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Chapter 449: Battle at Mount Tianhua (Two)

Seeing how Saiya had been defeated, the two grand elders looked startled for a moment before once more reevaluating Jian Chen.

“Who would have known a youth like him would possess a strength that is no less than mine, how inconceivable.” Both grand elders thought to themselves, but their hands didn’t stop moving and quickly brought their Saint Weapons down toward Jian Chen.

Possibly to prevent him from injuring Saiya anymore.

Jian Chen’s eyes burst with an azure and violet glow causing several trees down below to explode into a storm of splinters that shot upward as if attracted to the two grand elders.

While this was happening, the two grand elders both looked at it with astonishment before covering their bodies with Saint Force.

At this moment, Saiya finally regained control of his body and brought the world energy around him once more, suspending his body in midair.

His face grew dark as he looked at Jian Chen, but in his mind, he couldn’t help but think to what Jian Chen had said to him.

“In a battle like this, you have no right to participate, remove yourself!”

At this very moment, Saiya was feeling extremely humiliated.

It was clear to see that Jian Chen saw him as an annoyance, and for a person who had just became a high level expert within the continent, this was a huge blow to the Heaven Saint Master Saiya.

With just a single blow, he had lost to the hands of a 21 year old.

“Changyang Xiangtian!” As he floated in midair, Saiya’s face contorted with a venomous look as he spat out Changyang Xiangtian’s name as if burning the name into his memory.

Higher up in the sky, the two grand elders didn’t dare ignore the countless swarm of splinters.

Their Saint Force surged out in the form of a protective layering over their bodies.

This was the only way they would be able to endure and resist the splinters attacks.

As the splinters slammed into the two grand elders, their Saint Force protective layering shuddered for a moment as if they were about to break under the strain.

The two grand elders grew shocked—the attack of the splinters was far more ferocious than they had thought.

Without anymore hesitation, the two let out a roar as a surge of Saint Force exploded from within their bodies and solidified the protections around their bodies even more.

Because of this added defense, their barriers solidified, but the consumption to their Saint Force was extremely taxing, they would not be able to maintain them for long.

“Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill—Splendid Flames!” One of the two grand elders boomed.

The fire elements in the world began to form a two meter long sphere of flames that then shot toward Jian Chen.

The other grand elder took the chance to escape from the barrage of splinters and shouted, “Void Executioner!” With that, the grand elder’s giant sword let out a dazzling ray of yellow light as it swung toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s hands unfurled from his chest as he began to control the splinters filling the air to form two giant swords.

Both swords grew bright with an azure and violet color and were ten meters long and half a meter in thickness.

“Swish!” Seeing the azure and violet light, the two swords made from tree splinters instantly flew toward the two grand elders.

“Bang!” One sword made contact with the ball of flames, creating a loud explosion.

The ball of flames ruptured, filling the entire area with its fire and coloring the place red.

Even the nearby clouds evaporated from the fire.

At the same time, the other sword clashed with the sword of the grand elder.

The wooden sword from Jian Chen was smashed apart by the grand elder’s Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill, but the grand elder had been affected since his battle skill was canceled before it could be fully used.

“Take on my Void Executioner one more time!” The grand elder shouted as he used his battle skill once more on Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s lips revealed a small smile.

If it was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it would have done just a small amount of damage to him, but an Earth Tier Battle Skill would have no effect on him.

Bang! Bang!….

Another group of trees exploded underneath them before the splinters formed another long sword that shot into the sky.

The two sides met head on, the newly formed sword blocking the grand elder’s Void Executioner.

Having his Earth Tier Battle Skill blocked by the opponent so easily twice now, the grand elder of the Hua Yun Sect couldn’t help but lose his cool for a moment.

The Void Executioner was the strongest battle skill he had in his repertoire, and if that did not do anything, he had no other options left.

“Damn it, let’s see how many times you can accept my attacks, Void Executioner!” The grand elder’s veins began to bulge with exertion and impatience.

For him to be so helpless against a 21 year old, this was something his honor would not accept.

Thus he used his battle skill a third time.

