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Chapter 721: The Bloodsword Sect’s History

Jian Chen stared silently in the direction where the four red-clothed men had disappeared for a long time.

His eyes constantly flickered, displaying uncertainty.

“Fourth young master, we should stop grieving.

The patriarch and the fourth madam have already passed away.

We should quickly hold a funeral for them.” At this moment, an old man arrived beside Jian Chen and said softly to him.

The old man was an elder of the Changyang clan, possessing the strength of an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chen restrained his thoughts and shook his head gently.

He said, “There’s no need for a funeral, mother and father aren’t dead.

I will definitely revive them.”

Hearing that, the old man sighed.

He thought that Jian Chen had become overly stricken in grief that he became slightly confused.

“Elder, just who are the four people who just left” Jian Chen asked softly.

His tone was very indifferent, without any signs of emotions.

The old man thought slightly before speaking out, “Fourth young master, I’m not sure who the four people are.

However, I think I heard that they’re people from some Bloodsword Sect.”

“The Bloodsword Sect!” Jian Chen muttered with a low voice.

A sliver of doubt flashed across his eyes.

He was extremely unfamiliar with the name of the sect.

After hesitating for a while, Jian Chen left from the place, going to the gardens of the Changyang Manor.

He saw that the ancestor of the Bi Family, Bi Hai, was currently sitting in the pavilion of the garden by himself, drinking to drown his sorrows.

Jian Chen gazed at the Bi family ancestor with a complicated expression.

He knew that what happened to his mother also made the ancestor rather pained.

After all, the current Bi family was no longer the Bi family of the past.

In order words, every descendant of the Bi family was beloved and treasured by Bi Hai.

“Grandfather!” Jian Chen arrived in the pavilion and sat opposite of Bi Hai.

Bi Hai placed down his glass of wine and raised his head to look at Jian Chen.

Through Jian Chen’s peaceful gaze, he could already tell that Jian Chen had gotten over the pain from a few days ago.

Bi Hai sighed softly and said, “Grandson, preserve your parent’s bodies well.

You’re already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

Once you reach Class 7, you should have the power to revive your parents.” As he finished speaking, Bi Hai poured himself another full glass of wine and downed the whole thing.

Jian Chen nodded and said, “Grandfather, grandson has something to ask you.

Does grandfather know about the Bloodsword Sect”

Hearing the two words, a gleam of light immediately flashed across Bi Hai’s eyes.

He stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes and said sternly, “Grandson, where did you learn about the Bloodsword Sect”

“The four middle-aged men from before should be people of the Bloodsword Sect.” Jian Chen replied.

“What They’re from the Bloodsword Sect” Bi Hai was slightly surprised, though he recovered shortly afterwards.

He mumbled, “No wonder the four of them always had such a thick layer of Baleful Yin Force.

That should be from killing countless people and condensed using a special method.

So they’re actually from the Bloodsword Sect.”

A sliver of recollection appeared in Bi Hai’s eyes as the past flashed across his mind in the form of images.

He slowly finished off his glass of wine and said slowly.

“I indeed do know some things about the Bloodsword Sect, though it’s very limited.”

“The Bloodsword Sect is one of three well-known assassination organisations of the Tian Yuan Continent.

They place second of the three.

Not only are they extremely mysterious, their strength is rather great too, standing above hermit clans and on level ground with ancient clans.

However, one thousand years ago, there was a great war between the three assassination organisations for some reason and after the war, the Bloodsword Sect completely disappeared from the Tian Yuan Continent.

Afterwards, they never appeared again.

I just never thought that the four of them were actually from the Bloodsword Sect.”

“Grandpa, then do you know who the sect master of the Bloodsword Sect is” Jian Chen asked.

Since the four experts were sent by the sect master of the Bloodsword Sect, the sect master definitely would have some connection with Jian Chen.

Otherwise, why would the sect appear once again from vanishing for a thousand years, and why would they help him and prevent a disastrous calamity for the Changyang clan

Bi Hai shook his head, “In that age, I was just a mere Heaven Saint Master.

With the status of the Bloodsword Sect sect master and the mysterious history of the sect, where would I get the right to learn the sect master’s name”

“Hehe, not many people know the sect master’s name on the Tian Yuan Continent, though I just happen to be one of them.” At this moment, an old voice echoed from somewhere nearby.

Jian Chen saw the old woman referred to as ‘grandma Wang’ by Tianmu Ling slowly make her way towards the pavilion with her cane.

Jian Chen and Bi Hai both stood up immediately, clasping their hands at the old woman at the same time, “I greet senior!”

Wang Yanhong chuckled, “No need to be so polite.

I’ve eavesdropped the conversation between the two of you without permission, so please forgive me.

However, I do know quite some things about the Bloodsword Sect you’ve mentioned, Jian Chen.”

Jian Chen hurried to invite the old woman into the pavilion courteously.

He had already learnt that the Flame Mercenaries encountered a disaster from the people who had come over from the mercenaries.

Even Nubis, Bi Hai and Jiede Tai were heavily injured.

The old woman in front of him had lent a helping hand in the very end, which saved the mercenaries.

As a result, Jian Chen was extremely grateful towards the old woman.

“Senior, please tell me about the Bloodsword Sect.” As soon as the old woman sat down, Jian Chen asked impatiently.

