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Chapter 415: The Midnight Battle

It was an extraordinarily dark night, one wouldn’t be able to see their hand even if they looked right at it.

The dark clouds completely hide the moon and plunged the earth into a world of darkness.

There was no moonlight to be seen.

The battle down below was extremely fierce.

No matter where one looked, all one would be able to see would be a sea of torches as the Gesun Kingdom and the Hidden Dragon Kingdom clashed.

Each and every second another person fell, leading to the ground being dyed red with blood and the city walls to be riddled with holes.

A little farther away, a pile of bodies could be seen stacked on top of each other like a mountain.

Bang! Bang! Bang!….

The Magical Crystal Cannons fixed atop the city walls continued to sound off, sending bursts of magical power with each explosion.

Each shot impacted a dense group of soldiers, killing dozens with each one.

Some of the enemy soldiers lost their limbs or were reduced to nothing but charcoal, leaving them all in either deep pain or death.

The Hidden Dragon Kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom had been fighting for an entire day now.

Both sides had lost a catastrophic amount, totalling up to well over 200,000 soldiers lost in this battle alone.



The roaring of the soldiers could be constantly heard as another wave of 10,000 soldiers from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom charged at the wall.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…”

Countless bolts began to fly through the air and struck down the enemy soldiers one after another.

Their piercing power was far too strong, and they were able to penetrate through several soldiers at once.

With great big cries, soldiers fell to the ground in droves.

But the crossbows could only fire several more barrages before coming to an end.

After such a long and intensive battle, the Gesun Kingdom had already used up all of their bolts and the monster cores for their Magical Crystal Cannons.

The bolts they were firing now were created from the artisans and blacksmiths throughout the war.

This meant that they could only shoot a few barrages before they would run out again.

Suddenly, an explosion could be heard from the other side of the city wall before a part of the wall suddenly collapsed.

The wall collapsed burying countless soldiers underneath the rubble and a hole was now exposed.


Another explosion could be heard as yet another blast from a Magical Crystal Cannon was fired straight at the city gates.

The already slightly deformed gates were instantly blown back, crushing several soldiers right behind them.

The loud roars of soldiers rang through the air as the army of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom began to flood past the gates, into the damaged city.

Immediately rallying up an army of soldiers to protect the city gates, the soldiers of the Gesun Kingdom tried to fend off the invaders so they could not gain access to the city.

In a flash, another battle broke out with the vanguards of both sides slashing and stabbing at each other fiercely.

At that moment, a faint azure light streaked forward before coming to a halt several meters above the city walls.

As soon as the light appeared, a large, powerful aura began to cover the entire area.

Faced with so much power, the space around the light began to distort.

Almost as if the air was being removed from the atmosphere, the fighting soldiers down below began to feel as if there was a large boulder placed on top of their chests, making it hard for them to breathe.

The power released by a Heaven Saint Master would be hard for an Earth Saint Master to be able to withstand.

These soldier were only ordinary civilians, so when the aura suddenly appeared, both sides were brought to a temporary ceasefire.

Unable to even look up, their faces began to grow red from the exertion of trying to move.

Jian Chen floated in mid air before looking up at the sky.

A loud whistling sound could be heard throughout the area.

Suddenly, the clouds thinned as if they had been blasted away from the sound, revealing the many stars hidden behind them.

The soldiers down below were affected as well.

The loud thunderous sound vibrated their eardrums, making them ring long after.

“Heaven Saint Masters of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom, come out to die!” Jian Chen thundered.

Enveloping himself with the wind element, he flew across the sky like an azure shooting star in the direction of the barracks of the enemy.

As if responding to Jian Chen’s challenge, five large ripples of power exploded through the air before colliding against Jian Chen.

In the next moment, five figures began to float through the air.

Back in the city, the still recuperating Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin both landed on top of the walls with their eyes gleaming with lightning.

Their eyes looked capable of illuminating the darkness and allowed them to see wherever they looked in a crystal clear manner.

Even the heavily injured Tian Xing was unable to sit around and met them on the city walls.

The three of them were truly curious to see just how strong the Imperial Protector was in order for him to be able to kill five Heaven Saint Masters by himself.

Aside from those three, the generals of the Gesun Kingdom gathered around as well, concentrating deeply on the battle yet to come.

