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Chapter 769: Trembling of the Saint Artifact

Kara Liwei sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed down.

What happened before slowly flashed through her head, from when Jian Chen hurried over from the distance to everything that had occurred when he had arrived.

She slowly discovered something rather strange.

“Have you realised that when Yang Yutian first appeared, he traveled directly for the cave, and did not hurry over because we were there, as if the mysterious cave was his target instead of us.

Also, in the end, he wanted us to leave immediately, perhaps to get us to leave the cave.

If we did not leave, he was even ready to chase us, members of the Kara clan, away as enemies.

It’s obvious that he discovered something important in the cave and he doesn’t want us to know.” Kara Liwei was a clever and quick-witted person.

Now that she was calm, she thought of the crucial points very quickly.

Hearing that, a gleam of light immediately flashed across the eyes of the six other Radiant Saint Masters, as if they too had reached an understanding.

A person spoke out immediately, “With miss putting it like that, I feel that it’s just as you’ve described.

Yang Yutian only wanted us to leave the cave.

Perhaps there’s some secret hidden within the cave”

“From the presence, I already felt that it was a Class 5 Magical Beast making a breakthrough.

Also, there’s rumors outside that Yang Yutian has an extremely cute, snow-white beast cub that he brings everywhere.

Perhaps the Class 5 magical beast making a breakthrough is that beast cub Yang Yutian carries around” A middle-aged man asked in thought.

“If the magical beast is indeed the beast cub that accompanies Yang Yutian, why was he so hurried Even if the cub holds great importance to him, he doesn’t need to risk offending the Kara clan by chasing us away.”

“You’re right.

And what was that barrier in the cave about”

The group from the Kara clan began analysing it through discussion.

However, the result of the discussion slowly formed; instead of answering their questions, it instead made them even more doubtful.

Kara Liwei stood silently to one side, while light flickered in her eyes.

She also seemed to be thinking about those questions.

A while later, she began speaking unhurriedly, “No matter what, this Yang Yutian definitely has some things he doesn’t want us to see.

Also, I’ve examined that cave.

It was cut open recently.

It’s extremely possible that he created the cave.

As for the barrier, perhaps a Saint Ruler left a sliver of barrier energy in Yang Yutian’s body, allowing him to be able to cast down a barrier”

In Kara Liwei’s mind, she could not help but think of Jian Chen’s handsome and resolute face, Jian Chen’s cold gaze, as well as his ability to be able to kill without hesitation and attack viciously.

These expressions and manners would only appear on fighters who had weathered the wind and rain spending many years travelling around the continent, people who had their hands dyed with blood.

It rarely ever appeared on a Radiant Saint Master, much less a twenty-four-year-old Radiant Saint Master.

These various factors even would make Kara Liwei doubt sometimes whether Yang Yutian was a Radiant Saint Master or not.

“Just what type of person is this Yang Yutian Why I do feel that he’s unlike a Radiant Saint Master, and more similar to a fighter!” Kara Liwei was filled with curiosity.

These were all changes that occurred to Jian Chen without him knowing after he arrived in the artifact space.

With all the killing and slaughtering, it was as if Jian Chen had returned to his days of roaming the continent, silently changing Jian Chen’s temperament.

It activated his nature hidden deep within without any sound, which was why Jian Chen had caused Kara Liwei to feel this way.

“Let’s not offend Yang Yutian.

I feel like this Yang Yutian isn’t as simple as he seems,” Kara Liwei said gently, before slowly traveling into the distance.

Inside the cave, the white tiger was currently encased in a three-meter-wide cocoon.

The white cocoon glowed with dazzling light, scattering over the entire cave.

Within it, a much more powerful energy fluctuated in an extremely unstable manner.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged five meters away, staring fixedly at the huge, white cocoon.

He had thrown the Class 6 Magical Beast he had killed beside the cocoon, where strands of red gas floated from the blood, absorbed into the huge white cocoon.

After absorbing the vital energies from the blood, the energy within the white cocoon became even more violent.

At the same time, the presence it gave off became even stronger, extending from the initial dozen of kilometres to hundreds.

“Just how much more time does the white tiger need to break through!” A sliver of concern appeared on Jian Chen’s face.

He could feel that the energy within the cocoon was currently changing in quality.

The vital energies in the blood of magical beasts was nourishment that could allow the white tiger to convert the energy faster, but the quantity of vital energies required was just too much.

Jian Chen just did not have the time to hunt enough Class 6 Magical Beasts it would require.

But without the vital energies, the amount of time the white tiger needed for the break through would not change.

Jian Chen just did not have the time to remain in the saint artifact and wait for the white tiger to breakthrough.

“The blood of magical beasts can decrease Xiao Bai’s breakthrough time and the blood from my Chaotic Body is clearly much more powerful than the blood of magical beasts.

If I use my own blood, perhaps the effect will be much stronger than magical beast blood” Jian Chen mumbled to himself, before a determined light appeared in his eyes.

Immediately, a strand of Azulet Sword Qi appeared on his finger.

With a swing of his hand, it cut towards his wrist.

However, just as the sword Qi struck Jian Chen’s wrist, it left behind a faint, white mark.

The Azulet Sword Qi was unable to break through Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body.

Jian Chen stared blankly for a little, before immediately gathering the Chaotic Force within his body into his dantian’s chaotic neidan.

It lowered his defence to as low as he could drop it.

