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Chapter 762: Encountering a Beast Horde

The five Radiant Saint Masters were knocked flying backwards as they spurted with blood from Jian Chen’s attack, while the clouds that supported them in the sky disappeared.

It caused them to fall along a fifty-meter-long parabolic route, landing heavily on the ground.

The five Radiant Saint Masters did not have bodies as tough as fighters.

Falling from over thirty meters high, even if they did not die, almost all of their bones were broken.

The great pain even sucked away their strength to talk, and their pale faces all became a reddish-purple from the fall; it was unbearable.

In their whole lives, they had never experienced such pain.

Jian Chen stared coldly at the five Radiant Saint Masters on the floor in great pain, but he did not feel any pity at all.

With a thought, another five Radiant Saint Swords condensed in his hand and with a swing, the five swords turned into a streak of silvery-white light, flying towards the five of them like lightning bolts.

This time, the five people no longer had any power to resist; they could only watch the five sword strike their chests helplessly.

In that very moment, they had never felt death so close, even though they were inside the artifact and could not die.

However, when they faced it personally like this, they still felt a dread of passing away.

The Radiant Saint Swords advanced like a hot knife through butter, mercilessly piercing the five of them in the chest.

However, just before the sharp tip of the swords had completely penetrated their bodies, five huge pillars of light descended from the sky, enveloping their bodies and disappearing with them, while the swords under Jian Chen’s control were directly crushed by the energy of the pillars of light in the very moment they had appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the five people disappeared at the edge of death, only leaving behind five thumb-sized specks of light floating midair.

“This artifact spirit really is strong.

He’s actually able to save these people in such a crucial moment, and even the timing is perfect.

I wonder how just how strong this artifact spirit is in this space.” Jian Chen thought as he looked at where the five people had disappeared.

His opinion of the artifact spirit had improved once again.

Afterwards, Jian Chen arrived before the five specks of floating light.

He pulled out the ancient jade pendant from his bosom and absorbed all the specks; they were the so-called points, and were rather like the tokens obtained by killing people in the elimination competition in the Gathering of Mercenaries, though the only difference was that one was tangible, while the other was ethereal, as if was produced by the artifact.

Every person would start off with one point, and then increase it by killing other competitors, while the ancient jade pendant was the item to store it all.

In the blink of an eye, half a day passed.

In that time, Jian Chen had already traversed hundreds of kilometers at a steady pace on his cloud, discovering many places with marks of battle.

There was quite a lot of blood at the places, indicating that many Radiant Saint Masters had met in such places, where they then battled.

Within the half a day, Jian Chen also encountered a few groups of Radiant Saint Masters, one that had as many as seven.

He had even encountered two people who travelled alone just like him.

As a result of these encounters, Jian Chen’s original eight points had already reached over forty.

Jian Chen flew in the air on a cloud condensed from Radiant Saint Force.

He already extended his presence to the limit, enveloping a radius of twenty kilometers to search for competitors.

At that moment, Jian Chen paused slightly.

He glared fixedly in the distance, his eyebrows furrowed.

He saw that over thirty kilometers away, a black cloud quickly floated over in the distance.

In front of the black cloud, there were several Radiant Saint Masters on white clouds with expressions of unconcealed fear, currently fleeing for their lives.

The black cloud chasing behind them was not a real dark cloud, but rather a flock of dark, flying magical beasts, totalling to an insurmountable number.

“Class 4 crow beasts.

Isn’t there just too many” Jian Chen focused his gaze at the cloud formed from magical beasts and a sliver of shock appeared on his face.

He had killed plenty of Class 4 Magical Beasts in his life, but this was the first time Jian Chen had ever encountered so many at one time.

At this moment, the Radiant Saint Masters chased by the countless crow beasts discovered Jian Chen.

They immediately changed their directions, heading directly for Jian Chen, wanting to pull him in too.

Seeing this, Jian Chen’s lips curled into a vague sneer.

He did not retreat, and instead travelled forwards.

The cloud beneath him flew at a steady pace towards the crow beasts.

The Radiant Saint Masters pursued by the crow beasts all revealed expressions of joy when they saw what Jian Chen was doing.

“This person clearly doesn’t know how powerful these crows are.

Not only did he not escape, he’s flying towards us.

Is he looking to die”

“That idiot probably thinks all these crows are Class 1 and are easy to kill.

Even if they are Class 1 Magical Beasts, there’s thousands of them, or even tens of thousands.

