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Chapter 444: Killing the Hua Yun Sect (One)

Chang Bai exhaled slowly with some minor shock still, “The fourth master is quite the genius.

I once held large expectations for the fourth master, but I never would have imagined that after six years, the fourth master would transform into a Heaven Saint Master.

Such a talent like this is rarely seen even once every ten thousand years on the continent.”

“Haha…” Hearing Chang Bai’s praise, Changyang Ba couldn’t help but laugh from the joy that sprung from his heart.

Even his eyes had tears flowing from them he was so full of joy.

“This is far too unbelievable for anyone.

Xiangtian is a Heaven Saint Master We should spread this news around immediately, with such a genius in the Changyang clan, even the imperial palace will try to curry favor with us.” Jian Chen’s aunt Yu Fengyan spoke.

Straight away, Jian Chen replied, “Second aunt, something like this shouldn’t be revealed so easily.

I do not wish for many people to know.”

A 21 year old Heaven Saint Master would spread through the continent like wildfire.

It would surely bring about trouble, therefore Jian Chen did not wish for everyone to know about it just yet.

“The fourth master is correct, we should not publicly announce this just yet.

Let us hide it for now, if the major powers within the continent were to hear about the fourth master’s talent, who knows what might happen in the future Some may decide to bring the fourth master in their own grace, some may decide that the fourth master may be a danger to them later.” Chang Bai spoke seriously.

Changyang Ba nodded his head in understanding.

As he began to calm down, he spoke, “Chang Bai is correct.

Xiang’er’s secret should be kept within our clan.

Although it would bring us great honor if known, it would also bring trouble to Xiang’er.”

Hearing this, Bi Yuntian felt some fear for her child.

There was no one more concerned for her child than her, and even the second aunt felt the severeness of the situation.

A man innocent of any crime would still be guilty of treasuring a jade ring.

All the adults here knew that people understood that line of reasoning, and to their eyes, Jian Chen had transformed into a precious treasure.

Hearing Chang Bai and his father speak, Jian Chen didn’t care for the problem any more.

He was well aware that with his strength, there was no danger to be had unless he came across a Saint Ruler.

However, even if a Saint Ruler wanted to do something to him, Jian Chen’s status as an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was enough for the Qinhuang Kingdom to take action on his behalf.

Within the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial palace, the royally dressed king and the headmaster of Kargath Academy Khafir were standing within a pavilion situated in the garden.

“Khafir, who do you think the Imperial Protector, Jian Chen is Why would he rush from a distant kingdom to our Gesun Kingdom to help out Although our Gesun Kingdom has many rich lands, it isn’t enough to provoke the Qinhuang Kingdom’s interest, furthermore, the distance between our kingdoms is far too wide for it to matter.” The king of the Gesun Kingdom pondered curiously.

These were questions he had spent many hours thinking about, but he had not arrived at an answer yet.

Khafir shook his head, “The name of ‘Jian Chen’ is not one I recognize.

I too am puzzled on just why the Qinhuang Kingdom would provide assistance to our kingdom.

For them to come from such a distant kingdom, there has to be some sort of connection between their Imperial Protector and our Gesun Kingdom.”

The king’s eyes narrowed together with a bright glow visible, “Khafir, do you think it has to do with Patriarch Changyang”

Khafir’s eyes lit up with a bright gleam at the question.

At the same time, a guard from outside came running in before kneeling before the two, “Your majesty, I come bearing an urgent report from Lore City!”

Upon hearing that there was news from Lore City, the king commanded, “Hand it over.”

The guard immediately walked toward the king and respectfully placed the message into the king’s hands.

Unraveling the message, the king read the message before exclaiming in shock, “He was still alive”

Khafir’s body stiffened as he spoke in astonishment, “Did Patriarch Changyang return If he has, then this matter with the Qinhuang Kingdom is all but over.”

The king shook his head before handing the message to Khafir.

Reading the contents of the message, Khafir displayed a look of shock on his face as well, “Changyang Xiangtian I had no idea that he was alive or had even come back.

When he left, it was without a trace, even the Changyang clan couldn’t find any trace of him when they searched for him.

I had thought that he died already, but for him to return, that is quite shocking.”

The king had a smile on his face as he spoke, “That Changyang Xiangtian’s return is really quite timely now that Chang Wuji’s strength has been revealed.

