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Chapter 722: The Mysterious Group in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts

“Xiu Houston!” Jian Chen muttered.

A gleam of light exploded in his eyes while in his mind, he could not help but think of uncle Xiu’s old but straight body.

“Xiu Houston, uncle Xiu.

The sect master of the Bloodsword Sect actually has the same surname as uncle Xiu from Longevity Valley.

Perhaps they’re the same people” Jian Chen thought.

He could not help but think of the moment when uncle Xiu had first seen the small white tiger.

Thinking of the tiger, Jian Chen could not help but look at his shoulder.

He only saw the snow-white tiger fast asleep, curled up on his shoulder like a small cat.

It was digesting the medicinal effects deposited in his body by the heavenly resources.

Afterwards, Jian Chen looked at the powerful Wang Yanhong.

He only saw Wang Yanhong stare at him with a flickering gaze, completely ignoring the white tiger on his shoulder.

She clearly was unable to discern the white tiger’s true identity.

“Jian Chen, perhaps you’ve seen the sect master of the Bloodsword Sect” Wang Yanhong’s eyes glowed with curiosity, and stared deeply at Jian Chen.

Wang Yanhong had also seen the four red-clothed men who had appeared at the Changyang Manor, and had already guessed their identities from the thick Baleful Yin Force they gave off.

They were people of the Bloodsword Sect that had disappeared a thousand years ago, and they were not weak.

They clearly held a certain status within the sect.

Wang Yanhong was also extremely curious about why the Bloodsword Sect had come to the Changyang Manor.

She wanted to know the answer.

Her first guess was that Jian Chen had some connection with the Bloodsword Sect.

Jian Chen shook his head, “Senior, I’ve only learnt about the Bloodsword Sect today, let alone knowing the sect master.” Although he had put it in such a way, images of uncle Xiu constantly floated through his mind.

Jian Chen always felt that uncle Xiu was extremely profound, and he shared the same surname with the Bloodsword Sect sect master.

Also, uncle Xiu’s family situation matched up extremely well with what the sect master had suffered.

He had no partner, only a son and a grandson.

Jian Chen just did not know how old Xiu Mi was.

Also, only the grand elder of Mercenary City and uncle Xiu could tell the white tiger’s identity with a glance up until now.

That was enough to show uncle Xiu’s extraordinaire.

Though, Jian Chen only guessed that the Bloodsword Sect sect master might have some connection with uncle Xiu.

He had yet to confirm it.

Leaving the garden, Jian Chen immediately spent a great amount to buy a thousand-year ice coffin, which he placed his parent’s corpses inside.

Although powerful Radiant Saint Masters could revive the dead, the bodies had to remain in a good condition.

Jian Chen stayed in the Changyang Manor for seven days.

In those seven days, the Changyang Manor was always overcast by a cloud of gloominess and after the seven days, many of those who had come to express sympathy had already left.

There was barely anyone left, but they still had not taken a single step into the manor.

Seven days later, Jian Chen had gotten over his sorrow.

However, what had happened to his parents left an irremovable mark on Jian Chen.

It caused him to become colder, always with a stern expression.

All the smiles he possessed had disappeared.

On that day, Jian Chen bid farewell to the people there.

He departed from the Changyang Manor with the ice coffins that carried his parents.

He was about to go on a long journey and only feared that a careless accident would happen to his parent’s bodies.

As a result, he needed to find a safe place to keep the coffins that could guarantee that nothing would happen.

Only like that could he leave without any worries.

Although ice coffins could be placed into Spatial Rings, Jian Chen did not do that.

He was already a powerful Saint Ruler, but he still had enemies on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Also, the five Saint Rulers were currently pursuing him.

If anything were to happen to him, his parents would never see the day of light again.

Time could blunt everything.

After seven days of buffering from the tragedy that had occurred with the Changyang clan, it had already begun to settle down.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen instead carried the ice coffins, and soared high up in the sky.

He hurried to Qinhuang Kingdom as he planned to keep his parent’s bodies in the Qin Heaven Palace, a place that belonged to him to live in.

On the same day, Jian Chen’s uncle, Bi Dao, resigned from his post as the commander of the imperial guards.

He left Gesun Kingdom on a Class Four Magical Beast mount all by himself.

In that period of time, Bi Dao had thought everything through.

He wanted to quickly increase his strength and other than training hard and tempering himself through life-or-death situations, only the baptism of blood could help him.

His nephew was the best example.

If he remained blindly within the imperial palace, he did not even know how much time it would take for him to become a Heaven Saint Master.

Jian Chen passed through the Space Gate at Dazhou Kingdom and returned to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

Afterwards, he placed his parent’s coffins in the Qin Heaven Palace, entrusting them to the protection of the other four Imperial Protectors.

