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Chapter 378: Celestial Decay

Seeing how they were flying through the air, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel excited.

The power of flight was something he would soon be able to achieve.

Since he was able to control the elements in the world with his mind, flying would not be a problem for him.

He just hadn’t discovered the trick yet.

Given some time and experimentation, then he would be able to attain flight just like the Heaven Saint Masters.

Slowly closing his eyes, Jian Chen began to feel for the wind elements surrounding him and began to figure out the trick to flying and to increase the speed.

Flying seemed simple, but there were many significant details to be learned first.

It required constant practice in order to excel at it.

Otherwise, if a beginner student were to try to fly a hundred meters in the air and was hit by a sudden gust of wind, he would be unable to control his flight.

The speed they were flying at was extremely fast.

It didn’t take long for Jian Chen and the man to return to the valley.

It was noon by now and smoke could be seen spiralling up from the village.

At least five men could be seen scurrying around the village in preparation.

The middle-aged man didn’t bother to hide their entrance and pulled both Jian Chen and the carcass of the Bloodwolf King to the center of the village before slowing down.

“Hey, Xiu Mi has returned…”

“Xiu Mi has brought back another large magical beast….”

“Haha, it seems that the village won’t be able to finish this much meat.

With such a large wolf, who knows just how long it’ll take…”

“Ai, Xiu Mi always brings back such a fearsome beast for the village.

He has always done the greatest contributions for the sake of our village…”

As everyone began to show up, they all looked toward fatty’s father with looks of undisguised worship and admiration.

There was no shock at all from seeing the two fly back, it was almost as if it was a regular sight.

The father let out a laughing smile before replying back to everyone enthusiastically.

There was no hint of arrogance normally seen in a Heaven Saint Master and just kindness instead.

“Xiu Mi, you are too amazing.

It doesn’t take much thought to know that this wolf was extremely strong, but you killed it easily.” One of the men laughed.

The man shook his head, “Everyone misunderstands… this magical beast wasn’t-”

As the middle-aged man spoke, Jian Chen cut in abruptly, “Uncle, let’s hurry up and divide up the Bloodwolf King.

The fresher it is, the better it will taste.”

Fatty’s father laughed, “Fine fine, Da Zhuang, go and find some of the more able bodied men to skin the carcass and divide up the meat.”

“You got it!” The man responded enthusiastically before gathering up the men.

“Woah, dad, you brought back another big magical beast!” A cordial voice could be heard from behind as a muddy fatty could be seen walking with a hoe in hand.

He must have returned from tilling the fields with his grandfather.

Without any further explanation, the father took Jian Chen back to eat a meal after greeting everyone.

The meal had been cooked by fatty’s mother.

She looked no older than thirty years old and was spectacular in appearance.

There was the grand air of a noble about her, and despite the common clothing she was wearing, it did nothing to hide her mannerisms.

It didn’t take more than a single look to figure out that she wasn’t raised from the village.

Sitting at the table with the family of four, Jian Chen began to eat.

The meal was rather simple and consisted of vegetables they grew themselves.

The grandfather of fatty gave a deep look to Jian Chen before smiling, “Youngster, come to the cornfields with me for a while later.

There’s a plot of land that requires cultivating.”

“Grandfather, Jian Chen only just healed.

Why would you make him do manual labor Wait for dad and I to finish planting the cabbages, we’ll help you then.” There was a complaint to be heard from fatty, showing that he was clearly dissatisfied from his grandfather asking Jian Chen to do some farming.

Upon hearing the grandfather’s request for him to help till the fields, Jian Chen was stunned for a moment.

Then a relieved look took over his face, “Fine.

But I’ve never farmed before, so if there is anything I don’t understand, I hope that senior will give me pointers.” Jian Chen knew that the grandfather was a hidden expert that was living in seclusion for some unknown reason.

Jian Chen wouldn’t squander a chance to talk to the grandfather for any reason.

“No need to call me senior, my family name is Xiu.

As the village elder, you may call me elder Xiu or uncle Xiu.” The grandfather spoke with a kind voice.

After the meal, Jian Chen followed elder Xiu out toward the cornfields with a hoe on the top of his shoulder.

When Jian Chen looked at the hoe on his shoulder, he couldn’t help but force out a smile.

“Could it be that with your noble status, you feel that this hoe is degrading your status” The grandfather’s face had already lost the kindly expression he had back in the village.

Right now, he was expressionless; it would appear that the kindly expression would only appear within the village.

“Elder Xiu, you misunderstand.

That was not my thought at all.

This is my very first time farming with a hoe before, so it is a new sensation.” Jian Chen tried to explain.

“En, then that’s fine.

