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Chapter 459: One After Another

“How outrageous, to dare try to assassinate the brother of I, Ming Dong, you truly don’t wish to live.” Ming Dong’s face was dark as his eyes revealed a ferocious killing intent.

He lashed out with a gust of wind attributed Saint Force directed at the head of the assailant.

“Bang!” Following the muffled sounds of contact, the assassin’s head had blood fly out from where he was hit.

Ming Dong had cracked his skull, causing a part of it to dent in a little bit.

Without another sound, the assassin fainted.

All of the Earth Saint Masters within the palace had finally arrived by the assassin’s side.

Each one held a single torch to illuminate the night and peered down to look at the assassin’s face.

The assassin’s clothes had already disintegrated into ashes so that he was almost naked.

Even his hair had been burned away and his skin was a darkened hue.

His face had been disfigured, and with the injury given to him by Ming Dong, his appearance was already far too long gone to know who he was.

Quickly, a hundred Black Armor soldiers came rushing forward with even more Black Armor soldiers starting to congregate from all over into the area.

“What has happened just now” A deep voice called out from behind as the king came striding forward in his sleeping clothes along with several bodyguards.

“Your Majesty, an assassin infiltrated the palace in an attempt to assassinate the fourth master of the Changyang Clan.

But he was apprehended in the end.” A Black Armor soldier reported to the king in a low whisper.

Hearing this, the king had a dark expression.

“Arrest the assassin and throw him into the prisons.

Interrogate him until we find out just who he is.”

“Yes!” Immediately, several soldiers took the fainted assassin and bound him up.

Afterward, two Earth Saint Masters personally took the assassin away from the area.

By this point, Jian Chen had arrived as well with both hands behind his back as he strolled toward everyone with a calm expression.

Walking to Jian Chen’s side, Ming Dong asked, “Jian Chen, are you alright”

Shaking his head, Jian Chen responded, “I’m fine, he didn’t touch me.”

With concern, the king arrived by Jian Chen’s side as well, “Son-in-law, are you unharmed That assassin didn’t harm you I hope.

You needn’t worry, this king will do his best to investigate this matter.” With Jian Chen’s newfound status supporting the Gesun Kingdom, the king’s personality to him had changed to be even more respectful.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

News of a mysterious assassin infiltrating the palace had caused ripples through the palace.

Not only was the king surprised, but even the imperial palace’s Heaven Saint Master Ye Ming had been startled before coming in person.

The appearance of an assassin was no small matter, and his target was a particularly special person.

However, as a suggestion of Jian Chen’s, the matter was quickly brought to rest.

Not too long later, the palace had grown silent once more.

But now, even more Black Armors could be seen patrolling the palace during the night.

And right outside Jian Chen’s palace, the amount of soldiers had quadrupled in number, leaving 200 Black Armors standing around.

Although the king knew that this served as decorative purposes only, it was the least he could do on the surface.

Jian Chen returned to his room and sat back down on the bed once more.

Both of his eyes had a glint that radiated with a cold killing intent.

The night quickly passed, but in the morning, the loud sounds of clamor could be heard outside.

Several Black Armor soldiers stood right outside the palace gates in a single line with stone expressions.

They radiated a fierce spirit ready to kill.

The head soldier spoke in a polite voice, “Your Highness the second prince and honored prime minister, this is the imperial palace of the fourth master of the Changyang clan.

Without his permission, you cannot go inside.”

Opposite of them, a dozen soldiers dressed in a similar fashion from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Leading that group at the front was the second prince and the prime minister.

“Changyang Xiangtian has insulted our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and even more serious, he has treaded upon the honor of our kingdom.

You will stand aside now.

If not, then do not blame us for being rude.” The second prince spoke harshly with an imposing amount of power.

Although this was the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, none of the people from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom saw the kingdom as a threat in any way.

“Your Highness, no matter what the reason is, you cannot go in.

Unless you have received the permission of the fourth master, we cannot let you in.” The soldier spoke without backing down.

“Hmph, a tiny soldier is actually blocking the path of a prince How preposterous is that” The prince grew furious and waved a hand, “Charge in! If there’s anyone that obstructs your way, give them no mercy.”

“Yes!” The group from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom shouted as they waved their Saint Weapons.

Although they had only forty people, each one of them were Earth Saint Masters.

Even at the peak of the Gesun Kingdom, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s strength was many times stronger than them and could easily dispatch multiple Earth Saint Masters.

In contrast, out of the 200 Black Armors, only five of them were Earth Saint Masters.

The rest were Great Saint Masters in majority.

Thus, the difference between the two kingdom’s strengths was as clear to see as night and day.

Despite this however, the Black Armors refused to show any weakness and brought out their Saint Weapons.

“Stay your hand!” A sudden voice called out as Jian Chen came walking out from his palace out of the blue.

On his face, a dark expression could be seen as he took notice of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

“Changyang Xiangtian, I had thought that you would at least try to hide, but you actually came out.” The second prince’s eyes were like fire as they burned with the humiliation that was etched in his memory.

One step at a time, Jian Chen walked out from the palace and toward the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s group with cold eyes.

“Explain your reason for coming today.”

“Changyang Xiangtian, you insulted my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom yesterday and stomped upon my kingdom’s honor.

If you have any sense left, then sit still and let yourself be captured so we can bring you back to our kingdom to await the king’s punishment.

Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the responsibility if you don’t.” The second prince spoke arrogantly.

This time he had been prepared and brought multiple experts so he wasn’t afraid of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s face had a cold smile on it as he looked at them with disdain.

“Second prince, if you leave now, then I’ll let bygones be bygones.

Otherwise, I will offer you the same advice, you will have to bear the responsibility of your actions.”

The second prince’s eyes flashed fiercely, “You seek death, arrest him!” As soon as the second prince spoke, the Earth Saint Masters had charged straight at Jian Chen.

“Obstruct them!” The leader of the Black Armors shouted.

Five of their Earth Saint Masters immediately flew forward to stop the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Jian Chen gave a small snort before pointing a finger.

Several rays of azure and violet Sword Qi flew out from his finger tips and instantly shot toward several of the Earth Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom’s Earth Saint Masters were just about to fight the Black Armors.

Therefore, they hadn’t paid any attention to Jian Chen.

In the next moment, the Sword Qi pierced a hole straight through their chests.

The experts of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom let out grunts as they retreated backward.

They revealed looks of astonishment as they looked at Jian Chen behind the Black Armors.

“Changyang Xiangtian, do you truly wish to make the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom your enemy You don’t know the extent of our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” The prime minister spoke seriously; Jian Chen had beaten his expectations by large margin.

“And what does the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom matter Two envoys from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, do you believe that you will be able to walk away from the Gesun Kingdom’s palace today”

As soon as the prime minister spoke, another aggressive sounding voice could be heard from behind.

At this voice, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom experts turned around with an incredibly furious expression.

A single white-robed youth around the age of 28 came walking forward.

The previous words were clearly spoken by him.


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