Jian Chen’s figure was like an arrow that had been shot toward the incoming five Heaven Saint Masters with a great amount of killing intent.

“Hmph, you say such words, but you’ve never even measured yourself to us.” A loud voice could be heard as a Heaven Saint Master from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom called out in contempt.

Without another word, Jian Chen’s eyes gained an electrifying glow to them as he continued to shoot toward the five Heaven Saint Masters.

A glow of azure and violet Sword Qi could be seen from his fingers, and killing intent leaked from his entire body.

In a flash, he began to form the Origin energy with the sole intention to kill the Heaven Saint Masters as soon as possible.

“Since you’ve come here to die, allow me to do you the honors.” A Heaven Saint Master spoke as he charged at him with his own Saint Weapon.

Beneath them, the multitude of soldiers had forgotten about the enemy in front of them.

Instead, every one of them looked up to the sky to watch the intense battle overhead.

These soldiers felt an undeniable attractive force toward the Heaven Saint Masters, since each one of them knew in such a high stakes battle, whichever side won would directly impact the outcome of this overall battle.

Three men quickly met in midair as two Heaven Saint Masters slashed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons without mercy.

The Origin energy sword that was in Jian Chen’s hand quickly shot forward, clashing with the two other Saint Weapons.

Upon contact, a great explosion could be heard as the Saint Force flew off from the two Heaven Saint Masters and covered all three men within the shockwave.

The two Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were naturally unaware of the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits.

So when the two sides made contact, the Heaven Saint Masters immediately found themselves at a loss and their Saint Weapons earned a new jagged crack.

Because of this, they too felt themselves injured; with a look of shock, their mouths began to bleed blood.

Taking advantage of their stupefied shock, Jian Chen’s hand shot forward once more.

The Origin energy streaked through the dark night once more, catching one of the two Heaven Saint Masters off guard.

In the next moment, his head was cut off and his soul instantly vanquished by Jian Chen.

At this moment, the other Heaven Saint Master regained his bearings just in time to see his comrade die right beside him.

Frightened, he gave up the idea of fighting Jian Chen and tried to fly back toward the other three Heaven Saint Masters, “Everyone forward! Be careful of his Saint Weapon and make sure yours doesn’t touch his!”

At the cry for help, the three other Heaven Saint Masters that were originally intending on just watching were surprised.

But without hesitation, they instantly leaped into the fray and began to fight Jian Chen as a team of four.

With the four Heaven Saint Masters against him, Jian Chen continued to wave his Origin energy made sword around.

The azure and violet Sword Qi continued to shine brightly in the night sky, dancing along with the Origin energy.

The four Heaven Saint Masters were now been cautious about crossing swords with Jian Chen.

Thus, their strikes avoided Jian Chen’s weapon, always making sure to dodge it, ultimately bringing them to a state of annoyance.

“Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill–Gale Massacre!” An explosive voice called out as a Heaven Saint Master began to use his battle skill.

The wind in the air began to pick up quickly before enveloping Jian Chen in a giant gale.

Within the cyclone of wind, a bright blade of wind appeared before cutting apart at Jian Chen from every angle.

Seeing the restricted Jian Chen, the other three Heaven Saint Masters quickly began to use their battle skills as well.

“Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill–Abyssal Sword Law!”

“Third Secret of Water Control–Water to Ice Creation!”

“Fifth Form of the Heavy Sword — Void Splitter!”

With the four shouts, the four Heaven Saint Masters finally used their Earth Tier Battle Skills in an attempt to lock Jian Chen in place with their pressure.

With a snort, Jian Chen’s eyes began to gleam as he began to control the wind around him.

With his stronger thoughts, he was able to tame the great winds and shot the Origin energy of the sword straight at the other three battle skills.


Following a loud explosion, a ripple of energy washed over the area with a destructive force far stronger than the gale.

There was no force that could stop it, and the soldiers underneath were heavily affected, many of the barracks of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were damaged.

“Protect the city walls!” Dongyi Junbai cried out before he and Cao Keqin activated a barrier of Saint Force which appeared over the city walls.

By now the First Class City had been struck many times over by many energy waves and other damaging objects.

With so many people on it, if it were to collapse, the casualties would be horrendous.


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