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Chapter 379: Flying Through the Air

“Elder Xiu, thank you for your guidance, this junior will definitely remember these words.” Jian Chen spoke with an apprehensive feeling in his heart.

Separating from the mortal world was easier said than done, he was barely twenty years old with many things left to do such as revenge.

He had not yet felt enough of the warmth from life with his family, so there was no way for him to break away from the mortal world just yet, unlike the elders who had already done so.

To a twenty year old youth like Jian Chen, breaking away from the mortal world was impossible.

“En, as long as you remember my words.

I know you cannot hope to achieve such a step right now, but you must take heed to never lose your conscience.

Do not be deceived by hatred, greed, or power.” Elder Xiu continued to speak while brandishing the hoe at the ground.

“This junior understands!” Jian Chen was like a modest student who was listening intently to his teacher.

As the elder tilled the ground, he suddenly stopped to turn back to Jian Chen, “Youngster, would it be possible for you to show me your current strength to satisfy my curiosity I already know of your battle with the Bloodwolf King, but your ability is something that I have never seen before in my entire life.”

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked, he hadn’t thought that his every single move and action had been monitored by elder Xiu.

But then, thinking back to just how strong elder Xiu was, Jian Chen felt relieved.

“This junior has only just received this power, so I do not fully understand it just yet.

If elder Xiu has any pointers to give, then please.” With that, Jian Chen’s eyes began to flash brightly.

With a single thought, the ground beneath them began to float up into the air from the power of some mysterious force.

Then, an azure and violet glow began to appear before flying straight toward elder Xiu without any hesitation.

But then, before the clods of mud could even get within a meter of elder Xiu, they suddenly stopped midair.

Elder Xiu’s eyes contained surprise as he muttered, “This is truly a queer ability.

I can only sense an azure and purple ray of light with a strong amount of power within the mud.

This power is something I’ve never seen or heard before.

Just what is this” The elder hadn’t made a single move, but he had somehow managed to bring the floating dirt back down to the ground without any of the azure or violet light left in it.

Jian Chen was overwhelmed with shock.

Elder Xiu’s strength had been at such a level that Jian Chen couldn’t even begin to comprehend it.

With a single action, Jian Chen had been left dumbstruck.

Jian Chen’s eyes began to flash with a bizarre azure color in one eye, and a bizarre violet color in the other.

Some of the weeds and dirt on the ground began to rise up once more and transform into a single streak that wrapped around the elder with the two glows.

The elder smiled faintly, “Youngster, this ability of yours is quite extraordinary.

Although the Saint Rulers who were able to comprehend the profound mysteries of the world can control items with their thoughts, they did not have this azure and violet color to it.

This azure and violet glow however, can constitute as a powerful threat to only Heaven Saint Masters.

If you tried it against someone like me, then it would not be enough.” Elder Xiu spoke as the attack around him disappeared and dirt fell back to the ground.

Jian Chen was stunned, but he wasn’t giving up just yet.

With a flash of azure and violet in his eyes, Sword Qi began to gather in his right hand before forming a meter long sword.

This was the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits.

With a flash of violet, Jian Chen’s Sword Qi struck out at elder Xiu.

Elder Xiu seemed to have stopped right in front of the attack.

Looking at the Origin energy radiating from the Sword Qi, he began to mutter, “What a strong amount of sword intent, this… this aura… it seems like…” In the next moment, the elder became engrossed in his own thoughts.

Just as the Origin energy coming from Jian Chen’s Sword Qi got within a meter of elder Xiu, an unknown energy suddenly prevented it from moving forward.

This energy was so strong, even the Origin energy of the Sword Qi had no chance.

Losing color in his face, Jian Chen hadn’t thought that the elder’s strength would be that strong.

Even with the Origin energy, he had still been unable to get close to the elder.

It was like he was an infant compared to elder Xiu.

Even as he stood there, Jian Chen was unable to do a single iota of damage.

When Jian Chen had used his mind to feel around the elder’s body, he immediately sensed that the elder was like a piece of the world itself.

The Origin energy of the Sword Spirits had been blocked by this worldly energy.

Against such a boundless source of energy, Jian Chen felt like a tiny boat in a giant ocean.

With a deep breath, he began to absorb the Origin energy from the Sword Spirits back into his body.

What surprised Jian Chen the most was that elder Xiu’s strength had already reached a level he could only dream to reach.

Elder Xiu stared at Jian Chen’s right hand with an unnaturally serious expression before asking, “Youngster, would you be able to tell me.

What was that energy in your hand, where did it come from”

“I call it the azure and violet Sword Qi, a type of Origin energy.” Jian Chen spoke without revealing much.