No matter how strong you are or how high your status is, you must never throw away your conscious.

A man’s conscious is extremely important.

One must be kind and benevolent in order to attain the highest level of mastery.

Take heed to this! Even if you are a genius without equal and have only success after success, in the end, your achievements will amount to nothing.” The elder spoke.

“This junior will remember these words!” Jian Chen spoke modestly.

Elder Xiu continued to walk toward the field with the hoe in hand.

“I know that your heart doesn’t truly understand the meaning of my words.

But you must know, all those within the continent who have reached the Saint Ruler realm have always decided to shun the world.

It is very rare that they roam the outside world.”

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes as he thought about the words.

“This junior has always thought that those who have reached such a level have practically detached themselves from the secular world and all of the worldly enticements.

That is why they do not appear in the outside world often, but hearing elder Xiu’s words, is that the true reason”

“Correct, the situation isn’t as you thought.

For all those who have reached the Saint Ruler realm, they have already comprehended the existence of the profound mysteries of the world.

At the same time of gaining such a strength, they also feel the restrictions of the world.”

“The restrictions of the world” Jian Chen was extremely curious now.

This was the very first time he had heard of such a matter relating to a Saint Ruler.

“Correct, the restrictions of the world.

After reaching the realm of the Saint Ruler, they will receive the punishment of the Celestial Decay.

The Celestial Decay is a terrifying matter that has never been broken free from.

It’s a rule that is specifically directed toward those Saint Rulers who have violated any of the laws.” Elder Xiu’s face grew somber as he talked, an indicator of just how terrifying the Celestial Decay was.

“Elder Xiu, just what is this Celestial Decay Is it truly that terrifying” Jian Chen was curious.

He had never heard of such a thing before, so it was hard to not be curious.

“The Celestial Decay is a law of the world that transcends time itself.

It is able to eliminate or discipline those at the Saint Ruler level or higher.

There are five different stages to the Celestial Decay.

The hair becomes as dry as hay, the body withers away, the blood within the body evaporates, the inner organs begin to burn, and finally the soul itself dies out.

By this point, the body and soul are truly extinguished.

Within the Tian Yuan Continent, no matter how strong of an ability one has, if they commit a great sin, they will not be able to escape the punishment of the Celestial Decay.

Thus, the Celestial Decay is a rule that regulates even Saint Rulers to prevent them from committing any sins.”

“Then what is considered to be committing a great sin” Jian Chen asked.

At that moment, the two men had reached the fields.

Swinging his hoe down to till the earth, elder Xiu began to speak, “The exact details are unknown, but after many years, those who have violated the rules of the world spoke of their experiences.

From this, we gathered that a Saint Ruler who slaughters countless innocents or one who commits an act of injuring the Heavens will undoubtedly receive the punishment of the Celestial Decay.

Other than that, we are still not sure what else violates the rules.”

“The Celestial Decay is a law of the world that regulates Saint Rulers and higher from committing any sins.

But it has never appeared within a Saint Ruler that has secluded himself from the world.

The reason why is because of one thing, conscience!”

“Conscience” Jian Chen asked.

“Correct, it is conscience.

The world of mortals is a large vat.

If one is pure and honest, then they will dye the human world with color.

To lose your conscience is to be weak willed and give in to the temptations of money and power.

If a Saint Ruler wishes to progress in improvement, they must continue to try and comprehend the profound mysteries of the world.

One’s attitude toward the profound mysteries of the world must be calm and be able to withstand any of the worldly temptations.

Once the soul is as close to the world as possible, that is when the comprehension of the profound mysteries of the world come even faster.

If one is swayed by the worldly temptations, then they would be stuck in a game like Go.

No matter where you go and no matter how much you try to harmonize with the world, it will be impossible to comprehend the profound mysteries of the world.

If one cannot regain their conscience, then there can be no progress.” Elder Xiu dug his hoe into the ground again and again as he spoke to Jian Chen.

Hearing this, Jian Chen had no words to say.

He continued to think about the words elder Xiu had said.

His words had brought about a great revelation for Jian Chen.

Truly, listening to the words of a wise man was superior than to studying books for ten years.

A Saint Ruler’s way of cultivation was not like the regular way of cultivating Saint Force to improve themselves.

They walked a different path by trying to comprehend the profound mysteries of the world.

“Youngster, I can tell that you are not a fish meant for the pond; you will have a grand future.

Despite the loss of your Saint Weapon, it has done nothing to impact your future growth.

I only wish for you to grab hold of your conscience and to not be lost in the mortal world.

Break away from the world and cultivate to the very peak.” Elder Xiu stared at Jian Chen with a heavy gaze.


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