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Chapter 655: Tian Jian's Strength

Thanks to the Space Gates that opened up in the fabric of the world, the Saint Kings of the Aoyun clan and the Tianmu clan arrived.

Although they were also Saint Kings, the Saint Kings of the Aoyun and Tianmu clan would made their entrance far more impressive than Tian Jian.

The pressure that accompanied their arrivals was far beyond what Tian Jian’s ‘ordinary’ presence was.

A white-robed and another gray-robed old man walked out of their respective Space Gates.

Both of them looked to be in their seventies, and had eyes that shone with the brightness of a sea of stars.

If one were to look at their eyes, it’d be possible that they’d be lost in them.

The two of them stood right in front of their respective families, and their elderly bodies looked as if they were immortal figures that would never die.

Practically anyone that looked at them felt a strange mystique wash over them as if feeling that the world had recognized these figures as the strongest.

“We pay our respects to the lord!”

“We pay our respects to the grand elder!”

The elders from the Aoyunu and Tianmu clan both bowed their figures down to the waist toward the two Saint Kings respectfully.

Shortly afterward, they began to recount a detailed explanation of what was going on.

By now, all of the Saint Rulers gathered here from the other parties had moved far away.

Each one of them had given up on the idea of taking a part of the tungsten alloy for themselves.

There wasn’t even a point to even think about it now.

With the ancient families taking part in this affair and two more Saint Kings joining the fray, it had long since become a battle they couldn’t participate in.

The two Saint Kings came to a quick realization of what was going on.

They quickly turned to look at the white-robed Tian Jian who was still standing there without a care in the world.

“Sire, whom might you be!” The Saint King from the Tianmu clan asked respectfully.

Despite him being unable to see through Tian Jian’s strength, he didn’t exactly fear Tian Jian either.

All Saint Kings could hide their strengths, making it hard for others to tell just how strong they were in general.

“I’m nobody important.

This tungsten alloy isn’t yours.

Go back home.” Tian Jian plainly responded.

From the way he talked, it was plain to see that he didn’t see these two Saint Kings as a threat.

Tian Jian’s words caused the Saint King from the Tianmu clan to darken in the face.

His cavalier words demonstrated that he cared not that a Saint King was in front of him, thus angering the Tianmu clan’s Saint King.

Furthermore, Tian Jian’s tone was very monotonous, but his words were commanding by telling the two clans to return home.

This was a direct slap to the faces of both the Aoyun clan and the Tianmu clan.

From far away, the dozen hidden Saint Rulers all gave each other strange looks.

They were all trying their best to guess Tian Jian’s strength and identity who he was.

Throughout the entire continent, there weren’t many that could easily dismiss two ancient families and speak so rudely to them at the same time.

The Saint King from the Aoyun clan grew solemn as well.

Glaring at Tian Jian, he spoke, “Sire, you are audacious.

Telling us to go back home with just a single sentence Do you think that you can fight the Tianmu clan and the Aoyun clan by yourself”

Folding his hands behind his back, Tian Jian replied, “I don’t wish to fight you, but it seems that if I don’t, you two will not go away.”

“How arrogant! Sire, if you are so confident in your own skill, then allow this elder to bear witness to it!’ The Saint King from the Aoyun clan sneered before a condensed amount of World Force began to form around his palm.

With frightening speed, he flew toward Tian Jian with a fist ready to punch.

World Force was the energy that a Saint King could wield.

Compared to Saint Force, World Force was far stronger.

It was incorporeal since it was an energy made of ‘nothingness,’ but its strength was extremely potent.

Still standing with his hands behind his back, Tian Jian made no sign of moving.

Instead, a bright gleam of golden light flew forth from his eyes, and shot toward the Saint King with frightening speed.

The speed in which the golden light was traveling was incredibly fast.

It easily pierced through the World Force and dispersed it without a problem before continuing toward the Saint King without slowing.


The beam of golden light struck the chest of the Saint King and tore through him as if he was made of tofu.

The next moment, a small cavity the size of two fingers could be seen in his chest.

Two rivers of blood flowed forth from the wound that the Saint King sustained.

Looking at the two wounds in his chest, the Saint King was astounded and could only look on in disbelief.

The eyes of the Saint King of the Tianmu clan were as wide as copper plates.

He could only stare at the chest of the Saint King of the Aoyun clan as blood continued to drip from it.

Like everyone else, he was astounded as well.

The Saint Rulers who were all looking at the fight were tongue-tied.

Floored by the sight of this wound, not a single one of them could believe their eyes.

Everyone was simply thunderstruck.

Despite it happening right in front of their eyes, everyone just had to doubt themselves.

A mighty Saint King had been easily injured right in front of them!

“G-gra-grand elder, are you alright” One of the two Saint Rulers was quick to respond.

Flying to the Saint King, the faces of the Saint Rulers were especially white as they stuttered out a question.

Their grand elder was a supreme Saint King.

Through the eyes of the continent, these beings essentially stood on top of all.

To be easily injured by someone who may as well be blowing dust off his shoulder was a mindblowing event.

It felt as if the Saint King hadn’t heard either of the two.

He could only stare at the seemingly ordinary-looking Tian Jian in shock, “Wh— who are you!” Fear filled his voice as he spoke.

He knew he couldn’t treat Tian Jian with the same arrogance as before.

Even the Saint King from the Tianmu clan withdrew his aura, looking at Tian Jian in fear.

Even he found it hard to believe that a tremendously powerful entity like a Saint King would be so easily injured by another.

Nubis and Jiede Tai were stunned as well.

Both of their faces knew only terror from the startling reveal of Tian Jian’s strength.

Nubis most especially was lacking the usual look of arrogance on his face.

Huang Tianba looked to Jiede Tai and Nubis and said, “This is the grand elder of Mercenary City.

Hurry up and pay your respects.” Although he was speaking to the two of them, Huang Tianba didn’t bother to hide his voice, so all the others heard him too.

“What! He’s the grand elder of Mercenary City!”

At the mention of his status, the ones who heard it gasped out loud.

The two Saint Kings were no exception.

For a while, everyone was far too dazed to say a word.

Not a single person made a move either, but then, one of them bowed his head down to Tian Jian, “This junior pays his respects to the grand elder!”

“This junior pays his respects to senior!” Jiede Tai and Nubis immediately bowed their heads low in respect to Tian Jian.

At this moment, the two of them felt their hearts leap into their throats.

Not once had they ever thought that Jian Chen would have the powerful grand elder of Mercenary City behind him.

“You… you really are the grand elder of Mercenary City!” The Saint King of the Aoyun clan exclaimed in shock.

The next second, his face paled even more drastically than before.


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