“Azure and violet Sword Qi, Origin energy… so that person was you after all.” Elder Xiu muttered to himself.

“What was that, elder Xiu” Jian Chen asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing.

Youngster, are you able to use that energy at will” Elder Xiu stared at Jian Chen with rapt attention.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “As of right now, I can use it freely.

Elder Xiu, is something wrong”

“It’s nothing, I only feel that this energy is not at its peak state yet.” The elder replied.

“The Origin energy is very weak, so it hasn’t reached an optimal state yet.” Jian Chen replied with a half truth.

“So that’s it!” The elder suddenly came to a realization.

“Youngster, right now you are primarily focused on using your thoughts to attack.

In regards to your cultivation path, you will have to continuously practice with your mind.

Right now you can easily control tiny objects without a problem, but if you wish to push a giant mountain with just your mind alone, this will not be an accomplishable task.”

“Aside from strengthening your thoughts, you must also comprehend the profound mysteries of the world.

Although your strange Origin energy is extremely strong, it is still an energy of the world.

The profound mysteries of the world are the way of the king since they are capable of allowing you to control the energy of the world.”

“I thank elder Xiu for his guidance, this junior will do as senior says.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Jian Chen and the elder both continued to till the cornfields.

After learning many things in regards to the profound mysteries of the world from elder Xiu, Jian Chen had begun to ask even more questions.

Elder Xiu did his best to answer any questions he had, allowing Jian Chen to benefit greatly from his insight and added to his current understanding.

On the second day, elder Xiu didn’t call Jian Chen to the fields.

Jian Chen still had his own things he needed to do, so he took the initiative to tell fatty that he would be heading out by himself.

Looking at a patch of grass, Jian Chen started to feel for the world energy.

As the energy began to fly around his body, Jian Chen felt a slight breeze.

Jian Chen hadn’t made any movements and stood as still as a statue.

The fierce wind began to pick up and his clothes began to flap from the gusts of wind.

Two hours later, the winds around Jian Chen’s body had grown even stronger.

Finally, his entire body began to slowly lift into the air by increments of three inches without stopping.

Like earlier, Jian Chen kept his eyes shut as he continued to feel for the wind element around his entire body.

His spirit was completely immersed in the thought of making him fly.

To be able to fly through the air was an ability that Jian Chen had coveted.

And today was the day he would finally grab hold of it.

His heart was already incapable of describing the joy he was feeling at this current moment.

“Bang!” Suddenly, Jian Chen’s head struck against the tree in front of him.

Straight away, his entire body lost balance and began to fall from the air.

Opening his eyes after the ordeal, he climbed up from the ground.

It was a good thing his body was different than a regular person’s body, otherwise, he would have broken several bones without the usage of Saint Force to protect his body.

“Ai, it seems that the power of flight isn’t something to play around with.

I must cultivate even more.” Jian Chen sighed.

Afterward, Jian Chen relentlessly practiced the power of flight.

He continued to float ten meters above the ground for six hours before he finally managed to piece together his experiences and go for an even higher height.

Flying straight up for another hundred meters without stopping, he could only see wisps of cyan light flow around him; this was the wind element.

At this moment, a villager suddenly spotted Jian Chen floating a hundred meters up in the air.

With his mouth dropped wide open, he began to point at Jian Chen with a quivering lip, “H-he… he’s…” But he was completely unable to finish his sentence in his shock.

“Elder Wang, what are you stammering around for Did you forget how to talk” The villager to his side laughed at him before looking in the direction the villager was pointing.

Straight away, he too gasped in shock as he cried, “Good Gods, isn’t that the youth Xiu Mi brought back How… how is he able to fly like Xiu Mi Could he be a Heaven Saint Master as well”

The sight of Jian Chen a hundred meters up into the air was an extremely eye-catching sight.

Such an event didn’t take long for everyone to witness.

Each villager could only look on in utter disbelief.

“Oh my god, Jian Chen could fly Is he a Heaven Saint Master God, god, this is unbelievable!” Even the little fatty who was working the fields had noticed Jian Chen and instantly cried out in shock.

All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew across the concentrating figure of Jian Chen, forcing his body to shake back and forth.

Unable to keep control, Jian Chen began to plummet down to the ground.

With a change in expression, Jian Chen began to collect his thoughts once more before drawing the wind elements close to him.

At the same time, a cyan colored figure could be seen flying straight for Jian Chen a good distance away.

It was little fatty’s father, Xiu Mi, who had seen the predicament Jian Chen was in and came by quickly to help.


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