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Chapter 798: Encountering Nubis Unexpectedly

What Qin Yunlong said in the end caused Jian Chen to furrow his eyebrows slightly.

The light in his eyes flickered a few times before he asked calmly, “Does the ancestor of the Kara clan want to stop me from leaving and hand me over to the ten protector clans as a meritorious deed”

Qin Yunlong sighed gently, “Jian Chen, we never thought you would actually be able to cause such a great commotion.

Not only have you raised the Winged Tiger God, you even took the treasure of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

Even though we are one of the eight great kingdoms, this has completely exceeded what we can manage.

We also have no idea why the ancestor of the Kara clan has suddenly come.

Jian Chen, the ancestor wants to see you.

Please come with us to the Qin Heaven Palace.”

“Lead the way then.

I hope the Kara clan won’t do anything that angers me, or I can only forget what miss Kara Liwei did to help me in the artifact space.” Jian Chen said expressionlessly, unperturbed and calm.

The arrival of the Kara clan ancestor did not cause Jian Chen to fear as the grand elder of Mercenary City was also in the kingdom.

If the ancestor wanted to do anything to him, he believed that Tian Jian would step in.

Jian Chen followed the four Imperial Protectors to the majestic Qin Heaven Palace.

In the large guest room Jian Chen finally met the ancestor of the Kara clan.

The ancestor seemed to be a man in his thirties.

He seemed educated and refined, like a scholar, and his movements were filled with the nobility of aristocrats.

The handsome man’s skin seemed white and soft.

His exquisite features combined flawlessly on his face while his pitch-dark eyes were extremely profound, as if they contained a world of their own inside.

Even though he was already middle-aged, he was a handsome man that could cause countless females to fall in love with him.

“Greetings senior.

The Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Jian Chen, has come.” The four Imperial Protectors clasped their hands at the man, their expressions filled with respect.

The man elegantly took a sip of tea before turning towards Jian Chen, “You are Yang Yutian As well as the previous King of Mercenaries, the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Jian Chen”

“Senior is correct.

That is me.

I, Jian Chen, greet the senior.” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the middle-aged man and spoke calmly.

His gaze was unjudging while his expression was unperturbed, without even the slightest fear.

The ancestor stood up and walked around Jian Chen in interest twice, constantly observing him.

He seemed like he wanted to get to know Jian Chen’s inside and outside completely.

“Not bad, not bad.

Jian Chen, I’ve already learned about your achievements from the four of them.

In just a few years you went from being an Earth Saint Master to a powerful Saint Ruler as well as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

You also grasped the three great Radiant Artes of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

Your talent is so great that it is unprecedented in history and will probably never be overtaken in the future.I was tongue-tied after learning these exact details about you.

This is just unbelievable.” The ancestor marveled at him.

Jian Chen’s talent had indeed stunned him.

“I thank senior for his praise.

Senior definitely has other things to discuss to meet junior after hurrying over from the faraway Holy Empire.” Jian Chen remained calm, without the slightest trace of pride or arrogance on his face.

Looking at how unperturbed Jian Chen remained, the ancestor nodded in satisfaction once again.

He constantly walked around Jian Chen with small steps and asked, “Jian Chen, are you really twenty-four this year”

“Why does senior ask that” Jian Chen asked in response.

The ancestor laughed coolly and said, “Is is just too rare for a twenty-four year old to have such accomplishments and yet maintain such modest attitude.

You are the most outstanding prodigy out of all the ones I’ve seen in all these years.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore.

Jian Chen, do you know why I have come this time” The man changed his tone as he became stern.

He stared at Jian Chen in interest.

“If junior has guessed correctly, senior has come for two matters.

One, regarding the protector clans’ search for the Winged Tiger God, and two, the saint artifact of the union.” Jian Chen replied.


I have indeed come for those two matters.

Jian Chen, do you know what the existence of the Winged Tiger God means for the continent Do you know what kind of threat the continent will be facing This will be a calamity.

You shielding the Wind Tiger God like this and assisting its growth is extremely likely to bring a disaster to the continent,” the person said extremely sternly.

Jian Chen rejected the notion flatly by shaking his head, “Senior, the conclusion you’ve reached is a little subjective.

As long as the continent does nothing that harms the Winged Tiger God, I can guarantee you that it definitely won’t do anything that will harm or endanger the continent after it grows up.”

The ancestor stared at Jian Chen with a fixed gaze.

