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Chapter 3354: Soul Recovery (One)

Afterwards, Jian Chen and the Jade Heaven Ruler continued through the maze.

Jian Chen had stopped thinking about the exit and other secrets regarding the maze.

He had also forgotten about the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

All that existed in his mind right now was to gather a little more ancestral imprints so that he could recover sooner.

The maze was extremely large, almost limitless without a boundary, and there were countless branches and passageways too.

Unable to use the senses of their souls, Jian Chen and the Jade Heaven Ruler had completely lost their sense of direction.

However, they were not concerned about that.

They continued through the maze vigilantly, following the twists and turns for half a month before finally encountering the second ancestral imprint.

The ancestral imprint hovered in the air silently with four lingering wills gathered around it, relying on the ancestral imprint to remain alive.

With the experience from before, Jian Chen no longer tried to confront these lingering wills.

Instead, he stood thirty thousand metres away and killed them with his Profound Sword Qi.

In the end, Jian Chen stayed here for two months and finally obtained his second ancestral imprint after entering the maze.

The Jade Heaven Ruler had become green with envy as she watched from the side.

She was very jealous of him.

Two ancestral imprints were enough to drive even rulers like her into a frenzy, as it provided them with far too much additional strength.

“If I obtained two ancestral imprints, I still wouldn’t be the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s opponent, but he won’t be able to kill me.” The Jade Heaven Ruler sighed inside.

Jian Chen immediately used the second ancestral imprint on the spiritual fields, accelerating the growth of Lifesoul Flowrs.

Afterwards, he spent another two months to recover the power of his soul.

In total, he spent four months to obtain the second ancestral imprint.

In short, each strand of his Profound Sword Qi took around a month to recover.

The more Profound Sword Qi he used, the longer time he required.

Before he knew it, Jian Chen had already remained in the maze for five years.

In a certain corridor in the maze, a medium quality god artifact divine hall stood quietly on the ground.

Jian Chen, the Jade Heaven Ruler, and the Heaven Fighting Ruler stood beside one another in the divine hall.

Before them was a colossal spiritual field.

Right now, the entire spiritual field was enveloped in a powerful life force.

The one thousand and two hundred Lifesoul Flowers planted there had all reached the peak of mid grade Saint Tier, advancing towards high grade Saint Tier.

Suddenly, there was a dazzling smear of light in the spiritual field enveloped by life force, multi-coloured and quite blinding.

When he saw this smear of colour in the spiritual field, Jian Chen could not help but smile.

The first high grade Saint Tier Lifesoul Flower had finally appeared here.

The evolution of the first Lifesoul Flower was like a fuse that had been set off.

Shortly afterwards, the second, third, and fourth Lifesoul Flowers began to evolve, all reaching high grade Saint Tier.

In the beginning, they still evolved one by one, but they evolved together as swathes towards the end.

After four hours, the one thousand and two hundred Lifesoul Flowers in this spiritual field all reached high grade Saint Tier.

For this, Jian Chen had used up a total of five ancestral imprints.

“They grow at a startling pace, but the cost is far too great.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler’s expression was mixed.

The ancestral imprints were not his, but it still pained him greatly to see how they were used.

The Jade Heaven Ruler felt anything but calm as well.

Five ancestral imprints in the Wood Spirits World could produce five heavenly kings, yet they had just been wasted like that.

Even if they were not used to produce heavenly kings and used on herself instead, they could make her strength increase dramatically.

“Is the cost really that great Why do I feel like all of this is worth it” Jian Chen smiled.

He was in a good mood.

“Heaven Fighting Ruler, please take care of these Lifesoul Flowers for me.

I still have to gather a few more ancestral imprints outside.

I’ll harvest these Lifesoul Flowers after they reach supreme grade Saint Tier.”

“You must be careful, fellow Jian Chen.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler cupped his fist.

He was also aware of just how dangerous it was outside.

His strength had yet to recover, so he could only remain in the divine hall.

With a flash, Jian Chen and the Jade Heaven Ruler appeared outside the divine hall.

The Jade Heaven Ruler said nothing.

She seemed like she was in a bad mood.

She had remained by Jian Chen’s side for the entirety of the five years.

After witnessing Jian Chen obtain five ancestral imprints, she would be lying if she said she was not jealous.

Her jealousy had even turned into envy.

She had spent countless years as a ruler.

Only then had she managed to obtain the five ancestral imprints slowly, yet Jian Chen had managed to collect the same amount in a mere few years.

That was quite impactful to her.

Unfortunately, there was more than one lingering will around each ancestral imprint.

She was incapable of collecting them alone given her strength.

“I’m almost running out of heavenly resources that can replenish the power of the soul.

Once I exhaust them, the power of my soul will recover much more slowly.” Jian Chen checked through his Space Ring and sighed gently.

Then he turned towards the Jade Heaven Ruler and asked, “Jade Heaven Ruler, you have quite a few heavenly resources and pills of that kind on you, don’t you”

“I do have some,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said indifferently.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up slightly.

“That’s good.

Jade Heaven Ruler, why don’t we make a deal You can provide me with heavenly resources that replenishes the power of the soul, and I can give you new ancestral imprints.”

“Really” The Jade Heaven Ruler was invigorated.

She stared straight at Jian Chen, struggling to hide her surprise and joy.

“Of course.

How about this Whenever I obtain five ancestral imprints, I’ll give you one of them.

If I obtain ten, I’ll give you two, and if I obtain fifteen, I’ll give you three.” Jian Chen smiled at the Jade Heaven Ruler.

The Jade Heaven Ruler’s chest heaved as she stared at Jian Chen vigilantly.

“You’re the one proposing this.

This is a deal where you’re losing out.

What’s the catch”

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“There is no catch.

I just want to help you out a little,” Jian Chen said easily.

“Alright, deal!” The Jade Heaven Ruler accepted the deal happily.

Ancestral imprints were far too tempting.

She was unable to decline.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously.

“Though, you have to keep this a secret.

I’m only making a deal like this with you.

Don’t let the Heaven Fighting Ruler know.”

The Jade Heaven Ruler held her breath.

Her large, beautiful green eyes shone brightly as she stared at Jian Chen deeply.

She said nothing.


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