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Chapter 383: Hundred Grass Wine

After hearing what the Ape King said, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked.

He hadn’t thought that the Ape King would have been an elder for the Gilligan clan.

But after hearing that he and Rum Guinness were good friends, he felt at ease with himself.

At the very least, he knew that the Ape King wouldn’t report the white tiger cub’s whereabouts to the king of the Gilligan clan.

For the currently pitiful white tiger cub, this was a good sign.

The Ape King continued to speak, “Since Rum Guinness entrusted her child to you, I can presume that she has told you about the child being a Heavenly Tiger God as well as the associated dangers with it.”

Jian Chen nodded his head without speaking a word.

“Human, for you to come into Cross Mountains despite the dangers, I can admire your valor.

Rum Guinness did not find the wrong person to trust.” The Ape King spoke with appreciation.

“Senior Ape King flatters this one too much.

This one was luckily prepared for this situation, that’s all.” Jian Chen tried to sound as modest as possible.

The Ape King knew that Jian Chen was trying to sound polite, and so he smiled, “Human, you are a strong one with a strange power.

I have never seen another human like you.

Rum Guinness’ child will not befall any danger by traveling with you.

You must bear in mind to never divulge the fact that the child is a Heavenly Tiger God, otherwise, it will be very problematic for you.

You needn’t worry about the child’s wings, there are many magical beasts under the heavens, many of them have wings.

Aside from Class 7 Magical Beasts, other beasts will not know that this child has the special blood of a Heavenly Tiger God running through its veins.

So hiding this fact from the human world would also be a wise choice to make.

Most importantly, you must never allow a Class 7 Magical Beast to know about it.”

“Senior Ape King, could the tiger cub not stay with you With how vast the Cross Mountains are, the king of the Gilligan clan would surely not be able to find the cub here.

With your strength, this would be no major task” Jian Chen asked.

Right now he was still in danger from the Shi and Jiede clan.

Both families held a great deal of strength and could be considered one of the top families on the continent.

The tiger cub would not be safe at his side, and Jian Chen only wished for the tiger cub to grow up strong without any sufferings.

It had suffered enough already.

The Ape King shook his head instantly before speaking with a decisive tone, “Definitely not.

You do not understand the situation Cross Mountains are in with the Gilligan clan.

Although the territory of the Spirit Apes is at the border of Cross Mountains which is some distance away from the Gilligan clan, it isn’t safe for the Heavenly Tiger God to stay within this place for too long.

Even our Spirit Apes clan would be burnt to the ground if news were to spread.”

Jian Chen grew deathly serious as he began to think, “Is that right.

Then the only option is for me to take the tiger cub away.”

“The child would be safest traveling the human world by your side.

While the Gilligan clan is admittedly strong, even the elders would not dare step into the human territory without permission.

Letting the Heavenly Tiger God stay in the human world would at the very least avoid persecution from the Gilligan clan.”

“A Class 7 Magical Beast can transform into a human form.

If the king of the Gilligan clan were to transform into a human and infiltrate our world, then wouldn’t he be undetectable” Jian Chen asked with worry.

The Ape King laughed and replied, “You needn’t worry.

We have an agreement with the strong ones of the human world.

Unless there is approval from both sides, neither Saint Ruler can enter the other side or they risk being punished by two separate punishments!”

“Ah, so there was something like that I am relieved.” Jian Chen’s brows furrowed, this was an interesting piece of information.

The Ape King continued to smile brightly, “Human, you have not told me your name yet.”

“Senior Ape King, I am called Jian Chen!” Jian Chen cupped his hands together respectfully.

“Jian Chen!” The Ape King tested the name out as if he was trying to commit the name to memory before slowly extending his right hand.

From a Space Ring, he took out two jade bottles and a carefully engraved wine bottle.

“Jian Chen, this is the specialty of us Spirit Apes, the Hundred Grass Wine.

Using the treasures in the Cross Mountains, I was able to ferment it for over a thousand years and I am loathe to drink even a single sip.

Since you are Rum Guinness’ friend and not an outsider, I’ll permit you to sample the wine created by us Spirit Apes.” With that, the Ape King twisted the lid off and poured out a green liquid from within.

Immediately, a sweet smelling fragrance permeated the entire cave so that both Jian Chen and the Ape King could smell it.

The Ape King extended a cup of the Hundred Grass Wine toward Jian Chen, “This is a priceless treasure that cannot be bought anywhere and contains a majestic amount of Qi.

