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Chapter 761: The Submission of the Artifact Spirit


Suddenly, the middle-aged man fell onto his knees.

He began to beg Zi Ying on his arms, “Overlord please spare me, please spare me.

This one blindly offended the overlord.

Overlord, please be merciful and spare this one’s life.” At that moment, the man had already understood.

The purple-robed young man transformed from the sword spirit was once an unbelievably powerful existence, a level of power beyond his imagination.

Before him, he did not even have the right to help Zi Ying wear shoes, so he most definitely could not offend him.

Zi Ying slowly retracted his might and stared coldly at the man, “Get up.

I’ll let you go this time.

It won’t happen a second time.”

“Thank you overlord, thank you for sparing me!” The man behaved as if he had gained amnesty, slowly rising from the ground.

In his head, he could not help but think of the unfamiliar images that had suddenly appeared before.

He knew that everything was real, and knew even better that the two purple and azure divine swords that seemed to split the heavens were the couple in azure and purple robes before him.

This caused man’s terror and fear for the sword spirits to reach an absolute limit.

Even though he was in his own world, even though he was something similar to a god in this world, the man did not dare to let the notion of resisting cross his mind in front of the two sword spirits.

Even though he knew that the two sword spirits had already become much weaker than before and no longer his opponent, he did not dare to show any resistance at all.

All there was in his mind was extremely powerful dread and great fear.

Zi Ying stared at the trembling man for a while, before losing interest soon after.

He turned around to Qing Suo, who was in an azure dress.

His eyes were filled with a soft light and he said, “Qing Suo, let’s return.

Master, we’ll let you handle the rest of it.”

“Yes.” Qing Suo nodded slightly.

Afterwards, she turned into a ray of light along with Zi Ying at the same time, disappearing into Jian Chen’s head.

Discovering an artifact spirit here earlier had indeed surprised them, but that was only surprise.

With their past statuses and strength, they completely looked down on the spirit of the origin artifact.

Hearing Zi Ying say ‘return’, the man finally relaxed from his extremely anxious state.

However, before he could become delighted, it scared the man greatly once again when he heard Zi Ying say ‘master’.

Even his body began to tremble greatly, his gaze towards Jian Chen filled with dread.

“He can become the master of the two peerless divine swords.

He mustn’t be simple.

I can’t offend him no matter what.

Even if he’s weak, I can’t afford to underestimate him at all!” The man warned himself in his mind.

He had already become completely terrified from the image that had appeared in his mind.

All those that were related to the sword spirits had already entered his list of people he could not afford to offend.

The man glanced at Jian Chen in some dread, before carefully walking up.

He made a low bow to Jian Chen and said extremely courteously, “This one greets the overlord.”

Jian Chen observed the artifact spirit with a weird gaze, but inside, he found that it was quite funny by the way the spirit referred to him.

However, Jian Chen did go ahead and rectify it.

Instead, he asked, “What do I call you”

“Responding to the overlord, this one does not have a name yet, but they all call me lord artifact spirit!” The man said.

“Them!” A sliver of interest flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes, “Who are you referring to by ‘they’”

“Responding to the overlord, they are the presidents of the Radiant Saint Master Union.” The man said.

Jian Chen pondered for a while and did not continue with the topic of conversation.

He stared brightly at the man and said, “My purpose of coming this time is to obtain origin energy to reach Class 7 as a Radiant Saint Master.

Since you’re the artifact spirit, you must be able to control the origin energy.”

Hearing that, the sliver of a troubled expression appeared on the man’s face.

He said, “The overlord may not know that all the origin energy in the saint artifact is sealed up by a powerful barrier.

Although this one is in fact the artifact spirit and can indeed control everything within this space, this barrier has already existed for a length that I don’t even know, and is extremely tough.

Even if this one uses all the energy within the artifact space, this one is unable to break this barrier.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows and frowned slightly.

Perhaps he realised that Jian Chen was unhappy, the man hurriedly followed up, “Overlord, although this one is unable to break through the barrier, it opens up once every fifty years.

There’s only one more year before it opens the next time.

When it does open, the overlord can absorb the origin energy.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen sighed secretly inside.

It seemed that if he wanted to reach Class 7, he needed to follow the rules of the union and take it a step at a time.

Jian Chen bid farewell to the middle-aged man and departed on a white cloud.

He flew into the distance, continuing to find competitors to obtain points.

Fifty kilometers in front of Jian Chen, there were five white-robed Radiant Saint Masters on a cloud, flying towards Jian Chen.

