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Chapter 766: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough (One)

The dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters were angered by Jian Chen.

They all began to condense Radiant Saint Swords to fight Jian Chen, where over ten swords shot from their hands, flying towards Jian Chen without any mercy.

They were very confident that even though Jian Chen was very strong, he definitely was unable to do something as exaggerated as take on all of them all by himself.

This was because they were not weak either, and also had an extremely good teamwork.

Jian Chen condensed a two-meter-wide Radiant Saint Shield in his left hand in front of him, while coalesced six Radiant Saint Swords with his right hand.

The six swords split into three different groups and shot at three people where one sword lead and the other followed.

The three leading swords directly shattered the people’s Radiant Saint Armor, while the three following swords collided with the no-longer-armored people.

They directly pierced through their chests, appearing on the other side.

Just as they faced the edge of death, three huge pillars of light descended from the sky, disappearing with them.

At the same time, the Radiant Saint Swords also collided with the shield in front of Jian Chen.

With a great bang, Jian Chen’s shield shattered, but the shards did not disappear.

Instead, they formed streaks of light, shooting and surrounding two Radiant Saint Masters.

The two people had never expected that after breaking, the shards of the Radiant Saint Shield could still harm people.

Caught off guard, the countless pieces of shrapnel shot into their bodies, with many of the shards smashing into their throats and hearts, two life-threatening points of their bodies.

Another two huge pillars of light descended from the sky, sucking away the two people from the artifact space.

In just a single clash, five Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters were slaughtered by Jian Chen, causing the original group to only have seven people remaining.

The remaining people were all stunned.

They stared at Jian Chen with pale faces, while dread flooded the depths of their eyes.

Jian Chen’s strength had completely exceeded their expectations.

They had never thought, no matter what, that Jian Chen would kill five of their companions in such a short time.

Even though everything had occurred right before their eyes, they still struggled to accept it or believe it.

“Perhaps… perhaps he’s Class 7.” At this moment, similar thoughts appeared in the minds of the seven remaining people.

To them, only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could slaughter five Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters so easily.

At this very moment, another seven Radiant Saint Sword condensed before Jian Chen.

The Radiant Saint Force filled with extreme yang Qi rippled with surging energy, not any weaker than a full-power strike from a Heaven Saint Master.

“Run!” The remaining people were overwhelmed with shock and all began to run.

They no longer dared to stay behind to fight Jian Chen.

Their hearts were filled with regret.

If they had known that Jian Chen was so powerful earlier, how would they dare to ask Jian Chen for the Class 6 Monster Core

Jian Chen did not plan on letting them go.

The swords shot out with a whistle, landing mercilessly on the backs of the seven people.

The Radiant Saint Armor on the seven of them all shattered, while the powerful force of the collision jolted through their bodies, heavily injuring their fragile bodies.

The people could not help but vomit up a mouthful of blood as they also lost balance, collapsing onto the ground.

“Radiance Burst!” Jian Chen bellowed.

Surging Radiant Saint Force immediately condensed into bean-sized droplets, raining on the people.

Now that the people had already lost their abilities to resist, they could only watch helplessly as the sky full of droplets bearing sharp intent fell on them.

Their eyes were filled with despair, despair towards placing within the top ten.

The power of the artifact activated in time.

Several huge pillars of light descended from the sky, sucking away all seven of them, while Jian Chen’s Radiance Burst collided with the soil.

The violent energy within the droplets exploded, kicking soil into the air and permeating the air with dust.

After being taken away by the artifact’s energy, the Radiant Saint Masters all left behind a speck, or several thumb-sized specks of white light.

These Radiant Saint Masters had clearly obtained the points from defeating a few other people before, as there was close to thirty specks of white light in total.

Jian Chen used the ancient jade pendant to absorb the specks of light in the air, which increased his points to over one hundred.

He was already a fifth of the way to a stable position within the top ten.

Jian Chen did not fret over the points, because he knew that there were fights currently occurring all over the artifact.

The amount of points he would obtain from competitors would be relatively fewer at the start, while close to the end, almost all the points would be gathered on the few remaining people.

