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Chapter 745: Arrival of the President

On the Inky Stratus, the near twenty darkly-clothed assassins were astounded by the phenomenon that had occurred.

At that moment, a strong feeling of uneasiness had suddenly appeared in all their minds.

“Everyone quickly kill him! We must not let him cast that arte!” An assassin cried out, before rushing at Jian Chen first, no longer paying any attention to Jian Chen’s strength.

Afterwards, the remaining assassins all returned to their senses and rushed at Jian Chen, wanting to disperse Jian Chen’s Radiant Arte while he was still charging up.

Although many of them had no idea what Radiant Arte it was, they understood just how powerful it was just from the great commotion caused by it.

In the sky, the assassins who could use Heaven Tier Battle Skills also completed their preparations.

A great pressure weighed down on the area, locking tightly onto Jian Chen. 

God’s… Descent!

A ripple, visible with the naked eye, quickly spread out from Jian Chen in all directions.

Wherever the ripple passed by, it would caused the space to instantly freeze.

The assassins who rushed at Jian Chen were all frozen in various poses, unable to move at all.

In that moment, time seemed to stop.

All the people of the eight clans were also trapped by the invisible force.

The ferry stopped floating along the river, the river water stopped flowing and even the breeze completely disappeared.

The several people in the sky who had completely charged up their Heaven Tier Battle Skills and were ready to cast them were forcefully locked in place.

The vast energy corralled the shapeless power of the battle skills, without a single sliver leaking out at all.

The entire world went silent in that moment.

The only change was with the white light in the sky, where it became brighter and brighter, more and more dazzling before in the end, it descended from the sky as a huge light pillar, a hundred meters in length, encasing everyone present within it.

Jian Chen maintained a weird hand seal, standing close-eyed on the deck of the ferry.

In the moment he was enveloped by the pillar of light, he felt a wondrous connection form between his mind and the pillar.

In the area encased by the pillar, it seemed to become a different domain.

In the domain, Jian Chen was god, the all-powerful god, the god that controls life.

Unless someone possessed strength that exceeded the domain and exceeded the absolute limits of the domain, no one could escape its judgement.

The several Heaven Tier Battle Skills in the air quickly dispersed, turning into strands of energy of the world and disappeared into the surroundings.

Shortly afterwards, the dark-clothed assassins who had cast the Heaven Tier Battle Skills began to slowly turn into dust at an observable rate, disappearing into the sky.

Shortly afterwards, the twenty-odd men on the deck slowly began to disintegrate too, turning into dust.

There was no blood, nor any clothes left behind.

Even the Spatial Rings they wore on their fingers turned into dust, disappearing into the world.

It was extremely strange.

In the blink of an eye, over thirty Heaven Saint Master assassins died, with no one spared.

Even though it was an incomplete God’s Descent, its strength was nothing Heaven Saint Masters could resist.

When all the assassins had passed away, the giant pillar of light that had descended from the sky quickly disappeared.

All those who were trapped inside also regained their mobility, and the frozen time began to flow again.

The ferry broke through the water, and the river water also began to flow slowly, producing light splashing sounds.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were filled with fatigue.

His straight body on the deck seemed to suddenly be blown around in powerful winds, tottering about.

Although the God’s Descent and Judgement’s Sword were both known as one of the three great Radiant Artes, the God’s Descent was a forbidden technique after all.

Their strength could not be compared.

Just from the single casting of God’s Descent, it had almost sucked Jian Chen’s soul dry.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyelids were extremely heavy.

Even keeping his eyes open was an extremely difficult task, and his brain currently throbbed with a great headache.

His current status was like a normal person who had not slept for three days.

Not only was he extremely exhausted, he had over-exerted his mind, creating extremely great pain that was difficult to bear with.

The people of the eight clans all stood there absolutely dumbfounded, but they returned to their senses without much time.

Although they were immobilised before, they could still think, witnessing the unbelieveable scene clearly.

Over twenty Heaven Saint Masters were turned to dust, bit by bit, just like that from the white pillar of light, without any resistance.

They could not even struggle.

It caused great shock to them.

After all, the person who had done that was not a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, but a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, the same of them, not to mention it was a twenty-four-year-old!

Many streaks of white light cut across the dark sky, quickly flying over from the distance, before stopping right about Fragrance River.

The first person was a ruddy, white-robed old man.

Beneath him was a cloud completely formed from Radiant Saint Force.

He seemed like an immortal.

The person was the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union and behind him, there were many Class 7 Radiant Saint Master elders.

