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Chapter 460: You and What Army

The second prince let out an angry smile, “Good! Very well then, it seems that the Gesun Kingdom truly wishes to make the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom our enemy.

Youngster, it matters not who you are, today this prince will ensure that you do not leave this place alive.”

“You and what army” The youth’s face had a look of disdain on it.

Such a look of disdain caused the second prince to burst into a furious storm.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had no idea who this youth was, he would have long since ordered his soldiers to attack.

“Sire, who are you Do you know that your words may be giving trouble to the Gesun Kingdom” The prime minister spoke with a dark expression.

The youth laughed, “This one is named Ming Dong.

I am not from the Gesun Kingdom, so don’t even bother linking me with them.

Changyang Xiangtian is my sworn brother, if you truly dare to seek trouble with my brother, you will first have to go through me.”

“Very well.

Then allow us to see what sort of power you have to act so savagely.” The second prince looked angrily at Ming Dong with a furious look, “Go and capture him.”

Three more experts from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom charged toward Ming Dong with bright but cold eyes.

Their Saint Weapons rippled with a large amount of energy as they surrounded and struck at Ming Dong without mercy.

With a little snort, Ming Dong’s eyes flashed with a cold light as his Saint Force condensed in his right hand.

In the next moment, a cyan-colored long sword materialized in his hand before striking out three times to meet the three Saint Weapons of his enemies.

Following the metallic clang from the clash, the three Earth Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s paled in the face.

Although the youth in front of them was quite young, his strength was no less than theirs.

The cyan-colored sword had contained a stronger amount of Saint Force than their own weapons, and he was far more of a match for them.

With this single collision, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s experts had been forced back several steps with startled expressions as they looked at Ming Dong.

“A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master, you’ve reached such a level!” One of the Earth Saint Masters cried out in shock as disbelief filled his face.

They themselves were geniuses with talent, but it was only after making use of a large amount of resources and dozens years of hard work that they were able to make it to the realm they were in now.

But now, there was a youth that was no older than thirty years with a strength far beyond their own.

This to them was a huge shock.

“What, he’s a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master” The second prince was startled as well.

Looking at Ming Dong’s young face, his heart felt disbelief.

However, his face darkened for a moment before speaking, “It matters not if he’s a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master.

Have some of you go capture him for daring to speak such arrogant words to your prince.

This cannot be forgiven, otherwise, where would the honor of our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom go”

“Yes!” At the prince’s command, another six Earth Saint Masters came forward to strike at Ming Dong.

“His Majesty the king has arrived!”

Suddenly, a single large cry could be heard as the king and several Black Armor soldiers could be seen walking by his side in a hurry.

The king wore a long white robe with his hair somewhat disheveled.

Clearly, he had been in a rush to come over; Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian were right behind him.

The king cast an eye down at the spectacle before him before looking to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom with a dark look.

“Second prince, what is the meaning of this” There was an angry look to the king’s eyes as his attitude toward the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom dropped several degrees in temperature.

“Your Majesty, Changyang Xiangtian and Ming Dong are far too impudent and have offended my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

This prince wishes to take these two back home to await my father’s punishment.

Each and every man that dares to offend my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom cannot be forgiven.

This is a matter that you should stay out of.” The second prince spoke coldly as if to look down on the king.

“Second prince, you will take your men and leave this place at once.

If you continue to make trouble, then your Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will not be able to handle the consequences.”

The second prince snorted, “Your Majesty, could it be that you wish to get in the way of my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom”

“Second prince, this is the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom.

This is not your Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” The king was furious now.

Now that the Gesun Kingdom had the rapport of the Qinhuang Kingdom, he no longer feared the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Furthermore, the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was his future son-in-law, this connection between them was nearly as tight as iron.

“And if we continue to persist on this matter” The prime minister asked.

“If you continue to persist on making trouble within the imperial palace, then do not expect I, Ye Ming, to be sensitive to your feelings.” A sound came from the sky as the white-robed figure of Ye Ming came flying in, landing right beside the king.

Prime minister Che let out a snort, “It appears that the Gesun Kingdom truly desires to see our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom as an enemy.

Fine then, senior Georgien, we will be troubling you to make the first move.”

At the prime minister’s words, a single fifty year old man came forward from the group.

The man was rather ordinary looking without any single outstanding detail to him.

A figure like him would be easily looked over.

“I didn’t think that your envoy group would have a Heaven Saint Master.

I, Ye Ming, have made an error in judgement.” Ye Ming laughed with eyes that revealed some astonished.