At that time, he would be able to easily obtain several dozen, or even hundreds of points from a Radiant Saint Master he casually met.

Collecting the points left behind by the people, Jian Chen then walked over to the magical beast corpse.

Immediately, a red gas floated from the blood of the panther, before finally being absorbed by the white tiger.

The panther’s strength was already at the peak of Class 6, so the vital energies in its blood was clearly much more powerful than regular Class 6 Magical Beasts.

After absorbing the vital energies, the white light around the tiger became brighter and brighter, quickly enveloping it completely with extremely dazzling white light, surrounding the white tiger and partially hiding it.

Very soon, the Class 6 panther’s vital energies were completely absorbed by the white tiger.

Jian Chen turned to look at it on his shoulder.

His eyebrows immediately became furrowed while he fell into a dilemma.

The white tiger was currently too eye-catching.

If he met other competitors, he would not be able to hide the white tiger’s special characteristics.

Once this broke out among the competitors, the characteristics would be learnt by the great clans very quickly, and hence draw a lot of attention.

It would not expose the tiger’s real identity, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

If he really did meet somebody extremely knowledgeable and they recognised the tiger, it would undoubtedly be something extremely terrifying, an outcome Jian Chen definitely did not wish to see.

Jian Chen pondered for a while, before immediately taking flight.

He found a mountain range several dozen kilometers away, and carved out a cave in an extremely hidden area, before putting the white tiger in the cave.

He planned to wait there for the white tiger to break through.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged five meters away from the white tiger, eyes closed and resting.

He planned to stay there and accompany the white tiger as it broke through, to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Three days passed just like this.

In those three days, the light on the white tiger’s body became brighter and brighter, but it still did not break through successfully.

After waiting patiently for three days, Jian Chen could not sit around for any longer.

Standing up, he stared at the white tiger covered in white light.

It did not seem like it would be able to successfully break through and reach Class 6 in half a month, and Jian Chen just did not have this time to wait around in the saint artifact.

“No, I can’t keep waiting like this.

It’s unsuitable to take the white tiger out of the saint artifact like this.

Its appearance will definitely attract a lot of attention.

Since the vital energies within the blood of Class 6 Magical Beasts can assist the white tiger in breaking through, I’ll go hunt Class 6 Magical Beasts.” Jian Chen mumbled softly, before immediately leaving the cave.

For the white tiger’s safety, he could not conceal his strength as a fighter any longer, directly casting down a powerful barrier at the entrance, encasing the entire cave with his abilities as a Saint Ruler.

With that, even if other people bored another hole, they would not be able to enter the encased area.

After doing everything, Jian Chen used tree branches to hide the entrance of the cave.

Ensuring that the entrance to the cave had been completely concealed, he left the area, travelling off into the distance to hunt for Class 6 Magical Beasts.

In the blink of an eye, another two days passed.

Ten days had already passed inside the saint artifact, leaving five more days until the competition ended.

In those two days, Jian Chen abandoned the competition, devoting all his energy into finding Class 6 Magical Beasts to slaughter.

Afterwards, he would directly throw the corpses into his Space Ring, to bring back for the white tiger to absorb the vital energies.

Currently, the white tiger’s breakthrough was the priority, so he placed the matter of getting into the top ten to the side without any hesitation.

In the two days, Jian Chen killed a total of ten Class 6 Magical Beasts, supplying a great amount of vital energy to the white tiger to break through.

The white tiger was one more step closer to breaking through after absorbing all the vital energies.

The white light around it had become completely tangible, forming a huge cocoon.

Today, eight white-robed Radiant Saint Masters rode a cloud over a mountain range.

Ignoring the leading female, the other seven people were all men of different ages, and they all carried bulging bags.

The bags were completely made from magical beast skin.

“Miss, it’s already been ten days.

There’s only five days left before the competition ends.

In these remaining days, it’ll be very likely for us to meet Yang Yutian.

Do we listen to elder Liu and avoid becoming enemies with him, or do we help out Yun Tian and take him on as an opponent, preventing him from placing within the top ten when we meet him” Of the eight Radiant Saint Masters, a ruddy old man asked as he looked at the leading female.


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