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Chapter 461: A Name That Spreads Everywhere

Under the eyes of everyone, Georgien was defeated by Jian Chen.

He flew through the air, tumbling twenty meters away to the ground.

Even after he had stopped rolling, blood could be seen pouring from his pale mouth.

At this stunning sight, everyone from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was astonished.

The previously confident second prince and prime minister Che turned pale, and the second prince started to shiver and shake with fear.

When they planned on causing trouble within the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, they were relying heavily upon Georgien as a Heaven Saint Master.

Georgien had been dealt serious injuries in several moves, indicating the difference between their strengths.

Now that Georgien was powerless to defend himself, how would he be able to defend the second prince

The entire group of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom now had nasty looks on their faces.

Each one stood by the second prince and prime minister with dignified stances as if prepared to defend them from the Gesun Kingdom.

Jian Chen had been able to defeat a Heaven Saint Master in such a short amount of time.

This had shocked everyone to the point of causing them to be speechless.

He was so young, but he was already a Heaven Saint Master with a strength that was absolutely mind blowing.

Furthermore, the strength he wielded was not just an ordinary amount of strength.

A battle between Heaven Saint Masters was usually filled with an enormous amount of energy.

Victory would not be so easily determined in such a short amount of time, but Jian Chen had managed to inflict two severe wounds on a Heaven Saint Master within a brief two breaths worth of time.

A strength this strong was far too shocking for anyone.

Georgien coughed up violently enough for two people before slowly bringing himself up from the ground.

Terrified, he looked at the young Jian Chen in front of him.

He could hardly believe that Jian Chen was just a barely twenty years old youth.

With such a strength like this along with a mysterious power that could destroy Saint Weapons, Georgien’s heart was filled with terror.

Jian Chen would hold the advantage, even in a battle against a Heaven Saint Master, because he wielded this power.

At the very least, he would be able to easily kill a Heaven Saint Master.

After all, in a battle between two people, a clash of weapons was unavoidable.

Since Saint Weapons were linked to their owner’s life, if their Saint Weapon was damaged, the owner would be severely damaged as well.

Since Georgien was using his sword to support himself off the ground, the two jagged chips on his sword were clear to see.

“Just what is this power of yours To be able to so easily damage my Saint Weapon” Georgien looked at Jian Chen seriously.

Although he tried to force himself to look calm, his words had already betrayed a hint of a stammer.

That power of Jian Chen’s completely terrified Georgien.

Jian Chen recollected the Origin Energy back into his own body and wrapped his hands against his chest.

“I see no need to tell you that.

Men of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, were you not quarreling earlier about capturing me Have everyone come forth, I, Changyang Xiangtian will receive you.”

The experts from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom all looked at each other.

They were caught in a situation where they could neither advance nor retreat.

Now that they knew Jian Chen’s strength, they had already lost the previous arrogance they had.

Even the second prince and prime minister had fallen silent.

Their enemy had easily defeated a Heaven Saint Master, so even if all the Earth Saint Masters were to charge at him, they would only be charging toward their deaths.

A Heaven Saint Master and an Earth Saint Master were on completely separate worlds in strength, one traveled the heavens, the other traveled the earth.

The difference between the two sides could not be argued about.

Georgien took in a deep breath, his expression began to grow dejected as he reclaimed his Saint Weapon.

“I had no idea that the Gesun Kingdom would have such a blessed genius.

Changyang Xiangtian, you are strong and there is no doubt that I am not a match for you.

As a representative of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, I wish to apologize for the rude display from before.” Without waiting for a response from Jian Chen, Georgien began to lead the entire group away.

“Halt, where are you going” Ming Dong’s figure suddenly appeared in the way of the group and laughed, “Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, did you really think that my brother and I would be that easy to bully without consequence You were just going on about capturing the two of us to bring back to your **ty Highness as if we were beneath your notice.

But now that you know you are no match, you decide to slip away How easy do you think that’ll be”

Georgien’s face darkened as a hint of anger flashed across his face, “Then what are you thinking of” He growled.

“Your entire group will remain here, do not even think about leaving the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial palace.” Ming Dong spoke coldly with an earnest look.

At this, everyone from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom blanched for a moment before the prime minister spoke, “Then do you plan to completely imprison everyone here, or do you wish to kill us all”

“Even the tiny Heavenly Eagle Kingdom can be so savage.” Ming Dong snorted before looking to Jian Chen, “Brother, how do you propose we deal with them Last night’s events cannot be so easily forgiven.” Although the assassin from yesterday night had been captured, his mouth was sealed tight and so the Gesun Kingdom were unable to figure out his true identity or affiliations.

