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Chapter 3322: The Rulers Return

“So be it.

Let’s not worry about who he is for now.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler is dead.

Without the Demonic Dragon Ruler, the ocean no longer poses a threat to us.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler did not think too much about it.

He arrived before the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s corpse and personally began to carve it up.

“Though, without the inner core, we need to readjust how we split everything up.”

Afterwards, the three rulers decided on a logical way of distributing the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s remains after a discussion.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler’s remains were secondary in their battle out at sea this time.

Their primary objective was to eliminate this latent source of trouble.

As a result, they did not haggle too much over how everything was distributed.

“Since we’ve achieved our objective, we should return,” said the Jade Heaven Ruler suddenly.

There were still a large number of battles unfolding between Infinite Prime sacred beasts and their subordinates in the surroundings of the island, but these battles clearly did not interest her.

She could not be bothered with interfering.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler nodded in agreement, about to return to the Grand Heaven Domain.

He would leave the last bit of work to his subordinates.

There was no need for him to tend to it personally.

“There’s no hurry!” the Blood Slaughter Ruler called out to stop the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler.

His eyes shone with a strange light as he said in thought, “The Demonic Dragon Ruler is dead, but there are still many Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beasts in the ocean.

They’re only a step away from Chaotic Prime.

Even though this step seems unreachable and many sacred beasts will never take this step, what if they actually break through”

“As a result, I think it’s better if we scour the ocean and kill all the Ninth Heavenly Layer sacred beasts.

We shouldn’t even spare the Eighth Heavenly Layer or Seventh Heavenly Layer ones so that we can eliminate this threat forever.”

The Heaven Fighting Ruler and Jade Heaven Ruler hesitated when they heard that, clearly deliberating over it.

Seeing the two of them hesitate, the Blood Slaughter Ruler continued, “If we continue to just let these sacred beasts close to breaking through be, a second or even third Demonic Dragon Ruler might appear one day in the ocean.

By then, none of us will have it easy.”

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“That’s reasonable.

If that’s the case, let’s carry out a purge of the ocean.

We’ll take action personally just in case any slip by,” said the Jade Heaven Ruler.

Seeing how even the Jade Heaven Ruler had agreed to it, the Heaven Fighting Ruler could only follow along.

The three domains had already reached an agreement regarding this battle out at sea.

They would advance and retreat together.

Having successfully persuaded the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler, the Blood Slaughter Ruler could not help but smile mysteriously.

He thought, “Searching through the entire ocean will take a month at the very least.

After this month, everything in the Peace region should be over.

What’s done is done.

If Heaven Fighting and Jade Heaven want to undo it, it won’t be that easy anymore.”

“I’ve bought you an additional month’s worth of time.

Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King, hopefully you don’t leave me disappointed.”

In the Peace region, Jian Chen returned to Sword Emperor city.

As soon as he set foot in the courtyard, he immediately entered secluded cultivation without disturbing anybody.

In the secret room, Jian Chen sat on the ground with the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core in his hand.

His eyes shone with excitement and eagerness, as well as a hint of uneasiness.

“This Chaotic Prime’s inner core better not disappoint me,” Jian Chen thought.

What he was most worried about was that the inner core would not have an effect as great as he imagined it would.

The Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core was the size of a grown man’s fist.

The energy it contained was tremendous and violent, enough to easily destroy all of Sword Emperor city.

With a thought, the demonic dragon’s inner core in his hand immediately shrank.

The inner core did not actually turn smaller.

Instead, he changed the structure of space, so it seemed like it became smaller.

In reality, its size had not changed at all, similar to something larger in something smaller.

In just a few seconds, the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core went from fist-sized to finger-sized.

Afterwards, Jian Chen swallowed it in a single gulp.

As soon as the inner core reached his belly, a violent energy immediately began to run wild, rampaging through his body and damaging his flesh.

If it had been any other Chaotic Prime, they would have perished already, unable to withstand this violent force.

But with Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body, he did not feel particularly burdened.

His organs and all of his internal flesh was rapidly destroyed by this violent energy, but he was able to keep up with the damage through the Chaotic Body’s extraordinary regeneration rate.

After all, only the injuries he had sustained from the laws of the Wood Spirits World struggled to heal, as the power of laws lingered in them.

However, he could repair all of the damage caused by the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core.

Jian Chen was not concerned about his internal injuries.

He gathered all of his focus on the wounds he had sustained when he first set foot in this world.

He felt both eager and uneasy.

It was also at this moment that a unique energy began to seep out from the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core.

The energy was very special, possessing a hint of the laws of the Wood Spirits World, as well as wisps of life presence unique to the Demonic Dragon Ruler.

As this unique energy seeped out, the laws of the Wood Spirits World in Jian Chen’s wounds that left him powerless began to melt away slowly.

It melted away extremely slowly, but it was truly vanishing.

This discovery left Jian Chen overjoyed.

He had sustained these wounds when he first entered the Wood Spirits World from the attacks of the laws of the world.

Even now, he had not recovered from them.

He had once come up with numerous ways in an attempt to treat them, but it all ended in failure.

Now, these wounds that had accompanied him for all this time were finally closing up.

The power of laws lingering in his wounds melted away very slowly, so Jian Chen remained in secluded cultivation for two entire months this time.

Two months later, the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core completely vanished.

Through the inner core, Jian Chen gained a few wisps of Chaotic Force while healing a lot of his injuries.

However, he had not made a complete recovery.

He had only healed ninety percent of his injuries!

“A single ruler’s inner core is still not enough.

Looks like I need to find some more inner cores.

These inner cores can’t be too low in quality either.

They need to be at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime at the very least.” Jian Chen emerged from his room after two months, smiling away softly.

He was already satisfied with his wounds being ninety percent healed.

When Jian Chen emerged, the three rulers who had gone out to fight on the demonic island also returned to their respective domains with the large number of experts under their command.

At this moment, in the Divine Palace of Scarlet Blood, the Blood Slaughter Ruler sat on his throne with a sunken expression.

Below him stood several dozen people.

Each and every one of them gave off an extremely powerful presence.

They were all late Infinite Primes!

“Who’s going to tell me exactly what happened Why is such a simple matter regarding the Peace region still not resolved” The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face was sunken.

His voice was filled with deeply repressed anger.

“Ruler, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King has gone missing.

Since the beginning of the battle, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King never showed himself.

Without his assistance, we stand no chance against the Jade Centre Domain and the Grand Heaven Domain with our forces alone,” a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime old man said from below.


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