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Chapter 765: A Fight for a Monster Core

Five days later, Jian Chen arrived above a forest.

The cloud he rode, condensed from Radiant Saint Force, slowly flew at a low altitude, as he expanded his presence to its absolute limit, enveloping a radius of twenty kilometers to search for the tracks of Class 6 Magical Beasts and the competitors.

Jian Chen flew just above the tips of the trees.

He turned to the white tiger which laid on his shoulder and mumbled, “Now that the energy within Xiao Bai’s begun to fluctuate unstably, he seems to have also reached the most crucial moment for breaking through Class 5 and reaching Class 6.

I’ll have to put the matter of collecting points aside first and help out Xiao Bai.

It won’t be too late for me to collect points afterwards.

There’s still ten days, so plenty of time.”

“Once Xiao Bai reaches Class 6, he’ll be equal to human Heaven Saint Masters.

Also, as he’s a Winged Tiger God, he’ll definitely be much stronger than those other magical beasts.

Even beasts of antiquity will pale in comparison.

He’ll also have some ability to protect itself.

Unless it’s Saint Rulers, probably no one can harm him.”


Just as Jian Chen thought about this, loud roar suddenly reverberated from up ahead.

The sound spread everywhere, echoing in the surroundings.

“Class 6 Magical Beast!” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up and he looked ahead with a keen eyes.

He mumbled to himself, “This should be a magical beast at the peak of Class 6.

The vital energies in its blood is extremely rich, and its voice seems to be filled with anger and pain.

There’s probably people fighting it.” Jian Chen did not hesitate at all, immediately speeding in the direction where the sound originated from.

In a dense forest fifteen kilometers away from Jian Chen, a dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters were scattered in a groups of three, in a formation.

Milky-white light constantly flickered, turning into 1.3-meter-long Radiant Saint Swords, shooting at the black, six-meter-long panther.

The black panther was already at the peak of Class 6, possessing an extremely great capacity for battle.

However, it still struggled to counterattack when surrounded by a dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters.

Its body was already littered with wounds and covered in blood, while its black coat had already been dyed red.

Roar! The black panther roared several times, while its vicious-looking eyes shone scarlet red.

Not only did the panther’s wounds fail hinder its ability for battle, but it made it become even more brutal.

It became more and more courageous as it fought.

With the constant swinging of its front paws, a powerful force shot towards the surrounding Radiant Saint Masters over and over again, while the panther constantly spat out balls of violent energy at the surroundings from its mouth.

The surrounding Radiant Saint Masters actually handled the panther’s attacks in an orderly fashion.

In their groups of three, two of them were responsible for receiving the panther’s attacks, while the other person constantly condensed Radiant Saint Swords to attack the panther.

Their tacit teamwork was clearly the result of years of training.

The wounds on the panther’s body increased.

Even though its body was extremely tough, it was unable to last much longer at all against the consecutive attacks of Radiant Saint Swords.

Roar! Suddenly, the panther roared at the sky.

It paid a price of receiving three direct attacks to leap to a small group, opening its large, fierce-looking mouth to bite at a person without any hesitation.

The Radiant Saint Masters was unable to react in time, and his entire upper body was bitten by the panther.

In the moment of life-and-death, a huge pillar of light descended from the sky, disappearing with the Radiant Saint Master.

It clearly was not the first time the panther had seen such a thing.

It did not pay any attention to the huge pillar that had descended from the sky, immediately lunging at the second person without faltering.

Its sharp claws viciously raked across the chest of the person.

Crack! The Radiant Saint Armor on the person seemed to be as weak as tofu, turning into smithereens from the panther’s attack, causing the Radiant Saint Master’s chest to be dyed in blood.

“Argh!” The person cried out him pain, and he was knocked flying from the panther’s attack.

As he flew, he spat out a mouthful of blood, becoming sheet-white.

The panther paid no more attention to the person.

It opened its bloody mouth, continuing with the third Radiant Saint Master.

“Radiant Saint Sword!” The person did not falter.

The Radiant Saint Sword that he had just condensed immediately became a streak of white light, shooting towards the panther’s mouth with lightning speed.

Bang! The Radiant Saint Sword that had entered the panther’s mouth exploded with a loud sound.

A powerful ripple of energy leaked out from the panther’s mouth, causing the panther to cry out in pain, while blood constantly flowed from its mouth.

At the same time, the huge, bloody mouth bit onto the person’s body, engulfing his entire upper body.

In that crucial, another giant pillar of light descended from the ground, taking the second Radiant Saint Master away from the space of the artifact.

“Quick, attack its wounds with all you have!” A person in another direction immediately cried out.

Shortly afterwards, the dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters all realised that it was a great opportunity to heavily injure the panther.