To anyone with a sharp mind, there was a mutual understanding of the truth.

Jian Chen thought for a moment before waving his hand, “Ming Dong, let them go.”

“Jian Chen, don’t tell me you’ll let them walk away that easily” Ming Dong had an unwilling look on his face.

“Let them go, that is what I plan to do.” Jian Chen spoke.

With Jian Chen so resolute on his decision, even Ming Dong had no alternative.

Stamping past the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, he spoke, “You better hope that your paths will not cross with me in the future.

Otherwise, you will not get off easily.” With that, Ming Dong allowed them to pass and stood by Jian Chen’s side.

The entire group from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom let out a sigh in relief.

Without any hesitation, they quickly left the area.

They no longer had any face to stay within the Gesun Kingdom.

When the envoy left the palace, they immediately left for the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

“Jian Chen, why did you let them go” Ming Dong asked the question that was weighing on his mind.

“The Gesun Kingdom has only just experienced a war and is greatly injured.

We cannot bear to make the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom our enemy.” Jian Chen said.

“What are you afraid of Don’t forget your current status.

Are you afraid of a tiny kingdom like the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom”

Jian Chen shook his head, “Although the power of the Qinhuang Kingdom is tremendous, so is the distance from there to here.

Having the army dispatched here is far too unrealistic, and since the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is so close to the Gesun Kingdom.

With their power, it is best to not be caught in a deadlock with them.

Although I am not afraid, the Gesun Kingdom cannot be thrown into this.”

“So you were thinking about the wellbeing of the Gesun Kingdom.” Ming Dong felt relieved.

He had always been alone and thus had always looked out only for himself, no matter what.

Very rarely did he ever consider the consequences of his own actions, so he had not initially understood why Jian Chen had gone through such troubles.

The king had reached Jian Chen’s side and begun to speak several words of concern to him.

His attitude was that of a father who cared for his son.

Speaking kindly, the king already saw Jian Chen as his son-in-law.

The disturbance of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had quickly died back down, but Jian Chen’s strength had been revealed.

News of his strength spread through the imperial palace and had made him a revolutionary figure from within.

At the same time, Jian Chen and the princess’ marriage had been circulated as well for everyone to know.

Although the engagement had been confirmed several years ago, it had not been announced until now.

Only the two sides and the Hua Yun Sect knew of the engagement before, making the marriage a secret within the palace.

After the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s envoys had left, the king invited Jian Chen and his family back into the palace to have a discussion in private.

Not too long after, an imperial decree was given that shocked the entirety of the Gesun Kingdom.

Changyang Xiangtian, the fourth master of the Changyang clan would now hold the title of an Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom with an authority that was not below the king himself.

At the same time, the king announced Changyang Xiangtian’s marriage to the princess, letting everyone in the entire kingdom know about the affair.

After this series of events had happened, the previously low-profiled Changyang clan in Lore City became one of the most heavily watched clans within the entire Gesun Kingdom.

Their reputation had grown to the point where everyone knew about them and could no longer be as low-profile as they were before.

Furthermore, Changyang Xiangtian became a person of interest to everyone in the kingdom.

Every single deed or achievement he had accomplished before was investigated by the masses, and they gradually learned even more things about him.

The strength Jian Chen revealed at the imperial palace hadn’t been kept secret.

Instead, the king had secretly spread news of it.

Quickly, the news of a 21 year old Heaven Saint Master spread throughout the kingdom for everyone to know.

However, this piece of information had led to everyone turning their nose up in disbelief of the news.

A 21 year old Heaven Saint Master That was far too ridiculous.

In a luxurious tavern in Lore City, a brightly red-dressed Dugu Feng sat by himself and drank a cup of wine.

Everyone had been talking about the matter with Jian Chen, but Dugu Feng had cared not for this and turned his nose up, unconvinced.

Suddenly, a random conversation at a nearby table caught Dugu Feng’s attention.

“This Changyang clan is one of the four great clans in our Lore City aren’t they The matters regarding their fourth master, Changyang Xiangtian are things I know about.

I’ve heard that even when he was young, he was a genius among geniuses.

In Kargath Academy, he defeated a Middle Great Saint and several other Saints working together as a Primary Saint.

How amazing is that However, he had offended the Hua Yun Sect and mysteriously disappeared after that without a single trace.

It was only in these past two days that he suddenly reappeared.”

Dugu Feng slowly put down the wine cup in his hand as his eyebrows knit together in thought.

“He was also from Lore City, could it be him Could it be that when he went to the Holy Lands, he managed to make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master”


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