going to return alive.

If he was dead, his parents would have no chance of revival.

As a result, in the end he chose to leave his parents behind in Mercenary City.

“Hmm, big brother, you’ve finally come to see Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling misses you so much.” At that moment, a clear and rather childish voice resounded in Jian Chen’s mind.

Afterwards, the small figure of Xiao Ling appeared in the palace.

“Big brother, what’s wrong Did you encounter something unhappy Xiao Ling can feel big brother’s unhappiness.

Heehee, but that doesn’t matter.

Big brother, you will smile as soon as you see Xiao Ling.

Right brother Big brother, let’s smile.” Xiao Ling arrived beside Jian Chen, clinging onto Jian Chen’s arm affectionately and shaking it.

Xiao Ling’s appearance finally helped lessen Jian Chen’s unhappiness from having to travel long and far from his homeland.

A vague smile appeared on his face, and he said, “Xiao Ling, big brother is going to be going on a long journey very soon.

Even big brother has no idea when he will return this time.

Big brother might not be able to see you in the future for a very long time.”


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