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Chapter 605: Enduring Four Heaven Tier Battle Skills

The sounds that were coming from above the skies of Mercenary City had gone completely unnoticed by the inhabitants of the city down below.

With so many people riding on top of a magical beast mount to rush towards the scene of the battle, each one of them were in a hurry to watch the battle where even a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was being used.

The weather of the area was growing even more turbulent by the second due to the amount of pressure being created by the Heaven Tier Battle Skills, the air in the area felt as if it had solidified.

Even Jian Chen felt his body grow sluggish because of the three battle skills being used, giving the third elder ample time to escape.

The elder had let out a sigh in relief.

Because of the injuries he sustained while evading Jian Chen along with the constant paranoia of being hit by the Origin energy, he had felt like his arms and feet had been shackled.

His true strength couldn’t be used and had made him feel rather sullen.

“Jian Chen.

Let’s see you try to be arrogant this time! Heaven Tier Battle Skill--Heaven’s Execution Blade!” The third elder bellowed before unleashing his battle skill with a vow to injure Jian Chen and vent out his earlier frustrations.

Deadlocked by four different Heaven Tier Battle Skills, Jian Chen felt as if he was carrying a gigantic mountain on his back.

Movement was extremely difficult for him in this very moment and did not allow for him to dodge them.

“Rah!” Suddenly, Jian Chen let loose a tremendous roar to the heavens that reverberated throughout the entire area.

At the same time, two fierce glows of azure and violet began to blare up in Jian Chen’s eyes as if two demonic will-o-wisps were dancing in them. 

With the squall that was going on, sand and dirt was being kicked around the entire area with pieces of stone and grass to be seen scattered about.

In a flash, it had all converged around Jian Chen’s position.

Just two and a half kilometers away, a strange but attractive force of energy was somehow pulling at the trees in a forest before they too flew towards Jian Chen while basked in an azure and violet light.

In no time at all, Jian Chen’s entire body had been covered by a dense amount of stones and tree.

Under his control, four separate but gigantic blades made from these fragments were formed within an instant.

Each blade had a faint azure and violet glow to it as it levitated around him.

In the same time that Jian Chen had finished his movements, the four elders had also finished charging up their Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

With three of the Saint Weapons shining furiously with an eye-piercing light, the amount of energy flickering off their blades had already started to distort the space around them.

Commanding the swords with his mind, he had three of them shoot off towards the three elders coming at him so as to abate the strength of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

“Boom!” The three swords collided with the Heaven Tier Battle Skills while in midair, causing an explosion to occur.

The blast had caused the ears of everyone nearby to twinge in pain while the shockwave continued to flow off into every direction.

Even the clouds up above had been scattered apart while the remaining dregs of energy slammed into the ground and left a crater nearly a meter deep.

The three swords of Jian Chen had been like tofu in the face of the battle skills.

Upon collision, they had been shattered apart while the Heaven Tier Battle Skills themselves had remained standing.

Continuing onwards to Jian Chen with a slightly slower speed than before, it could be seen that the power had been weakened in comparison.

A wave of earth had converged around Jian Chen’s body before forming an incomparably strong looking piece of armor.

With the azure and violet Origin energy swirling around him, the originally two finger breadth wide piece of energy had transformed into a sword about the wide of an entire palm and ten meters long in length.

The iridescent light radiating off of the sword had dyed the area around it a vibrant color as well.

In this moment, Jian Chen had brought his usage with the azure and violet Origin energy to its limits before shooting off three separate rays of Sword Qi to clash with the remaining battle skills.

The clash between the two had caused yet another explosion with the Sword Qi being blown apart while the three Heaven Tier Battle Skills weakened once more.

With this one additional step, Jian Chen had all about run out of enough time to do anything else.

The very last thing to do was to allow the three battle skills to hit him.

“Boom!” Following the third explosion, Jian Chen’s body had been sent flying away.

Even though the three Heaven Tier Battle Skills had been weakened by several levels, its remaining power was still not to be trifled with.

Even the armor he wore had been shattered into pieces from the blow.

“Pftt!” A mouthful of dark-red blood came escaping out from Jian Chen’s mouth.

His face had already paled by several degrees.

If it were against one Heaven Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chen could probably escape from one without much harm, if any.

But against the simultaneous blows of three of them, there was no way he’d be able to do that.

Jian Chen’s body had been catapulted away from the impact of the battle skill, but before his body had even stabilized itself in the air, another wave of pressure had already locked onto his body as the third elder brought both hands over his head.

In his hands, a single giant sword about a hundred meters in length had materialized with a resplendent beam of light escaping from the blade.

“Heaven’s Executing Blade!” The elder bellowed before swinging his hands down.

With that, the hundred-meter long blade came down like lightning onto Jian Chen’s head.

From where the blade traveled, the space had shuddered slightly as if it was on the verge of being torn apart.