After staring for a while with narrowed eyes, he finally relaxed slightly, “I hope so too.

But the matter of the Winged Tiger God will naturally be dealt by the protector clans.

I have no right to interfere.

Coming at this time and asking about the Winged Tiger God was actually secondary.

My main intention is for the saint artifact of the union.”

“Jian Chen, the saint artifact is just too important to the union.

They cannot afford to lose it, because once it is gone no more Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters will appear and, as a result, the union will lose their status.

The union will even completely collapse.

We all know that the artifact follows you out of its own accord, so we hope that you can personally return the artifact to the union.” The ancestor said sincerely.

Jian Chen’s expression became ugly, “Senior, it is very difficult for me to return the saint artifact right now.

However, I will definitely make up for the loss the union has suffered in the future.

The man’s expression became slightly grim and said, “Jian Chen, the saint artifact is just too important to the union.

Do you really plan on not returning it’

“Senior, the artifact has a spirit, and it has already accepted me as its master.

How can I return it Also, as I’ve already said, I will make up for the union’s losses in the future.” Jian Chen replied.

The light in the ancestor’s eyes flickered.

After a slight hesitation, he finally sighed gently, “Alright, since you insist on it, I won’t be trying to force you.

I only hope that, in the future, if my Kara clan has any Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters who want to reach Class 7 you can use the saint artifact to help them out.

That child, Kara Liwei, has already reached the peak of Class 6.

She will never be able to break through successfully without the artifact’s help.”

“Senior does not need to worry.

I owe miss Kara Liwei a favor.

If your Kara clan is in need of the origin energy of the artifact, this one will definitely help out.” Jian Chen said.

“Then I can relax.

Jian Chen, I won’t be wasting any more of your time.

You can go retrieve your parent’s bodies.” The ancestor allowed Jian Chen to go with a wave of his hand.

He did not make things difficult for Jian Chen.

“Junior bids farewell.” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the ancestor of the Kara clan before heading directly for where his parent’s bodies were kept.

Afterwards, he left.

When Jian Chen left, the ancestor sighed.

He mumbled to himself, “My Kara clan cannot offend descendants of the Changyang clan.

Although I don’t know if the Changyang clan of Lore City is connected with that Changyang clan or not, it’s still best if I don’t offend them.

Just in case it really is that Changyang clan, it’ll be great trouble for my Kara clan.

Also, Jian Chen’s presence had suddenly appeared in the Qinhuang Kingdom.

He must have a Saint King accompanying him, and I didn’t even sense that person’s presence.

Looks like his strength is far beyond mine.”


Jian Chen did not meet any obstructions when he removed his parent’s body.

He left after temporarily placing them in his Space Ring.

Currently, Jian Chen was soaring in the sky to leave the city.

That was where he and Tian Jian had agreed to meet.

At that very moment, a golden streak of light shot over from the distance with lightning speed.

When the streak of light had noticed Jian Chen, it immediately changed in direction and headed straight for him.

Jian Chen stopped and stared at the streak of light in interest.

Soon after, a sliver of surprise appeared in his eyes and he cried out, “That’s Nubis, why is he here”

The golden light stopped before Jian Chen, revealing the gold-clothed Nubis.

Currently, he was pale-faced without the slightest trace of blood, while there was residue blood at the corner of his lips.

He was already heavily injured and in an extremely horrible shape.

Nubis saw Jian Chen and also revealed a sliver of surprise on his face.

However, it was soon replaced by anxiety, and he said hurriedly, “Jian Chen, leave here quickly.

There’s an old snake chasing me.” With that, Nubis pulled Jian Chen by the arm without any further explanations, flying towards Mercenary City.

“We need to head to Mercenary City with our greatest speed.

Only by alerting the experts of the city can we escape safely.” Nubis’ tone was filled with urgency, as if he currently faced some great danger.

“Nubis, just what happened” Jian Chen asked curiously.

He had known Nubis for so long, yet this was the first time he had ever seen Nubis in such a bad shape.

“An old snake’s come from the Beast God Continent.

He’s a Silver Striped Gold Snake like me.

He infiltrated the Tian Yuan Continent using a secret technique to hide his presence from the human experts.

He wants to kill me and devour me for my hidden essence.” Nubis displayed a grimness he had never shown before, shooting through the sky with his greatest speed with Jian Chen in tow.

He headed straight for Mercenary City.


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