If it were not for the matter at the northern stronghold, we would have never known how strong Chang Wuji is.

Even the Hua Yun Sect won’t dare go against the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian is safe for now.”

Khafir nodded his head before thinking back to a few years ago at Kargath Academy when the energy of the world flew around Jian Chen with an explosive force when he became a Saint.

“Changyang Xiangtian was no ordinary genius.

Given time, he will pass any limits placed on him and will surely be stronger.”

One of the maids came rushing forward with a slight bow as she spoke, “Your Majesty, the envoys from the Blue Wind Kingdom, the Andreas Kingdom, the Hidden Dragon Kingdom, and the Pingyang Kingdom have all gathered within the imperial palace and are waiting to be received.”

“I understand, you may go.” The king waved his hand.

“Yes, your Majesty.” The maid withdrew back into the palace.

“The might of the Qinhaung Kingdom is truly massive.

Those four kingdoms were frightened straight away.

Khafir, I’ll be leaving first to see what those four envoys want to do to compensate.”


Coming from within the Changyang Manor, the fourth master’s return quickly spread through Lore City.

Even the other three major clans within the city heard the news and the leaders of each clan immediately came by bearing congratulatory gifts.

Although the Changyang clan was only one of the four strongest clans in Lore City, every single person knew that the Changyang clan was the most revered within the city.

This was because they had been here before Lore City was even founded while the other three clans came later.

Since the Changyang clan was secretive by nature, the common masses had always thought the four clans were on equal footing.

Changyang Ba personally greeted the three clan leaders and Chang Bai received them into the hall, much to the honor of the three leaders.

Although Chang Bai was a Heaven Saint Master, he did not exude the arrogance that was commonly seen with one.

He was the greatest example of what a loyal housekeeper was, by doing what he was told to do.

Even in front of Changyang Ba, he always referred to himself as a servant.

The three leaders’ main purpose for coming to the manor was hopes of arranging a marriage between one of their daughters to the Changyang clan’s fourth master.

When Changyang Ba informed them that his fourth child had already been engaged to princess Ge Lan, they all revealed disappointed looks on their faces.

After staying for a little longer, they spoke several words and left.

That afternoon, Jian Chen walked out of Changyang Manor into the streets.

He was headed to where Shen Fang and Sans were staying.

After taking the two out of the inn they were in, he headed back to the Changyang clan.

“We pay our respects to the fourth master!” The guards at the gates immediately spoke to Jian Chen, by now, everyone recognized just who Jian Chen was.

Jian Chen nodded his head and brought Shen Fang and Sans into the courtyards.

Calling for two maids, he had them brought to Chang Bai.

Asking him to make preparations for the two, Jian Chen had spoke of the relationship between him and the two.

When Chang Bai heard about how her husband had lost his life to save Jian Chen’s, Chang Bai’s face had grown extremely serious.

Saying that he would personally take care of the preparations, he reported the matter to Jian Chen’s mother, Bi Yuntian.

When Jian Chen’s parents heard about the connection between Jian Chen, Shen Fang, and Sans, they immediately stopped their tasks at hand and went to pamper them graciously without caring for the social gap between them.

And so, Shen Fang and Sans started to live at Changyang Manor for the meanwhile.

However, the news that Kendall had died had not been disclosed to Shen Fang and her son.

Jian Chen and Chang Bai slowly walked through the courtyards before Jian Chen asked out of the blue, “Chang Bai, is there a method for a shattered Saint Weapon to be reformed”

Chang Bai shook his head, “There is none to my knowledge.

Could this be for Ken Xiaosan”

Jian Chen sighed, “Ken Xiaosan was hurt because of me.

If I do not resolve this matter, I will not be able to rest easily.”

Chang Bai went silent for a moment.

“Fourth master, the Tian Yuan Continent has all sorts of strange and magical items.

Our current knowledge is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Although we don’t know of any method to repair the shattered Saint Weapon of a person, it does not mean there is no proof that it cannot be done.”

Jian Chen went silent for a moment, if he could not heal Sans, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Sans was the son of Kendall and had been still hurt because of him.

“Chang Bai, I am going to leave for a moment.

I must resolve the matter with the Hua Yun Sect.” Jian Chen declared.

His voice was calm and no hint of emotion could be discerned.


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