Then, he used the origin energy of the sword spirits to cut at his wrist again.

This time, the wrist was indeed cut open, but it was only a wound less than an inch long.

Before blood could even flowed out, the wound actually healed itself.

“This bloody Chaotic Body!” Jian Chen could not help himself and swore aloud.

Only now did he discover that having an overly-tough body was not necessarily good.

With a flip of his hand, he directly removed the ruler armament taken away from the great elders of the Hongfu clan from his Space Ring, the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Surging Saint Force immediately poured into the sword, which caused the sword’s dark light to glow brightly.

Afterwards, he swung it viciously towards his left wrist.

Immediately, a deep wound formed on the wrist, where bright-red blood immediately began to spurt out.

Immediately, Jian Chen placed his hand on the white cocoon around the tiger, offering up the blood from the wrist for the white tiger to absorb.

Jian Chen’s blood disappeared into the cocoon as soon as it landed on it.

With that, the energy in the cocoon also became even more powerful.

Jian Chen could clearly feel that after absorbing his blood, the energy in the white tiger began to be converted at an extremely fast rate, while also increasing in power.

“The blood from my Chaotic Body should be extremely helpful to the tiger!” Jian Chen thought.

Meanwhile, the blood at his wrist flowed without any signs of stopping, all being absorbed by the white tiger.

However, Chaotic Body’s recovery rate was just too great.

In just three seconds, the wound on Jian Chen’s wrist healed, returning to how it was before.

With nothing else to do, Jian Chen used the Ruler Armament to cut his wrist once again, using his own blood as nourishment as a way to increase the white tiger’s breakthrough speed.

As Jian Chen’s blood was absorbed by the tiger, the tiger’s presence became more and more powerful.

The vast presence was hegemonic, as if a ruler was slowly waking from his sleep, while the radius covered by the presence exceeded the hundreds, reaching into several thousand kilometers, alerting many competitors.

All the magical beasts in the area covered also seemed to be greatly frightened, including Class 6 Magical Beasts.

All of them lay on the ground, trembling, while their eyes were filled with horror, as if they had been greatly terrified.

Fifty kilometers away, Kara Liwei’s group all stopped, each looking in the direction of the presence in shock.

“A Class 5 Magical Beast making a breakthrough can actually give off such a vast presence, and this presence seems to be filled with dominance.

This is definitely a king beast from a powerful background!” An old man said with a deep voice, while he displayed an unconcealed expression of envy.

“Perhaps the beast cub accompanying Jian Chen is a beast of antiquity” Kara Liwei’s eyes flickered with a light as she muttered with a soft voice.

Thousands of kilometers away, over twenty Radiant Saint Masters were currently battling three Class 6 Magical Beasts in a group.

Suddenly, a vast presence appeared from the distance, enveloping the whole region.

With its sudden arrival, the three magical beasts shook violently, their eyes immediately filling with extreme levels of terror.

They seemed to be greatly terrified and with a mournful cry, they no longer wanted to battle, fleeing the area with their greatest speed.

The Radiant Saint Masters did not pursue the beasts.

Instead, they all looked towards the origin of the presence, while their gazes were filled with surprise.

“This should be the presence from a magical beast.

I can clearly feel that the presence is filled with absolute hegemony.

Looks like this beast’s background is definitely something else, at least a king beast.” An old man said with a deep voice.

He was the leading Radiant Saint Master from the Zaar family, Zaar Tilos.

“This presence isn’t too powerful; it should only be a magical beast breaking through to Class 6, but it’s enough to scare away the three Class 6 Magical Beasts, as well as cause fear in the beasts.

This cannot be achieved by a simple king beast.

I’d say it’s a beast of antiquity that’s just broken through.” An elegant middle-aged man said.

He was Yun Tian, the second disciple of the Radiant Saint Master Union president.

“A beast of antiquity Who would’ve thought that we’d find a beast of antiquity here!” Zaar Tilos mumbled.

He was excited, with burning greed in his eyes.

“This beast of antiquity’s only just broken through.

It shouldn’t be too strong.

Elder Zaar Tilos, if we take this beast back and offer it up to the ancestor, the ancestor will definitely be extremely happy,” a Radiant Saint Master of the Zaar family said excitedly.

Zaar Tilos’s eyes immediately began to glow.

He laughed aloud, “Hahaha, correct.

If we bring this beast back and offer it up to the ancestor, it’ll be a great deed.

Let’s go and capture that beast for the clan.”


At the same time, there was a sealed forest in a remote region within the artifact space.

In the centre of the forest stood a lone wooden hut, which was covered with marks left behind by time.

Inside the hut, a bare-chested, middle-aged man sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

Suddenly the man snapped his eyes, and two lightning bolts that seemed tangible shot out.

It pierced two holes in the hut.

“Wh- wha- what… what is this presence, actually making me shudder with fear.” The man stood up, while his gaze was filled with shock.

Afterwards, his body disappeared from the hut without a sound, appearing once again at the edge of the small forest.

Before him, a powerful energy separated the surrounding space and formed a barrier, blocking the man’s steps.

The man stood before the seal, staring fixedly at the empty space in the distance with a light of great shock in his eyes.

His eyebrows were furrowed deeply, while he revealed an expression of thought.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man seemed to find something in his ancient inherited memories.

His expression immediately changed greatly and he cried out without any control, “The Winged Tiger God, it’s the presence of the Winged Tiger God!”


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