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Chapter 3321: Deterring the Rulers

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

Immediately, he became rather serious when he heard what the Blood Slaughter Ruler said.

He stared at the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

“We agreed before we killed the Demonic Dragon Ruler that the three of you would deal with a head and the remaining head would be up to me.

Once the Demonic Dragon Ruler perished, I would be claiming the inner core.”

“Now that the Demonic Dragon Ruler is dead, the Blood Slaughter Ruler instead wants to deprive me of the inner core under the excuse that I haven’t done much.

Do the promises of rulers really mean nothing”

The Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler frowned slightly.

They glanced at the Blood Slaughter Ruler at the same time hesitantly.

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Clearly, both the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heavenly Ruler found the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s demands to be rather inappropriate.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler snorted coldly as his eyes turned into a glare.

At the same time, he gave off a powerful presence, pressing straight towards Jian Chen.

He was threatening.

“If you faced the Demonic Dragon Ruler in a proper battle like the three of us and killed it with your actual strength, we’d obviously let you keep the inner core, but you clearly used a trick to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler this time.

You only use some unknown tool.”

“A ruler’s inner core can’t be obtained that easily.” The Blood Slaughter Ruler clearly did not want to give up on the inner core.

Jian Chen ignored the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s threats.

His tone gradually turned cold as he said indifferently, “It took your combined efforts to destroy one of the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s heads.

If I could achieve that alone through direct combat, why would I still bother with working with you”

Jian Chen turned towards the two other rulers and said, “Jade Heaven Ruler, Heaven Fighting Ruler, what are your opinions on this Don’t tell me you also plan on going back on your word and taking back the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core like the Blood Slaughter Ruler”

The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler both frowned silently.

They did not answer Jian Chen.

Instead, they discussed it with the Blood Slaughter Ruler through communication techniques.

“Blood Slaughter, are you really going to do this It’s not a very good idea.”

“We already promised him before.

If we change our minds now, we’ll be embarrassing ourselves.

Furthermore, if he didn’t help us out, we really would not have been able to kill the Demonic Dragon Ruler with our strength.”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler stood with his hands behind his back, pressuring Jian Chen with his presence as he responded to the two of them.

“You’re both aware of exactly how precious the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core is.

How can you let someone else run off with such a precious inner core so easily If he possesses strength we need to take seriously, then it’s fine for him to take it, but he’s clearly not strong enough.

How can a weakling be allowed to claim a slice of our pie”

“I know you might be very fearful of the methods that this person just used, but you need to be aware that being able to produce a single terrifying secret treasure that can instantly kill a Chaotic Prime is already shocking enough.

How can he produce a second”

“This person has no right to negotiate with us!”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler spoke with great determination.

Not only did a ruler’s inner core tempt the Blood Slaughter Ruler, but it also piqued the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler’s interests too.

In the Wood Spirits World, it was absolutely no exaggeration to call it an exceptional treasure.

At this moment, the Blood Slaughter Ruler produced a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime inner core with a flip of his hand.

He said coldly, “So be it.

I won’t let you lose you.

This inner core is yours.

Now give us back the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core.

That’s as far as I’ll go.”

“You want to use an Infinite Prime’s inner core to exchange for my Chaotic Prime’s inner core Blood Slaughter Ruler, you sure are full of good ideas.” Jian Chen sneered.

He stowed the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core into his Space Ring right in front of the Blood Slaughter Ruler and said coldly, “No deal!”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face immediately darkened.

His eyes became filled with undisguised killing intent.

“You’re biting off more than you can chew.

If that’s the case, you can forget about leaving here today.” With that, the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s presence suddenly rose.

Great energy rushed out, clearly prepared to take action.

“Really now” Jian Chen smiled mysteriously.

In the next moment, another Profound Sword Qi appeared over his head, radiating with startling sword intent.

Faced with the sword intent, even the expressions of the three supreme rulers of the Wood Spirits World immediately changed, becoming overwhelmed with shock.

In the next moment, the Heaven Fighting Ruler, the Jade Heaven Ruler, and the Blood Slaughter Ruler all retreated, moving a thousand kilometres away.

They were all frightened.

As for the Blood Slaughter Ruler, his expression had never been so ugly before.

He tensely stared at the Profound Sword Qi over Jian Chen’s head.

“Y-y-you actually have more” the Blood Slaughter Ruler growled.

Fear filled the depths of his eyes.

The sight of how the Profound Sword Qi had instantly killed the Demonic Dragon Ruler was still vivid to him.

They had personally witnessed its power.

Faced with the Profound Sword Qi, the three of them did not have any confidence in stopping it.

The Profound Sword Qi specially targeted the soul, so physical defences were completely useless.

Even ancestral imprints would not grant them any advantage.

The greatest purpose of ancestral imprints was to strengthen their battle prowess and accelerate their healing.

They did not know whether it could stop soul attacks.

No one in the Wood Spirits World knew attacks that targeted the soul.

They did not want to test it either.

“You might be able to keep me here today, but one of you will be perishing too.” Jian Chen glanced past the three rulers fearlessly.

The three rulers’ faces became ugly.

They stared at the Profound Sword Qi over Jian Chen’s head and became extremely grim.

The pressure from the Profound Sword Qi was countless times greater than when they faced the Demonic Dragon Ruler.

“Hahaha, what are you saying, fellow Jian Chen It was just Blood Slaughter’s little joke earlier.

There’s no need to take it so seriously.

There’s no need to take it so seriously.” A while later, the Heaven Fighting Ruler ended up breaking the stifling atmosphere, chuckling at Jian Chen.

“You should be the one who takes the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core,” the Jade Heaven Ruler added.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face had completely darkened as he stood there silently.

From the moment the Profound Sword Qi appeared, he did not dare to utter another threat.

“If that’s the case, farewell!” Jian Chen smiled gently.

He stowed the Profound Sword Qi away and immediately vanished.

“The Laws of Space!” The Heaven Fighting Ruler’s eyes narrowed.

“This person’s mastery over the Laws of Space is exceptional.”

“He’s already tens of million kilometres away,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said.

She had already extended the senses of her soul, noticing Jian Chen who had not erased his presence with a single glance.

But in the next moment, the Jade Heaven Ruler’s expression changed as she said, “So fast! He’s already left the range of the senses of my soul.

His speed has completely surpassed all of us.

If we really ended up fighting, even we can’t stop him from escaping if he focuses on fleeing.”

When they heard that, both the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Blood Slaughter Ruler became stern.

The Profound Sword Qi combined with the Laws of Space basically granted him both offence and defence.

It could be said that Jian Chen had truly raised the attention of the three rulers now.


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