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Chapter 629: Subjugation (Two)

The patriarch had an ugly look on his face while he listened to Jian Chen.

He knew that Jian Chen wasn’t joking, and with the talent Jian Chen possessed, he would only skyrocket in strength from here on out.

If the patriarch waited any longer, it would only be a matter of time before Jian Chen would become a threat that he couldn’t handle.

However, the patriarch had no way of dealing with Jian Chen even now.

As the patriarch floated in midair, the twinkle in his eyes flickered unsteadily as if he was arguing with himself internally.

Several moments passed before the patriarch finally made up his mind.

He grit his teeth to say, “Jian Chen, it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie rather than wake them.

You were the one who started this affair.

We only wished to take back what you stole from us, and while my Jiede clan was a little excessive in some fronts, you’ve completely destroyed my Jiede clan’s home.

The home that we have stayed hidden in for thousands of years has been reduced to nothing.

We can no longer live here; therefore, we should wipe away the debt.

From today on, our two sides should give up this war.”

“Your words are cheap!” Jian Chen snorted.

“If you said this to me before, I would have considered those words seriously, but your Jiede clan is no longer an object of worry to me.

Don’t even try to delude yourself into thinking I won’t chase you down!”

A dark light crossed over the patriarch’s face as he said in a low voice, “Jian Chen, I cannot do a thing to you, but you cannot do a thing to me either.

If you won’t consider your own well-being, why not consider the well-being of those by your side The Jiede clan may be a hermit clan that rarely meets with the outside world, but we still have many methods of finding out where you live and who is closest to you.”

“You dare!” Jian Chen immediately spat out with a terrifying glare.

His eyes were like two sharp swords as he stared at the patriarch in fury, “If you dare, then I’ll kill off all your clansmen.” A furious killing intent flooded the air from Jian Chen’s body as he sent out his presence to find out where the members of the Jiede clan were hiding.

Since he now had strength equal in might to a Saint Ruler, a Heaven Saint Master was like an ant to him.

Jian Chen’s reaction startled the patriarch.

He consequently scolded himself for his folly.

He was filled with regret now.

If only he had known that such a statement would only infuriate Jian Chen, he would not have said it to begin with.

If Jian Chen were to strike his clansmen, then the patriarch himself would have no way of stopping him.

The Chaotic Force of Jian Chen was far too tyrannical, and even he was afraid of meeting it face-to-face.

“Stay your hand! There is still room for negotiations!” The patriarch cried out.

Moving with the powers of space, the patriarch moved to stop Jian Chen from advancing ahead.

Jian Chen eyes were filled with anger as he swung his Chaotic Force infused right hand at the patriarch, who was blocking the path in front of him.

However, the patriarch dodged Jian Chen’s hand with ease.

Flickering to just another hundred meters away from him, the patriarch shot a beam of sword Qi at Jian Chen in an attempt to hinder his forward progress.

Jian Chen completely ignored the fact that he could dodge.

He struck at the beam with his fist.

“Boom!” When the fist met the sword Qi, a loud explosion could be heard as a gale of leftover energy swept about and distorting the space of the world.

Jian Chen continued forward with only a small injury on his right hand.

Some blood could be seen trickling from it, but it healed up within a few seconds as if nothing had happened.

“Jian Chen, as long as you let my Jiede clan go, I, Jiede Tai, will lend my aid to you for any three tasks!” The patriarch swore.

As far as he was concerned, the clan was far more important than anything else.

As long as the clan survived, the patriarch would not feel bad about his actions.

Upon hearing this, the killing intent Jian Chen was leaking began to die down a bit as he stared at the patriarch with a thoughtful look.

“No, if you really wish me to cease my pursuit of killing your clan, there is only one method.”

“What method!” The patriarch asked.

“Submit to me!” Jian Chen smiled.

If the patriarch really was willing to submit to him, then he would have no need to bother with this situation.

“Don’t even think about it!” The patriarch immediately lost all color in his face as anger flooded forth.

He was a Saint Ruler.

An entity that stood on top of almost everyone else.

How could he possibly submit to someone of the younger generation

A frosty look appeared on Jian Chen’s face, “If that’s how it is, our negotiations are finished.”

“Jian Chen, let us settle our matters a different way then.” The patriarch tried his best to quell his anger.

Pretending to be the solemn one, the patriarch was currently trying his best to ensure that his clan didn’t die.

He was reluctant to be the angry one of the two.

Shaking his head without hesitation, Jian Chen answered, “There is only this method.

Aside from that, nothing else can be considered.” He paused for a moment.

“Submitting to me may be a little off putting to someone like you, but it isn’t too embarrassing either.

I was able to reach this realm of strength at such a young age.

If I am given even more time, I’ll definitely step into the Saint King realm and even the legendary Saint Emperor realm.”

At the mention of Saint Emperor, the patriarch’s body violently trembled.

He looked at Jian Chen in disbelief.

However, when he considered just how young Jian Chen was and how strong he was, the patriarch began to have second thoughts.

The amount of people that reached the legendary zenith that was the Saint Emperor realm could be counted on one hand.

It was not as if no one did, but the most important fact was that of all the people that had done so, their potential had not been as outstanding as Jian Chen’s.

It was extremely likely that Jian Chen would one day become a Saint Emperor.

At this thought, the tension in the patriarch’s heart began to dissipate.

Jian Chen saw through the thoughts that the patriarch was thinking, and moved to capitalize on the moment.

“Looking at the long term benefits, submitting to me would not be a bad plan.

The benefits outweigh the detriments and will help elevate your clan’s status.

From a hermit clan, you may very well become a clan that will survive from antiquity to the future.

When I become a Saint Emperor, you may very well have a good chance of becoming a Saint King with my assistance.”

The heart of the patriarch skipped a beat at those word, but with a level mind, he asked, “Just what proof do you have that you are sure you will become a high and mighty Saint Emperor”

“Because I am only twenty-three years old!” Jian Chen laughed.


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