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Chapter 3331: Life and Death

“Three seconds!” Jian Chen made one final warning.

His eyes locked onto the Blood Slaughter Ruler, already prepared to take action.

The surroundings became extremely quiet.

Only Jian Chen’s voice echoed through there.

The atmosphere felt very heavy and oppressive.

All of the experts in Magic Emperor city stared at the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

Jian Feng, Li Jiangshan, Xia Jianming, and Bai Yurou all stared at Jian Chen anxiously.

“Union leader Xia, will senior Jian Chen really face off against the Blood Slaughter Ruler” Bai Yurou asked carefully.

She was simply unable to forget Jian Chen’s battle against the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.

She was aware that he was also a ruler, but she also knew that Jian Chen was only an injured ruler before.

His wounds were so heavy that even facing off against a heavenly king left him in a bloodied and miserable state.

Under that situation, Bai Yurou was extremely worried about Jian Chen’s safety.

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Xia Jiaming said nothing.

He also thought of Jian Chen’s injuries.

He had been in a process of recovery from the very first moment he met him, such that even now, he had yet to heal completely.

At the very least, his petrified legs remained the same.

On the other side, the Blood Slaughter Ruler clenched his hands firmly.

He also faced intense internal conflict.

If he backed down in front of all these people, it would obviously be a heavy blow to his influence.

He was very tempted to take a gamble too, to gamble that Jian Chen would not actually use his Profound Sword Qi against him.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler believed that it was already ground-breaking that Jian Chen managed to produce a second trump card that was so powerful.

It was absolutely impossible for a third one to appear.

And once he used this trump card, Jian Chen would not be able to deter the Jade Heaven Ruler and Heaven Fighting Ruler anymore.

If he won the gamble, not only could he retain the four imperial cities, but it would also provide him with a firm foundation to conquer the entire Peace region.

But if he lost the gamble…

If he lost, Jian Chen would actually use the Profound Sword Qi.

When he recalled the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s death, the Blood Slaughter Ruler shivered inside.

He did not have any confidence in being able to stop the Profound Sword Qi.

As for what he had said earlier, when he claimed that it was possible for him to survive the attack, that was simply to frighten him.

Suddenly, the Blood Slaughter Ruler and Jian Chen’s eyes locked together.

When he met Jian Chen’s gaze, he shuddered inside.

He was more than familiar with what the gaze meant, as he had once stared at others with the same gaze countless times before.

It was like staring at a dead person.

“I’ve already become a dead man to Jian Chen!” The Blood Slaughter Ruler immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

His body felt icy-cold.

At the same time, a powerful sword intent swept through the surroundings.

Before the sword intent, all of the Infinite Primes nearby were shocked.

Fright filled their faces.

The sword intent was far too powerful.

It was devastating.

Even Chaotic Primes feared it, let alone Infinite Primes.

Jian Chen had produced the Profound Sword Qi without any hesitation!

In the distance, at the border between the Peace Region and the two other domains, the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler both narrowed their eyes.

They both anticipated this.

“Hold on!” The Blood Slaughter Ruler retreated in a hurry, immediately returning to Magic Emperor city.

He said anxiously, “The Peace region is yours.

I’ll leave immediately!”

Before he even finished saying that, the Blood Slaughter Ruler vanished, returning to the Scarlet Blood Domain as quickly as he could.

The experts of the Scarlet Blood Domain gathered in Magic Emperor city also received the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s order to retreat at the same time.

They immediately exchanged glances.

Jian Chen murmured, “If you were a little later, you’d actually be dead.

I really don’t want to kill Chaotic Primes of the Spiritsages unless I have no other choice.”

Near the border of the Peace region, the Heaven Fighting Ruler and Jade Heaven Ruler both let out sighs of disappointment.

In the next moment, they both strode through the air, crossing most of the Peace region very quickly and appearing before Jian Chen.

“Blood Slaughter is very ambitious.

As long as he remains alive, he’ll turn into a source of trouble sooner or later.” Jade Heaven sighed gently.

She looked towards Jian Chen with her beautiful eyes.

Her alluring appearance coupled with her gemstone-like eyes were enough to tempt any man in the world.

However, in the Wood Spirits World, she was a lofty ruler.

No one dared to lay a hand on her.

“Jian Chen, you’ve humiliated Blood Slaughter in front of so many people today.

According to my understanding of him, he’ll definitely bear a grudge over this.

You should be careful in the future,” the Jade Heaven Ruler warned Jian Chen seriously.

Jian Chen cupped his fist to express his gratitude.

With that, the Peace region completely returned to peace.

While this so-called peace was not true peace, at least the three rulers stopped interfering with the Peace region.

Jian Chen also truly became the lord of the Peace region.

The three rulers could no longer interfere with that.

His encounter with Blood Slaughter outside Magic Emperor city spread through the entire Peace region like wildfire, such that it was known by everyone.

It led to a great uproar.

The confrontation outside Magic Emperor city allowed all the experts in the Peace region to truly understand the lord of the Peace region’s strength.

He was a supreme expert who could strike fear into the Blood Slaughter Ruler!

In the blink of an eye, three days had already passed.

Sword Emperor city was particularly busy today, as all the Primordial realm experts in the Peace region had gathered there.

It was unprecedented glory for Sword Emperor city, becoming the centre of attention of the entire Peace region.

The throne that once belonged to the Sword Emperor in the glorious hall in the Sword Emperor’s estate had now become Jian Chen’s seat.

He sat on the throne with Bai Yurou and Xia Jianming standing to the two sides.

Beneath them gathered almost a hundred Primordial realm experts.

From where they stood, the status of Bai Yurou and Xia Jianming was even higher than some of the emperors present.

After all, they were people who accompanied the lord of the Peace region on a usual basis!

Among the Primordial realm experts, the person currently in charge of the White Emperor clan, ancestor Zong, was also present.

Ancestor Zong stood below with his head slightly lowered.

He would constantly glance past Bai Yurou.

Not only was his expression mixed, but he even experienced a multitude of emotions too.

“Sigh, I didn’t think this girl would actually find backing from a ruler.

If I had known earlier, I would have never tried to claim the White Emperor clan for myself.” Ancestor Zong sighed inside.

Even when he faced the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King in the past, he had to act submissively, let alone a ruler who stood above heavenly kings!

In front of a ruler, he really could not muster any thought of resistance.

That was because he treasured his life.

He was afraid of dying.

He did not have the determination to make necessary sacrifices.

“Cough, cough!” Suddenly, Jian Chen coughed on the throne and everyone immediately looked over.

Jian Chen scanned the surroundings and said, “I’ve gathered you all here today for a reason that many of you might have guessed already.

That’s right, I want to place the entire Peace region under my control.

All organisations in the Peace region must submit to me.

If you have any objections, you can mention them now.”


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