It’s not that easy, not to mention the fact that all of them are Class 4, with some Class 5 ones in between.”

“Even if Kara Liwei, the one ranked first among all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, encountered so many crow beasts, it’s certain death.

Is this person so confident that he thinks he’s stronger than Kara Liwei”


Since he has no idea of danger and is flying over, we’ll get him to stall the crows for some time.

It’ll give us some time to escape.”

“You’re right, I just hope that the person isn’t too weak and can keep the crows busy for a little longer, so that we have more time to find some other Radiant Saint Masters.

Once there’s enough people, perhaps we might be able to resist this horde.”

The Radiant Saint Masters all sneered.

At the same time, they began to charge up power, ready to charge off with their greatest speed once the person ahead had gained the attention of the crows behind, ready to pull open a great distance when the time was right.

The reason they had prepared beforehand was because they were confident the incoming person was unable to stall the crows for too long.

Soon, the Radiant Saint Masters approached Jian Chen.

In order to encourage Jian Chen, a person cried out from far away, “Sir, please help us out.

We’ll work together with all our strength to kill these crows.” As he spoke, powerful Radiant Saint Force had already gathered before him.

He seemed like he really was ready to go all out in a battle to the death with the crows.

Jian Chen did not even glance at the Radiant Saint Masters, focusing on the black mass of crows behind them.

Radiant Saint Force from the surroundings had already begun gathering around Jian Chen quickly.

Seeing how Jian Chen really had no idea of danger and wanted to fight against the crows, the Radiant Saint Masters all sneered inwardly.

As they brushed past Jian Chen, the Radiant Saint Force that they had gathered immediately coalesced around their feet, abruptly increasing their flight speed, flying past Jian Chen in a flash and fleeing into the distance.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes and began to pour all his strength into gathering Radiant Saint Force.

It was as if he did not see the Radiant Saint Masters who had rushed past him like a violent gust of wind at all.

Suddenly, the originally-calm Radiant Saint Force in the surroundings became violent.

Streaks of visible light began to pour inwards from all directions, all pooling in front of Jian Chen.

At that very moment, the Radiant Saint Force in a radius of five kilometers began to surge, like a storm, creating wild gusts of wind in the surroundings.

Although the crows were not strong, only Class 4, there were just too many, so even Jian Chen needed to be careful in facing them.

Feeling the violent motion of the surrounding Radiant Saint Force, the fleeing Radiant Saint Masters were all stunned.

A sliver of shock appeared on their faces; they could not help but come to a stop.

They all just stared at Jian Chen in astoundment from several kilometers away in the air.

“He actually moved all the Radiant Saint Force in the radius of five kilometers all by himself! How is this possible…”

“That speed at gathering Radiant Saint Force is just too fast.

It’s definitely not something a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master can do.

Is he perhaps Class 7”

“Just who is that person He’s actually so strong.

Even Kara Liwei probably isn’t as great as him.”

“Even Kara Liwei’s speed at coalescing Radiant Saint Force is not at such a level.”

The Radiant Saint Masters cried out in surprise in the distance.

Currently, a huge change occurred to their gazes towards Jian Chen.

The flock of crows were already less than three hundred meters away from Jian Chen.

They directly flew towards him, flooding at him.

At the same time, an extremely powerful ball of Radiant Saint Force had been gathered around him.

It radiated with dazzling white light, like a sun, paling everything else around it.

“Radiance Burst!” With a cold voice from within the ball of Radiant Saint Force, the Radiant Saint Force began to separate and gather into soybean-sized droplets, floating around Jian Chen.

Each droplet rippled with powerful energy, filled with a sharp intent.

Just when the crows were fifty meters from Jian Chen, Jian Chen extended a finger from within the droplets of Radiant Saint Force.

The droplets were like countless sharp arrows, shooting towards the crows as tiny streaks of white light.

When the droplets collided with the crows, it directly punched a hole through them, before continuing onto the crows behind without any decrease in power.

Every droplet contained a powerful energy, able to threaten Heaven Saint Masters and heavily injure Earth Saint Masters.

Even though the crows had bodies of magical beasts, there were only Class 4 after all.

Before the tiny droplets of energy, their feathers, objects that were considered to be extremely tough even to regular fighters, were unable to block anything, becoming as fragile as tofu.

Countless droplets pierced through the dense flock of crows.

Those that were closer to the front immediately had countless holes punched through their bodies, falling out of the sky as they screeched unpleasantly.

Bright red blood and black feathers covered the skies, as if it had begun to rain blood.


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