All of them immediately began to condense Radiant Saint Swords, shooting it at the deeper injuries of the panther, wanting to deal life-threatening damage to the panther by taking advantage of these injuries.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish… 

A dozen or so Radiant Saint Swords shot out from the Radiant Saint Masters at almost simultaneously, striking the wounds of the panther with extremely great accuracy.

The wounds expanded immediately, causing bright red blood spurted out from its body.

The panther gave off a miserable cry and glanced at the people, eyes filled with endless hatred.

Afterwards, it shot into the distance with a leap, fleeing away.

At this moment, a huge, three-meter-long Radiant Saint Sword shot from the sky, transforming into a streak of light with a frightening manner.

It caught up to the fleeing panther, before finally firmly striking its wound, deepening it.

The strike was extremely powerful, several times more powerful than the Radiant Saint Swords from the other people.

The huge panther was actually sent flying by the strike, landing heavily three meters away.

A bone-deep wound appeared on its back, which even exposed some of its inner organs.

“Roar!” The panther gave out a cry of pain.

The injury dealt by attack was just too great.

“This magical beast can’t last much longer.

Everyone hurry up, we can’t let it be taken by someone else.” The Radiant Saint Masters who had surrounded the panther before called out and sprinted wildly towards the panther.

Surging Radiant Saint Force quickly gathered in their hands, forming Radiant Saint Swords rapidly.

With a swing, they flew towards the panther.

The people wanted to kill the panther as soon as possible and obtain its monster core.

As the many swords landed on the panther, it deepened the panther’s injuries even more.

It was no longer able to flee, now lying on the floor, roaring in pain.

The life force of Class 6 Magical Beasts were just too tenacious.

Even after taking of consecutive blows from over ten Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, the panther was still not dead.

A streak of light quickly approached the area in the sky.

It was a white-robed Radiant Saint Master on a cloud, and in his hand, three Radiant Saint Swords were fully condensed.

They quickly shot off side by side, striking the deep wound on the panther’s neck with extremely great precision. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the three violent sounds, the panther’s meter-wide head was severed from its body, knocked directly into the sky by the powerful energy ripples.

It had been beheaded, drizzling the area with blood.

The Class 6 panther, a beast the dozen or so Radiant Saint Masters had spent an hour battling, died just like this, to Jian Chen who had hurried over much later.

“Hurry up and go get the monster core!” A Radiant Saint Master called out immediately and several people ran towards the corpse at the same time, in attempt to extract the monster core as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, another few Radiant Saint Swords shot from the sky, this time targeting the Radiant Saint Masters who ran towards the panther’s corpse.

The expressions of the people all changed and they sneered.

They all condensed a Radiant Saint Sword each, where were shot towards the swords targeting their companions to block them, while the others shot towards Jian Chen.

A two-meter-wide Radiant Saint Shield appeared in Jian Chen’s hand, which he tossed out.

It blocked the Radiant Saint Swords flying towards him.

Without faltering in speed, Jian Chen flew over the tops of the people, before landing firmly before the panther corpse.

He immediately condensed a Radiant Saint Sword, which he stabbed into the panther’s body, removing its monster core.

His movements were extremely smooth and extremely proficient.

Seeing the monster core being removed, the expressions of the dozen or so people became extremely ugly.

They all glared at Jian Chen with ill intent.

“Sir, we were the ones who heavily injured this Class 6 Magical Beast after a great deal of effort before it was killed, so that monster core should belong to us.

It seems rather unfair for sir to now take the monster core.” An old man said coldly with a darkt complexion.

He had already learnt that Jian Chen’s strength was something else in the short clashing from before.

Otherwise, why would he spend so much time talking to Jian Chen He would have rushed him already with his advantage in numbers.

“Sir, return the monster core to us, and we won’t argue over what happened before.

We’ll go our own ways afterwards and mind our own businesses.” Another Radiant Saint Master said gruffly, while his gaze towards Jian Chen was rather fearful.

Before, they were not able to stop the person at all even when they had all struck out.

The person arrived before the panther corpse calm as ever in the end.

That was strength they could not just offend so easily.

Jian Chen grabbed a handful of grass from the ground and cleaned away the blood from the monster core, before looking up at the people.

He said unenthusiastically, “Not only do I want this monster core, I also want the points you possess!”

Hearing that, all of the people’s faces changed.

A monstrous rage bloomed in their hearts.

To them, Jian Chen was haughty and extremely arrogant, and his oppressing words were going a little too far.

Not only did he take their spoils of battle, he even wanted the points they possessed.

This definitely was an undisguised provocation.

Even though they knew Jian Chen’s strength was special, they did not believe that he could fend off over ten people just by himself.

Before, they were fearful of Jian Chen, only because they did not want to provoke an expert like him so easily.

It did not mean they were scared of him.

“Since you are so arrogant, show us how powerful you are and if you have the right to be arrogant.”


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