“Brother, I’ll be there in a moment! Seventh Sword Stance of the Flame God!” The other grand elder’s hand held a flaming sword that flew at Jian Chen, creating a pincer attack.

“It’s over!” Jian Chen spoke softly as the azure and violet color glows began to fade away.

A rich substance of azure and violet Sword Qi shot out from his right hand as the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits followed after it.

The Origin energy of the Sword Spirits left behind a splendid light as it flew through the sky before making contact with the Saint Weapon of the elder using the Void Executioner Battle Skill.


Following the clean breaking sound, the Origin energy broke a part off of the Saint Weapon as if it was tofu.

The grand elder let out a mouthful of blood before he flew back and looked at Jian Chen in shock.

At the same time, the other grand elder approached Jian Chen and prepared to cut him down with the yellow color infused Saint Weapon.

Brandishing the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits without fear, Jian Chen clashed with the other grand elder.

Straight after the clash, the grand elder let out a look of shock as blood slipped out from his mouth before he flew back.

“Impossible, how did you damage my Saint Weapon!” The grand elder shouted in complete shock and disbelief.

Not willing to let either of the two go, Jian Chen allowed the wind elements in the air to speed him toward the two men.

With the Origin energy, he slashed at one of the two, forcing the grand elder to bring up his Saint Weapon to defend it.

“Ding!” Once again, the grand elder’s Saint Weapon gained another jagged edge to it.

With the Saint Weapon taking damage, the grand elder took on damage as well, coughing out another three mouthfuls of blood and turning deathly pale.

After the exchange, the two grand elders knew just how terrifying this Origin energy Jian Chen was.

The other grand elder immediately knew that Jian Chen wasn’t going to stop attacking and quickly shouted several words, “Changyang Xiangtian, stay your hand!”

Stopping for a moment, Jian Chen wrapped the wind element around his body as he rose into the sky with his handsome figure.

The Origin energy sword in his right hand continued to swallow up the air around it, making him look like a powerful war god.

Jian Chen looked to the grand elder that had spoken without saying a single word.

The grand elder with a gap in his Saint Weapon looked at the other heavily injured grand elder and let out a sigh.

After a long period of hesitation, he spoke with resignation, “We lose!” As he spoke, the grand elder looked as if he had aged.

His elderly face sagged in depression.

The other grand elder floated in midair with a stunned look on his face.

He didn’t even attempt to wipe the blood from his mouth and it spilled onto his clothes as he vacantly stood there.

This result was something that no one could have predicted or accept.

These two elderly Heaven Saint Masters had fought together and still ended up losing to the younger generation.

What was more humiliating was the fact that this youth was still just 21 years old.

“Ai, age.

We have aged.

There is no other words to describe it.

Changyang Xiangtian, you’ve won.

We have lost to your hand.” The grand elder sighed with a depressed look.

Saiya flew up from down below with a look of disbelief, knowing that he was in a perilous situation now.

Absorbing the Origin energy, Jian Chen wrapped both hands around his chest, “Fellow grand elders, we should take care of our remaining business.

After this, we will be able to go home.”

The two grand elders let out long sighs as they nodded.

Without another word, they turned to fly toward the Hua Yun Sect grounds.

All the disciples back at the sect instantly dropped whatever they were doing and gathered where the four were returning.

A chattering sound could be heard as they gathered.

The chattering sound instantly died down when the four landed on the ground.

The previous commotion from a thousand people instantly grew silent.

When they saw what state the four people were in, every disciple was astonished and their faces filled with disbelief.

Among the four, only Jian Chen was perfectly fine without looking any different than when he had come to fight.

The two grand elders and Saiya all looked extremely pale with blood flowing from their lips.

Both of the grand elders looked depressed even, allowing those with a keen eye to figure out just what the conclusion was.

At this sight, even the previously confident Cheng Fei grew despondent, unable to believe what he was seeing.

Cheng Fei immediately walked toward the two grand elders and spoke nervously, “Grand elders, what was the result” The grand elder’s appearances were more than enough for him to guess the answer, but he wasn’t willing to believe it.


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