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Chapter 3332: True Unification

With that, all the Infinite Primes gathered in the hall looked at one another.

Many of them were troubled and conflicted, and most of their faces were extremely ugly too.

Of course, some people behaved like they expected this.

The Tyrant Emperor of Tyrant Emperor city and ancestor Zong of White Emperor city did not have any objections to yielding to a ruler.

After all, they had already submitted to the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King before this, standing on the side of the Scarlet Blood Domain.

However, unexpected changes always ruined plans.

The Scarlet Blood Domain withdrew from the Peace region and the Peace region gained a new ruler, so everyone like the Tyrant Emperor was obviously abandoned by the Scarlet Blood Domain.

Now, the only path that lay ahead of them was to submit to the ruler of the Peace region.

Otherwise, they would have a very difficult time in the Peace region.

During the war earlier, they had already developed a grudge of death with far too many organisations of the Peace region.

“My Tyrant Emperor city is willing to serve the ruler and heed all of the ruler’s commands.” The Tyrant Emperor stood up first and expressed his loyalty before everyone.

“Everyone in my White Emperor city is willing to submit to the ruler.

To be able to serve the ruler is the honour of all of our citizens.” Ancestor Zong also expressed his loyalty as a representative of White Emperor city, speaking with great determination.

Suddenly, ancestor Zong felt a glare land on him.

He subconsciously looked up and immediately met Bai Yurou’s cold eyes that were filled with killing intent.

Bai Yurou’s resentful manner immediately made him shiver.

He immediately became unsettled and uneasy.

In terms of strength, he obviously did not fear Bai Yurou.

He did not even have to take Bai Yurou seriously.

However, Bai Yurou was now someone close to the ruler of the Peace region.

Just that identity alone left her untouchable here.

Ancestor Zong lowered his head again, rather afraid to meet her eyes as he grumbled inside.

Who would have thought that everything would pan out like this

“Sir, my Luxury Emperor city is also willing to submit to you, not only following the rules you set down, but also handing thirty percent of all of our tax revenue to you every year!” said a middle-aged man below.

He spoke politely, but he was not submissive.

He was the Luxury Emperor of the nine emperors of the Peace region, a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

When they heard that, the eyes of many of the Infinite Primes present could not help but light up.

If it was only following the rules set down by the ruler and handing over thirty percent of their yearly tax revenue, it was not exactly something the organisations that refused to submit to anyone could not accept.

After all, not everyone was like Tyrant Emperor city and White Emperor city among the nine imperial cities of the Peace region, choosing to submit without any hesitation.

Jian Chen stared at the Luxury Emperor emotionlessly and said, “No, I don’t just want you to follow my rules.

All nine imperial cities must heed my command.

As for the taxes…”

Jian Chen stressed, “All nine imperial cities will be handing over all of their tax revenue!”

With that, the expressions of the people in charge of the nine imperial cities immediately changed drastically.

Even the Tyrant Emperor and ancestor Zong who had expressed their fealty first lurched inside.

Their hearts immediately sank.

“From today onwards, all officers working for me will be paid a salary.

Your strength, position, contribution, and so on will determine the salary that you can collect!” Jian Chen directly declared to them.

He was quite dogmatic, leaving no room for negotiation.

This was the exact method he had used to manage the Tian Yuan clan.

He directly put in place the same management method here.

“No, I object!”

“That’s right.

Not only are you stripping us of our resources, but you’re even stripping us of our authority.

We’ll never agree to this!”

Those in charge of the imperial cities all spoke up in indignation and objected resolutely.

Jian Chen was unfazed.

He said slowly, “If you object, that’s fine too, but you’ll have to leave the Peace region.

Otherwise, cast aside all of your territory and become an independent cultivator in the Peace region.”

“Hmph, you’re going too far with your requests, sir.

My Life Emperor city will never submit, much less leave the Peace region.” An old man stood forward.

He was the new Life Emperor who had only assumed the position recently.

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Jian Chen waved his hand and the space there suddenly rippled.

A spatial blade shot past the new Life Emperor’s neck, immediately beheading him.

Afterwards, his head was frozen mid-air, while his soul was firmly locked in place, such that he could not escape.

In the next moment, a sword pressed against the new Life Emperor’s forehead.

Once the sword thrust out, he would be dead.

“I’ll give you one last chance to change your mind.

Whether you live or die is up to your whim!” Jian Chen said coldly.

The hall was immediately silenced.

Everyone’s gazes gathered on the Life Emperor’s head that was frozen mid-air by the Laws of Space.

They were frightened.

The new Life Emperor was not as powerful as the previous Life Emperor, but he was still a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime after all, yet he had been beheaded so helplessly.

They could not help but shrink back at the thought of that.

“Perhaps my request is difficult for you to accept, but you don’t have to worry.

I’m only going to occupy this position for ten thousand years at most.

After these ten thousand years, there will not be another lord of the Peace region.

The Peace region will return to the age where the nine emperors ruled.

Of course, it might not even take ten thousand years,” Jian Chen added.

“Sir, you mean you only want us to submit to you for ten thousand years at most” a Primordial realm expert asked in surprise.

“That’s right!” Jian Chen replied firmly.

Everyone eased up after that.

It truly was difficult for them to accept submitting to someone forever.

However, if it was only for ten thousand years, then it would be nothing to them.

In order to reach the Primordial realm, who knew how many tens of thousand years they had all lived.

A mere ten thousand years was truly nothing in their eyes.

“If it’s only ten thousand years, then my Life Emperor city is willing to submit and hand over all of our tax revenue.

We will heed all of your orders,” the Life Emperor’s head said, willing to yield to him.

“My Magic Emperor city is willing to yield to the ruler and heed all of your orders.”

“My Dark Emperor city is willing to yield.”

“My End Emperor city is willing to yield.”

“My Luxury Emperor city is willing to yield.”


Afterwards, the nine imperial cities all expressed their loyalty.

Even the peak clans with Primordial realm experts scattered across the entire Peace region declared their loyalty.

With that, Jian Chen was truly in control of the Peace region now.

“Junior Ceremonial Bell is also willing to yield to the ruler and serve the ruler like a horse!” A resounding voice rang out from outside at this moment.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King strode in from outside, but there was no haughtiness in his expression at all.

Instead, he was filled with respect, bowing deeply towards Jian Chen.

“It’s the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.”

“I didn’t expect that even the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King would proactively submit to him.

He’s a heavenly king after all.”

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s actions immediately frightened many of them there.


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