Without any time to even wipe the blood away from his mouth, Jian Chen had commanded the Origin energy to shoot forth from his hands with the utmost seriousness.

Along with the ten-meter long blade, the remaining last sword made from stone and tree had shot forth as well to smash against the third elder’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill.


The fierce explosion had rocked the entire area with the explosion sounding more like a crack of thunder impacting against the earth.

Everyone had gone deaf for that one moment as the earth beneath them trembled incessantly.

Several places on the ground had already started to fracture in a series of spiderweb-like cracks into the surrounding area. 

The last remaining sword had exploded into a mighty show with barely any tree bark to be seen anymore.

It was as if the Heaven’s Executing Blade had utterly decimated the tree bark out of existence while the blade itself continued onwards to Jian Chen.

It had been with a grim face that Jian Chen stared at the battle skill.

The third elder’s usage of the Heaven’s Execution Blade had been several times stronger than when the other three Heaven Saint Masters had used it.

This was a fact that caused Jian Chen to feel even more somber than before.

Up against such a powerful battle skill, his movements were limited once more and meant that there was no room nor time to dodge.

His only remaining option was to endure this fourth battle skill.

A crazed glare crept into Jian Chen’s eyes as he exhausted the very last vestige of his energy into using the Origin energy to defend against the mighty Heaven’s Execution Blade.

While reapplying another layer of his earthen armor onto his body.

Although it was powerless to defend him from the Heaven Skill Battle Skill, it would still bolster his defenses by a small portion, allowing him to resist even more.

The Heaven’s Execution Blade had been extremely fast in its travels and before Jian Chen could get any more than three bursts of Sword Qi out, it had collided onto his body and instantaneously shattered the armor he had been wearing.

Suffering yet another heavy wound, Jian Chen’s body had been like a bullet as he was blown away.

With blood pervading into the air like a bloody mist from his mouth, his chest had been a mangled mess as well.

Defending against four Heaven Tier Battle Skills was more than what he could take at a comfortable level.

He had flown for another three hundred meters before finally coming to a rest far away.

His face was as white as sheet due to blood loss, but while he was injured, he was not so powerless as to stop himself from falling onto the ground and had somehow managed to stay afloat in the air.

“Jian Chen, you’re as good as captured.

Hand over what we want or we won’t even let you die with your body intact.” The third elder gasped out.

The Heaven Tier Battle Skill had taken a lot of energy from him, and the Heaven’s Execution Blade itself had taken more than half of his Saint Force.

The other three elders had convened around the third elder with gasping breaths as well.

Each one of them stared at Jian Chen as if they were looking at some sort of monstrous person.

Not once did they ever imagine that Jian Chen would be able to handle four Heaven Tier Battle Skills at once while still being able to stay afloat in the sky.

This result wasn’t within their expectations.

“What an unordinary brat he is.

I had thought that after sustaining four Heaven Tier Battle Skills, he would be crippled, if not dead.

But even now, he’s still alive with manageable wounds.

How inconceivable.” One of the elders spoke with astonishment.

“He’s deserving to be the King of Mercenaries I see if he can handle even that.” The elder to his right sighed in admiration as well.

Staring deeply at Jian Chen, the third elder spoke, “The power he wields in his hand is extremely strong.

With just him alone, the four Heaven Tier Battle Skills we used was weakened by him several times over.

By the time it hit him, the power wasn’t even at half of what it started out to be.

Otherwise, there’d be no way he’d handle all that without damage.”

“I wonder just what freakish power it is that he uses.” The elder whispered with a small tint of envy in his voice.

“That’s simple.

Wait for when we capture him, we’ll know all about this strange energy then.” The third elder laughed before looking back to Jian Chen, “Well, do you still think you can face off against us”

Remaining silent from his spot in midair, Jian Chen tilted his head to look down at his mangled chest.

He knew that if not for the fact that he had tempered his body with Chaotic Force to make it even stronger than before, then the third elder’s battle skill would have most likely blown a hole straight through his chest.

And if that were to happen, then it would be impossible for Jian Chen to survive for the remainder of the battle.

With such a grievous wound, then any other Heaven Saint Master would have most likely lose their ability to fight.

But even now, he had still a considerable amount of fighting strength.

The plethora of strength granted to his body had allowed him to take on this wound with enough energy to spare.

Glaring at the four elders in front of him, Jian Chen’s body slowly began to seep with energy as if raring to fight.

The Origin energy in his right hand grew brighter and brighter, allowing the beams of light to take on a more definitive type of form of energy.

A year ago, Jian Chen had been powerless against the third elder’s Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

But today, he was completely capable of withstanding four of them.

Sensing the intent to battle from Jian Chen, the third elder’s expression had turned slightly stunned to see that Jian Chen was still willing to fight.

Jian Chen had been able to take on four Heaven Tier Battle Skills and still have energy.

This type of capability was something that even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master was unable of pulling off.

After all, this could kill any Heaven Saint Master!


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