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Chapter 779: Awe of the Bloodsword Sect

What the grand elder had said was extremely logical, to which the president slightly nodded.

The president said with a dark expression, “Looks like the Zaar family’s determination to eliminate Yang Yutian has already reached a level where they ignore the consequences.

They first gave Zaar Tilos the attack of a Saint King to take into the artifact space, and after learning that it had failed they’ve actually invited experts from the Bloodsword sect.

Aren’t they capable The Bloodsword sect’s already disappeared for a thousand years.

Even our Radiant Saint Master Union can’t find them, yet the Zaar family can.”

“The Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword sect is extremely powerful.

It can catch people off guard.

Even Yang Yutian’s defensive treasure will probably be rendered useless once they use Baleful Yin Force.

There’ll only be death when that happens.” The grand elder’s expression was very ugly.

“The Zaar family!” The president grinded his teeth, while the coldness in his eyes became even icier.

With a swing of his hand the tightly-closed window opened, and he flew out on a cloud.

“We must stop the Bloodsword sect.

For the union’s future, nothing can happen to Yang Yutian.”

“President, I’ll go with you,” the grand elder said as he followed closely behind the president.

In the same moment the two left, three people of different ages flew out from the huge castle.

They seemed to fuse with the surrounding space, quickly disappearing without a trace.

They tailed the president and the grand elder.

Their departure naturally was noticed by the Saint Rulers waiting for the competitors around the square.

In the crowd, Elder Liu of the Kara clan watched as the group traveled into the distance and mumbled, “The Bloodsword sect has actually reappeared after disappearing for a thousand years.

Perhaps the Bloodsword sect’s decided to return to the Tian Yuan Continent and relive their former glory The Zaar family’s determination to eliminate Yang Yutian really is strong.” With that, Elder Liu became blurry.

He disappeared in the blink of an eye, having already fused with the space and leaving using Spatial Force.

After Elder Liu, the Saint Ruler old man from the Kazda clan also muttered unclearly before disappearing.

He too traveled towards the direction of the Baleful Yin Force.

Afterwards, more Saint Rulers around the square also departed.

They were all people of relatively large clans from the other two capital cities of the Holy Empire and the Tian Yuan Continent.

They had only come to escort the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of their clan to the competition, but the sudden appearance of the Bloodsword sect had raised their interest.

They could not help but go check out what was going on.

At the same time, a dozen or so ancestors of the eight clans opened their eyes simultaneously from seclusion.

They seemed to be able to see the outside sky despite the layers of obstructions, and their faces were filled with surprise, unconcealable shock, and disbelief.

“This is Baleful Yin Force, the same Baleful Yin Force that can only be used by the Bloodsword sect of the three great assassination organisations.

Has the Bloodsword sect returned”

“Th- thi- this is Baleful Yin Force.

Perhaps the people are experts from the Bloodsword sect Why have they come to my City of God”

“What dense Baleful Yin Force.

Has the Bloodsword sect finally returned after disappearing for a thousand years”


The ancestors all produced various exclamations of surprise.

Shortly afterwards, they immediately came out of seclusion and shot towards where the Bloodsword sect members were.

In a huge, simple yet stately courtyard, the grand elder of the Zaar family sat on his bed in an empty room cultivating.

An extremely mysterious aura enveloped the room, causing it to constantly distort as if the space inside was constantly moving about.

Suddenly, the grand elder snapped open his eyes.

Immediately, a seemingly-corporeal spark shot from his eyes and pierced through the space in front.

The fluctuating space in the room abruptly froze, and all the furniture in the room turned into piles of dust.

Even the bed he was sitting on was not spared.

The grand elder now hovered in the air with his legs crossed.

He narrowed his eyes at the distance and said in surprise, “Baleful Yin Force! It’s people from the Bloodsword sect! They’ve actually reappeared on the Tian Yuan Continent, and they’ve come directly to my City of God.

Why” With that the grand elder disappeared from the room, going off in an unknown direction.

Thousands of meters below the courtyard was a massive cavern.

A huge palace flickering with purple light stood there.

On it was the wear and tear of time.

It had already existed for an unknown amount of time.

Currently a beautiful middle-aged, purple-clothed woman sat floating in the air within the main hall of the palace.

Her profound eyes seemed to pierce through everything, being able to see everything outside clearly.

Suddenly, a white-robed old man appeared before the middle-aged woman.

His gaze towards her was vaguely complicated and he said calmly, “Caiyun, the people of the Bloodsword sect have appeared.”

“I know!” The woman said uncaringly.