Within them included the ninth elder, fourteenth elder and fifth elder, who Jian Chen had met before.

The president quickly glanced across the Inky Stratus, stopping as soon as he reached the exhausted Jian Chen.

A sliver of shock flashed across his face and he cried out, “Yang Yutian, did you cast that God’s Descent from before”

Jian Chen stared at the president in the sky rather lifelessly and said, “Yang Yutian greets master.

Master has guessed correctly.

The God’s Descent from before was indeed cast by disciple, though it is incomplete.”

The shock on the president’s face become stronger and stronger.

Even the elder who stood behind the president stared at Jian Chen with a gaze of disbelief.

“Yang Yutian, perhaps you’ve broken through the seals of the three great Radiant Artes” The president asked once again.

Jian Chen nodded his head slightly.

He no longer had the strength to speak anymore.

Right now, he was quite tempted to just topple over on the spot and sleep soundly.

Not only did the over-exertion of his mind create great exhaustion and a great headache, it made Jian Chen feel like his soul was about to disappear.

“Hahahaha, good, good, good.

You are indeed my disciple! Yang Yutian, your actions have made me very impressed.” The president began to laugh aloud; he was extremely joyful.

With a gesture of his hand, a dense ball of Radiant Saint Force formed a cloud, pulling Jian Chen from the ferry.

He said with concern for the first time, “Yang Yutian, you’ve currently over-exerted yourself.

You need to quickly heal.

I’ll take you back.”

Shortly afterwards, the president looked towards the people of the eight clans and his gaze immediately turned into a glare.

With a deep voice, he said, “You eight clans better know your place.

Otherwise, even with the Zaar family covering you, my Radiant Saint Master Union will definitely not let you off.”

Hearing that, the expressions of the people all changed.

It became dead silent immediately.

Carrying Jian Chen, the president flew from the area, directly proceeding to the headquarters of the union.

The fifth elder looked at the bloody ferry and sighed softly.

He thought to himself, “The people of the eight clans have gone a little too far.

Yang Yutian is someone highly regarded by the president after all.

Fortunately he’s fine, otherwise, perhaps the president’s temper will be lit once again.” The fifth elder waved his hand, and a ball of gentle Radiant Saint Force immediately dragged the heavily-injured Yang Ling into the sky.

Afterwards, he followed behind the president, back to the headquarters of the union.

With their departure, all the people left were the people of the eight clans and the coward Quan Youcai.

All of them stood there, still badly shaken.

The strength of God’s Descent had completely stunned them.

“Sigh, what you’ve done this time is a little overboard.

Though, fortunately the situation hasn’t reached an irreparable level.” An old voice resounded in the sky about the ferry, entering the ears of every person from the eight clans.

Ten meters above the ferry, a dozen or so people of different ages had already appeared at a certain time.

They seemed to be a part of the world, without using any energy to float in the sky.

They seemed more like ordinary people than anything else.

The people of the eight clans were all greatly shocked.

They immediately knelt on the ground and called out, “Descendant greets the ancestor!”

“Sigh, all of you go back now.

Don’t do something too obvious next time.

Once people grab you by the handle, even the clan will be sucked into it.

The Radiant Saint Master Union definitely cannot be provoked.” An old man sighed gently.

Waving his hand, he left with the white-robed Radiant Saint Master and Heaven Saint Master guard beside him.

Afterwards, the ancestors of the various clans all left the ferry with their own clan members one by one.

Soon, there was no one left on the deck of the ferry at all.

“They’ve all left, so why am I still staying here The Inky Stratus in the most famous ferry of Fragrance River.

Now that it’s been so heavily damaged, the fees are probably quite high.

It’s quite fortunate that brother Yang Yutian is fine.

Though, brother Yang Yutian’s strength is a little too overwhelming.

He can even cast the forbidden arte.

I must learn the forbidden arte from brother Yang Yutian.” Yuan Youcai mumbled to himself as he walked out from the hold of the ship, before condensing a white cloud under his feet, leaving the ferry.

Just when Quan Youcai was leaving, a middle-aged beauty ran out from the hold.

She cried out in tears, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, the ferry was destroyed by you.

You can’t leave! How do I explain it to my boss”

“Piss off, what has it got to do with me, Quan Youcai It’s not like it was me who broke the ferry.

If you want compensation, go find the eight great clans.

This is all because the eight great clans asked for it, that they couldn’t find anything better to do.” The echoes of Quan Youcai’s voice could be heard from the sky.

The voice grew fainter and fainter, before finally completely disappearing.


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