The prime minister and the second prince were practically oozing with confidence, leading the prime minister to say, “A prince of our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom came from far away, if there was no Heaven Saint Master as his bodyguard, the king would never be satisfied.”

“That much is true.” Ye Ming nodded in agreement.

“However, you only have one Heaven Saint Master, that does not change much.”

Georgien stepped forward with a earth-shattering amount of power flowing out from his body.

“It appears that your Gesun Kingdom is dead-set on making our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom your enemy.

Changyang Xiangtian and Ming Dong are two characters that we will definitely bring back.

If you continue to intervene, then our two kingdoms will meet again with swords and shields.”

At this moment, Jian Chen spoke, “Senior Ye Ming, since they are so determined to take me, then let them take me.

I will settle this matter myself, you needn’t join in.” Jian Chen spoke with a calm expression, but his eye toward the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was full of discontentment.

Ye Ming and the king both looked at each other for a moment before the king spoke, “Alright, since that is what my son-in-law wishes for, then this king dares not disagree.”

“Jian Chen, this group of men is too impudent.

We have to teach him a lesson, I’ll cheer you on!” Ming Dong spoke.

He knew just how strong Jian Chen was in his heart.

Jian Chen nodded his head with a smile.

Facing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, he spoke, “Since your group wishes to take me back, hurry up and make your move.

I don’t have that much time to squander with you.”

“You rampant brat!” Georgien’s face grew dark.

He knew that Jian Chen was quite strong himself, but he made the first move anyway.

Transforming into a blur of light, his right hand rippled with Saint Force before attempting to slam it into Jian Chen’s throat.

Jian Chen’s right hand made a fist and brought a large amount of the fire element in the world around it.

Without any hesitation, he brought it against Georgien’s own hand.

As the two sides met, a large amount of energy flowed in every direction causing dirt and sand to fly everywhere, throwing up a dust storm that covered the entire place.

After the strike, Georgien’s body was sent flying back.

With a startled look at Jian Chen, he exclaimed, “That was the energy of the world! If you can control the energy of the world, you’ve already stepped into the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters!”

At this remark, those who had not known about Jian Chen’s strength let out looks of extreme disbelief.

Even the normally stone-faced Black Armor soldiers were shocked.

“What! A Heaven Saint Master Changyang Xiangtian is a Heaven Saint Master No, that can’t be! That can’t be possible!” The second prince grew pale instantly as shock registered on his face.

Even the prime minister had a nasty look on his face.

“It is quite unfortunate that you found out too late.” Jian Chen spoke coldly.

A bright glow of azure and violet light could be seen as Jian Chen brought the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits toward Georgien.

Knowing that he was now fighting a man of equal ranking as him, Georgien could hold back no longer.

Immediately bringing out his Saint Weapon, he slashed at Jian Chen as well.


Georgien simply had no idea how strong the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits were.

At the moment of impact, between the Saint Weapon and Origin Energy, a large metallic sound could be heard before a decent-sized hole appeared on Georgien’s Saint Weapon.

“Pft!” Georgien sprayed out a mouthful of blood as his face instantly grew pale.

At the same time, he looked down at his Saint Weapon with a look of shock.

“H-how… how is this possible Yo-you… you damaged my Saint Weapon!” Georgien cried out in shock.

Fear flooded his body in waves and completely unsettled him.

Jian Chen gave Georgien no breathing room and immediately brought the Origin Energy together in a resplendent light that shot toward Georgien a second time.

After taking a loss the first time, Georgien was now afraid of the azure and violet Sword Spirits.

Fearing a second clash, he immediately dodged the blow.

Jian Chen hadn’t stopped to rest after the miss.

Making use of the Origin Energy, he considered it to be the same as his old Light Wind Sword.

Despite not having any Saint Force inside his body to support himself or maintain a high speed, with the wind element aiding him, Jian Chen’s speed was not too slow either.

Georgien had only just dodged the third blow by a narrow margin, but before he could stabilize himself, Jian Chen’s fourth sword strike had already come down on him.

Forcing Georgien in a situation where he couldn’t dodge, he could only use his Saint Weapon to block it.

As the two weapons clashed, Georgien’s Saint Weapon gained a new nick as it took damage once more.

This caused his body to be injured as well.

“Blasted, what power is this, how could you be that strong” Georgien was astounded.

Against such a powerful strike, he hadn’t even been able to dodge.

In the end, he was dominated without even being able to use his full strength.

With these serious injuries, Georgien’s strength had taken a huge dip.

In the end after being hit by another blast of Jian Chen’s fist, encased in the fire element, to his chest, Georgien flew back with a mouthful of blood flying out.


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