She did not even glance at the old man.

The old man’s eyes dimmed at her reaction.

He sighed gently, “Caiyun, it’s already been so long.

Are you still unwilling to forgive your grandfather I already know that I was wrong with the matter all those years ago, and I too feel a lot of regret.

Your grandfather’s already five thousand and eight hundred years old, with only four hundred years left to live at most.

I do not wish for anything else in my life, only for your forgiveness before I pass away.”

The woman’s face became even icier, while her gaze became a glare.

She seemed to vaguely radiate an aura of destruction.

The entire palace felt like a cavern of ice in that very moment, and the coldness from her seemed to be able to freeze souls.

Even the huge purple palace trembled gently at that moment.

Feeling the change to the palace, the old man gave out a long sigh.

His eyes dimmed and he mumbled, “Looks like your grandfather wishing you to forgive him is just something impossible.

Ai, it’s all my fault.” The old man carried a regretful expression.

After pausing for a while, the old man slowly recovered.

He said softly, “Caiyun, any thoughts on the matter about the Bloodsword sect”


I will do what I need to do when I have to.” The woman slowly closed her eyes.

From the very start to the end, she did not even look at the old man.

He looked at the floating Caiyun with a complicated gaze and secretly sighed once more.

Afterwards, he left the palace rather dejectedly.

He could not help but remember what happened several thousand years ago.

That was his greatest mistake in his entire life, filling him with regret even now.

If time could flow backwards, he would take another choice without even the slightest hesitation.

Unfortunately, the past was unchangeable.

No matter how powerful he was, he could do nothing.

Thousands of meters above the City of God was a crowd of people who stood in the sky without any external forces.

The violent wind buffeted their clothes and their long hair fluttered in the wind.

The crowd was split into three groups.

The smallest group contained four expressionless, red-robed men with cold gazes who radiated with powerful Baleful Yin Force.

Opposite of the four men stood a dozen or so people of varying ages and attires, including the president and the grand elder of the union.

They stood in the way of the four red-robed men, blocking their entry to the City of God.

Another seven people of different ages stood to the side.

Some of them were the experts who originated from other cities of the Holy Empire, while the others came from lands beyond the Holy Empire.

Where they stood was extremely smart, not offending either side.

They seemed like people completely unrelated to the situation as they looked on calmly to see what was going to happen.

The president and the grand elder both eyed the ancestors of eight clans, feeling doubtful.

Originally they had thought that the Bloodsword sect had been invited by the Zaar family and the eight clans through a great price to handle Yang Yutian, but after seeing the people’s expressions, they dismissed this thought.

“Sirs, are you people of the Bloodsword sect Why have you come to my City of God at this time” The president clasped his hands at the four people.

“We’re the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect, and have come under the orders of the sect master to kill traitors of the human race.

We hope you do not interfere.” The four people spoke at the same time.

Even before so many Saint Rulers they did not show any fear - not even the slightest fearfulness.

Hearing the two words ‘sect master’, the eyes of all the people present constricted.

Fear and dread appeared in the depths of their eyes.

“May I ask if the sect master is senior Xiu Houston” A Saint Ruler from the eight clans asked carefully.

His eyes were filled with dread.

“Correct!” The four protectors said with one voice.

Hearing that, all the people present changed in expression once again.

They were not unfamiliar with the name ‘Xiu Houston’.

He was one of the few experts of the Tian Yuan Continent.

“I wonder what senior Xiu Houston is referring to be the traitors of the human race I hope the four protectors may alleviate my thoughts” This time the speaker was the grand elder of the Zaar family, the old man who had pressured Jian Chen during his visit.

“We are unclear about the exact details.

We have only come under the sect master’s orders to kill them.

We hope you do not obstruct us.” This time, the speaker was a single person.

His voice was cold and without any emotions.

The people of the eight clans all looked towards the grand elder of the Zaar family.

In the City of God the Zaar family was the true ruler.

The eight clans were all just subsidiaries under the Zaar family.

The grand elder’s expression became troubled.

The reason why they had come was just too fishy, and the mentioned traitors of the human race only confused him very much.

If he did not let them in he would probably offend the Bloodsword sect, yet if he did let them in the peace of the city would be completely destroyed once Saint Rulers began fighting, leading to countless people killed or injured.

This was something the Zaar family definitely did not wish to see.

After all, the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect were much, much more powerful than the Saint Rulers sent by the other two assassination organisations to kill Yang Yutian.

The arrival of the four Bloodsword sect experts caused the grand elder to fall into a dilemma for a moment.



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