It isn’t some minor drink with minor effects, its best use is for helping a person think concisely.”

“Help think concisely!” Jian Chen immediately grew happy.

To be able to have such an effect like this was something he desperately wanted to help impact his strength for the better.

The Ape King was seemingly pleased with Jian Chen’s thunderstruck expression. “Is it not shocking Haha, the most common Hundred Grass Wine would usually only be able to help a person increase their Saint Force, meaning anyone under the Heaven Saint Master realm for you humans would be able to use it.

But the Hundred Grass Wine in my possession is a once in a thousand year item.

It is far different than what a normal Hundred Grass Wine is like.

Even if a Saint Ruler from the human world were to take a sip, they would feel the benefits straight away.”

Without hesitation, Jian Chen gave a hasty thanks before hurriedly drinking down the wine.

Jian Chen could only feel a rising sensation make its way through his body.

The very instant the wine reached his stomach, it transformed into vital energy.

However, because his Saint Weapon had been destroyed, the vital energy was unable to be absorbed and slowly began to disappear.

At the same time, an azure glow of light began to rise from Jian Chen’s dantian before entering his forehead and then ultimately blending with Jian Chen’s thoughts.

A beautiful sensation occurred in Jian Chen’s mind as he felt his spirit become unbelievably comfortable.

There was a pleasure that could be felt almost as if he had transcended on becoming an Immortal, causing him to cry out in joy.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes and allowed his spirit to enjoy the pleasantness.

While he was comfortable, his thoughts had begun to condense in a way that even the Sword Spirits were benefiting from, as shown from the lively thoughts being transmitted.

After a while, the joyous feeling finally began to recede, causing Jian Chen to open his eyes.

At this moment, he could sense that in such a short amount of time, his thoughts had already soared to an unprecedented degree.

This caused Jian Chen to nearly jump with joy.

The Hundred Grass Wine within the possession of the Ape King was truly too amazing.

Afterward, Jian Chen’s eyes began to glow with a fiery expression.

The Hundred Grass Wine had given him an excellent boost in strength, if only he could have another cup…

Momentarily, Jian Chen’s look toward the Ape King had changed.

Seeing the glint in Jian Chen’s eyes, the Ape King’s eye twitched before collecting the Hundred Grass Wine back into the bottle with a displeased look. “Do not even think about my Hundred grass Wine.

I’ve aged this wine for over a thousand years in order for it to have such an effect.

However much you get is however much you drink.

I myself only have so much.

If this was some ordinary wine, then I would gladly give you more.”

Upon hearing the Ape King’s words, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, “That is… Senior Ape King, this Hundred Grass Wine has given me a tremendous boost, see….”

“Out of the question!” The Ape King waved his hand with no hesitation. “It was only for the face of Rum Guinness that I served you a cup.

How could you not know contentment” The Ape King treated the Hundred Grass Wine like treasure, so there was no way he would give Jian Chen any more.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before taking out a fist sized seal from within his Space Ring.

“Senior Ape King, why don’t I make an offer for your Hundred Grass Wine” Jian Chen was nearly drooling at the mouth for the wine since it was a great boon to him.

For the sake of his strength, he desperately wanted the item.

“Definitely not, no trade!” The Ape King replied without dekay.

But when he suddenly cast an eye over the item on the table, he immediately let out a stunned look, “This is….”

“Senior Ape King, I presume you recognize what this is and know of its worth.

If I were to give you this for a bottle of Hundred Grass Wine, would you be willing” Jian Chen let out a confident smile, the item he had pulled out just now was the Ruler Armament Seal of Treasure Mountain.

Ruler Armaments were extremely precious, but they were of no use to Jian Chen.

Furthermore, the Seal of Treasure Mountain required the use of the blood of the Shi family in order to be used.

In his hands, it was useless and could be tracked down by the Shi family.

An item like this was a time bomb to Jian Chen and could reveal Jian Chen’s position at any given time.

If he were to throw it away, it would be a pity, so rather than that, he might as well trade it away for an item that would serve a better use for him.

“This is a Ruler Armament, where did you come across such an item” The Ape King spoke with a serious look.

“I took it!” Jian Chen spoke honestly.

The Ape King’s eyes blinked twice as he looked at Jian Chen in utter disbelief.

Then, with a deep breath, he spoke gravely, “Families who are in possession of Ruler Armaments are not easy to deal with.

Jian Chen, you may have invited trouble upon your head.”


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