The old woman smiled benevolently and said, “Jian Chen, before I tell you about the Bloodsword Sect, I have something to discuss about with you.

Before, I helped you repel the enemies at the Flame Mercenaries and saved your relatives and friends.

However, I haven’t done it for nothing.

Since I’ve helped you, there naturally will be a reciprocation.

Jian Chen, you must remember that you owe me a favor.”

Jian Chen became serious.

He said sternly, “Senior, junior will never forget your kindness.

A drop of kindness will be returned as a fountain.

If there are any areas where senior would need Jian Chen, junior will do everything he can.

Jian Chen will never purposely evade this.” Jian Chen just could not imagine the outcome of the Flame Mercenaries if the old woman had not helped out when they were assaulted by the five Saint Rulers.

Although his relatives and friends would not die, they would definitely fall into position between a rock and a hard place.

Hearing what Jian Chen had said, Wang Yanhong smiled, “Then I’ll tell you about the Bloodsword Sect next.”

“The Bloodsword Sect is a powerful assassination organisation on the Tian Yuan Continent.

It has already been around for several tens of thousand years and possesses strength that is equal to ancient clans.

The method they practice uses slaughter to increase their strength.

Every time they kill a person, they will condense a strand of Baleful Yin Force.

The more they kill, the thicker the Baleful Yin Force they can condense.

Not only is the force able to stun people, causing them to become all sluggish temporarily, it can also wipe out people’s soul.

They can kill without any signs, which is a worry to all people on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“However, the Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword Sect also has a great disadvantage, that it’s a consumable.

If they use too much, they can only replenish it through slaughtering people.

As a result, Baleful Yin Force is only used often by those below Heaven Saint Master, while Saint Rulers rarely ever use it against their opponent, unless it’s a moment of life or death.

Saint Rulers are restrained by Celestial Decay, unable conduct massacres, so their Baleful Yin Force decreases as they use it without any way of replenishing it.

However, when Saint Rulers of the Bloodsword Sect do happen to use Baleful Yin Force, they can kill Saint Rulers with just a single strike, unless the opponent is just overly powerful.

This is their greatest life-saving tactic.” Speaking up to there, a sliver of dread appeared in the depths of Wang Yanhong’s eyes.

“Is that so.

No wonder I felt the thick Baleful Yin Force around them.

It must have been condensed before they became Saint Rulers.” Jian Chen thought.

He could not help but think back to the four red-clothed men.

“But one thousand years ago, something happened between the three great assassination organisations.

It was caused by the Bloodsword Sect sect master of that generation.

He possessed great talent, becoming a great Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King in just a few thousand years.

He became the only expert who was infinitesimally close to being a Saint Emperor from the Bloodsword Sect and because of him, the Bloodsword Sect rose greatly in power.

They became a sect that completely overtook ancient clans, an existence that could rival the ten guardian clans.

“Reaching such a level in strength, the sect master also became one of the few great experts of the Tian Yuan Continent.

As a result, he came up with the idea of unifying all assassination organisations.

This lead to the other two assassination organisations forming a treaty and going to war against the Bloodsword Sect.”

“However, the sect master back then was already standing on the apex.

Even on the entire Tian Yuan Continent, only Mercenary City, the ten guardian clans and the lord of the carnal desire way could rival him.

Although the other two assassination organisations formed a treaty, they still failed to handle the Bloodsword Sect.

Even the leaders of the two organisations were injured by the sect master, causing the organisation to arrive at the brink of destruction.”

“But just at that moment, something unfortunate happened.

The other two organisations actually schemed and baited out the sect master’s partner and killed her in an ambush.

Her soul was wiped out and utterly destroyed, which even prevented powerful Radiant Saint Masters to revive her.

The partner was found by the sect master before he reached Saint King, so she held an extremely great position in the sect master’s heart.

Also before she had died, she was actually pregnant.

“The death of his partner dealt a heavy blow to the sect master.

In just a night, the sect master’s appearance underwent an upheaving change.

His twenty-odd-year-old, handsome appearance which he always maintained became old in just a night.

Even his dark hair turned silvery-gray.

“Afterwards, the sect master used ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources to revive the child in his partner’s womb.

He went to the two organisations with just his fallen partner and young son and held a mad massacre in vengeance.

In that battle, the sect master caused damage that was capable of ending both organisations.

All the powerful members of the organisations died in the hands of the sect master, heavily weakening both organisations. 

“After that had happened, the Bloodsword Sect, renowned on the entire continent, disappeared from the Tian Yuan Continent.

The sect master never appeared on the continent again, without any trace at all.

He seemed to just have vanished, with no one knowing his whereabouts.

During that period, there were many rumors.

Some said that the sect master had fallen from Celestial Decay due to the great massacre he had committed.

Some said that the sect master had become overwhelmed with grief and went on to follow his dead wife.

 There were also others who said the sect masters had already retired from the continent, living a life of no worldly affairs.

But no matter how exaggerated the rumors were, the sect master has never showed up on the continent even until now.

No one knows whether he’s retired or gone to chase after his wife.”

“Senior, then do you know the name of the sect master” Jian Chen’s tone was rather urgent.

Wang Yanhong thought back for a while and said, “I learnt the name of the sect master from the ancestor of the Tianmu clan.

His name is Xiu Houston!”


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