Of the five people, two were middle-aged men while the other three were old men.

They were all from clans that originated from a king city in the Holy Empire.

“This time, we’ll probably be able to even fight one of the ten great Radiant Saint Masters with the five of us working together.

Even if we can’t win, fleeing isn’t a problem.

Once we meet lone travellers or smaller groups, move immediately and take all their points from them.

We need to try as hard as we can to push one of us into the top ten.” The speaker was an old man, who was very confident in the strength of the people with him.

This was because all five of them had reached level three in Radiant Artes, and if they worked together, there was no problem even if they encountered experts at level four.

“I hope this happens.

But this space inside the artifact is just too big.

We’ve already travelled for over twenty kilometers, and we haven’t even found a single person.” One of the middle-aged men was unhappy, which he grumbled.

“Hmm Look, isn’t there a person in front” Suddenly, the other middle-aged man revealed an expression of join.

He cried out with his hand pointed into the distance.

Hearing that, all the people raised their heads and looked in front.

Before them, there was a white streak of light, quickly approaching where they were.

With this, the five people who were lamenting over the fact that they could not find anyone earlier immediately became happy.

One of the old men hurriedly said, “There’s only one person.

We can’t let this fish escape.

Everyone hurry and encircle him first so he can’t run away.”

The five of them did not hesitate at all, immediately speeding up into the distance, rushing at the Radiant Saint Master head-on.

The lone person clearly discovered them, but there was no change to the speed at which he advanced.

He remained on his original path, flying over from the distance at a speed not too fast or slow.

Very soon, the group of five surrounded the lone Radiant Saint Master.

At the same time, a layer of Radiant Saint Armor condensed from Radiant Saint Force appeared on them, tightly wrapping them inside it, only leaving a space for their eyes.

Jian Chen stared at the five people around him calmly and a cold smile formed on his face.

He said, “Sirs, what are you trying to do”

“What are we trying to do Haha, what do you think we’re trying to do Brat, I won’t bother to say all that nonsense.

I’d just advise you to forfeit here.

It’ll save you some physical pain.” An old man stared at Jian Chen coldly, laughing aloud.

“Overlord, do you want this one to give these people that dare to offend you a solid punishment” Jian Chen heard the artifact spirit’s voice, which carried some anger.

The five Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters around Jian Chen would never think that not only did they offend someone they could not afford to offend with what they had done, they had even angered the spirit of the origin saint artifact.

Jian Chen shook his head gently and mumbled in a way as if he was talking to himself, “No need.

You don’t need to interfere with what I do, just do what you need to do.

In a while, if they face death, send them out immediately.”

“Yes, overlord!” The artifact spirit replied courteously.

He went with exactly what Jian Chen said, as if Jian Chen was his master.

“Brat, what’re you mumbling.

Have you properly thought over what I said If you don’t forfeit in three second, don’t blame us for being impolite.” A middle-aged man said rather impatiently.

If it were not for the fact that they needed to save as much energy as possible, the five of them would have moved against Jian Chen long ago.

Jian Chen stared at the people around him with a sneer and said coldly, “Even you want to try get me, Yang Yutian, to forfeit A fool’s dream.” Jian Chen grabbed at the empty space and in an extremely short amount of time, he condensed five Radiant Saint Swords, which radiated with powerful energy ripples.

“What! You’re Yang Yutian!” The five people’s expressions changed greatly, staring at Jian Chen disbelief, which carried a great amount of shock along with it.

The name ‘Yang Yutian’ was like thunder to their ears.

Currently in all of City of God, the name ‘Yang Yutian’ was not unfamiliar to all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, because he was a miraculous personage among the Radiant Saint Masters.

Not only did he reach Class 6 at an age of twenty four, his control of Radiant Artes had already reached an extremely great level.

On Fragrance River outside the City of God, he once slaughtered over thirty Heaven Saint Masters all by himself, stunning all of the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters.

Jian Chen did not give them a chance to regret or beg for forgiveness.

With a fierce flash of light through his eyes, the five Radiant Saint Sword turned into streaks of white light, shooting towards the five people.

The five people were quite frightened by the name Jian Chen had mentioned.

They had become slightly lost, so the Radiant Saint Sword landed firmly on their chests.


All five of them spat out a mouth of blood, knocked backwards by the momentum of the momentum of the swords.

Their faces had already paled.

Although they had the Radiant Saint Armor, it was already covered in web-like cracks on their chest.

In the end, with a bang, the armor on the five of them all shattered from Jian Chen’s blow.


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