The king of Qinhuang Kingdom and Qin Ji also felt rather heavy-hearted towards the death of Jian Chen’s parents.

They properly consoled Jian Chen.

However, under Jian Chen’s forceful request, the situation with his parents was not announced.

Only a very few people within the kingdom knew about it.

After he placed down his parents, Jian Chen then had a secret conversation with the four other Imperial Protectors elsewhere in the palace.

Afterwards, he departed from the kingdom the next day, and travelled to Dazhou Kingdom through the Space Gate.

Afterwards, Jian Chen visited the Tianqin clan to see Qin Xiao once again.

Jian Chen originally planned to have Qin Xiao go with the Flame Mercenaries to train him, but now with all that had happened with the mercenaries and the fact that he was about to depart from them, he could only give up on the idea of taking Qin Xiao away.

This was due to the fact that the Flame Mercenaries were facing a great challenge, even though they possessed a certain level of strength.

The mercenaries were no longer safe, so taking Qin Xiao there perhaps would only bring troubles for him.

Also, because of the Winged Tiger God, the Flame Mercenaries would definitely be into the matter sooner or later, and even the Changyang clan would not escape it.

If he got Qin Xiao to join the mercenaries it was undoubtedly throwing him into a fire.

If something bad happened, it would even pull the Tianqin clan into it.

The reason why Jian Chen thought like this was because he had a strong premonition.

Once the news of the Winged Tiger God got out, he would probably become a public enemy of the continent.

Leaving the Tianqin clan, Jian Chen directly returned to the Gesun Kingdom.

Afterwards, he called Jiede Tai and Nubis.

He told the two about the Holy Empire, as well as what the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom had requested.

When he heard what Jian Chen said, Nubis declined it straight away, without any additional thought, “Jian Chen, you definitely must not drag me into it.

Each of the three great clans of the Holy Empire have Saint Kings and possess the strength of ancient clans.

They cannot be underestimated.

Also, I, the great Nubis, have nothing to do with the Holy Kingdom.

Their infighting has nothing to do with me, so I, the great Nubis, definitely will not be dragged into this.

It’s basically a hell-hole.

Whoever jumps in will suffer losses.”

Jian Chen was not very surprised with Nubis’s declination.

He then looked towards Jiede Tai.

Jiede Tai maintained a neutral expression.

He said extremely indifferently, “Jian Chen, I’ve already pledged my loyalty to you.

Even my life is yours, so I abide to anything you say.”

Jian Chen nodded but did not say anything more.

Jiede Tai’s behaviour had allowed him to rise to a great place in Jian Chen’s mind.

Jian Chen thought to himself for a while before speaking, “Nubis has put it well.

You indeed don’t need to be dragged into the infighting of the Holy Empire.

If something goes wrong, it’ll just cause more problems for you, and there might even be an outcome that is death.

Whatever, the two of you should stay and stand guard, to protect the Changyang Manor and the Flame Mercenaries.

I’ll be departing tomorrow.”

“Jian Chen, you don’t need to participate in this difficult and arduous matter…” Nubis attempted to persuade Jian Chen, but before he had even finished, he was cut off by Jian Chen’s hand.

“I have to go to the Holy Empire.

It holds the only hope of reviving my parents, so no matter how great the dangers are, I have to go.” Jian Chen’s tone carried a determination that had never appeared before.


The morning of the next day, Jian Chen bid farewell to everybody before he departed from the Changyang Manor.

Jian Chen transformed into a bolt of lightning in the sky, and arrived at the borders of Gesun Kingdom very soon.

Afterwards, he travelled another few thousand kilometers, entering Blue Wind Kingdom.

Within the Blue Wind Kingdom, there were plenty of mercenaries and merchants in different attires who constantly entered and exited the Third Class City, Wake City.

Around twenty kilometers from Wake City, there was a great mountain range.

It was the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

In that period of time, there was always a rumor that floated about in Wake City.

In the depths of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, there was a mysterious group.

No one knew where the mysterious group came from, nor did they know the identity of the group.

They only knew that each member possessed extremely great strength, and that they always moved around in the mountain range, specifically hunting high class magical beasts.

They never left the mountain range and rarely ever went to the outskirts either.

Also, in the recent times, there would always be earth-shaking magical beast roars coming from the mountain range in the middle of the night.

It would echo throughout the entire city.

Also, occurrences like that had already happened plenty of times.

Meanwhile, the Great Saint Master who lived in Wake City could discern from the roars if they originated from Class 5 Magical Beasts.

Not long afterwards, a mercenary group emerged from the depths of the mountain range in horrible condition.

They brought out hair-raising news.

In the depths of the mountain range, the nameless experts of the mysterious group beheaded a Class 5 Magical Beasts with just a single strike.


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