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Chapter 3282: Life or Death Situation

From the erupted mountain, a colossal beast three hundred metres long emerged.

It had a row of sharp spikes on its back that glistened coldly.

They were extremely sharp.

This was the second sacred beast of Death Valley, a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime!

If it were not for its eight legs, it really did seem to resemble a hedgehog.

But at this moment, it radiated with powerful killing intent, and the spikes on its back gave off a powerful pulse of energy as well.

It moved its eight thick and powerful legs, rushing towards the Godkings of the White Emperor clan.

Immediately, the ground shook as countless towering trees collapsed.

As a Primordial realm sacred beast, even if it was only a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, it possessed extremely startling speed.

It rampaged over and arrived before the Godkings of the White Emperor clan in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, to think it’s it! One of the sixteen commanders under the Earthen Winged King! I didn’t think it would have broken through!”

“No wonder only fifteen of the sixteen commanders perished when we mobilised the clan to exterminate the Earthen Winged King’s subordinates.

So the last one broke through!”

“Death Valley has actually gained a sacred beast without letting anyone know.

Dammit, who was responsible for the information here Do you have any idea just how great of a mistake you’ve made!”

“It should have broken through only recently, so it’s normal if they didn’t find out about this.”

“What are you saying all that for Dammit, there are actually two sacred beasts here.

That’s much more than what we can handle.

Retreat! Everyone retreat!”


The appearance of the second Primordial realm sacred beast immediately threw the Godkings of the White Emperor clan into disarray.

Their battle plan was completely targeted towards the Earthen Winged Emperor.

They had come up with many methods and various tactics.

They only had a reasonable chance at slaying the Earthen Winged King if they used their full force according to their plan.

Now that a second sacred beast had appeared, it had completely exceeded what they were capable of dealing with.

Immediately, some Godkings of the White Emperor clan immediately gave up on the Earthen Winged King.

They lost their morale and began to flee for their lives.

Without the support of their energy, the formation that trapped the Earthen Winged King would obviously collapse by itself.

“Do not flee! None of you can flee! The Earthen Winged King is almost dead! We can’t let this opportunity slip by!” Bai Yurou called out.

Her face was pale, and her presence was on decline.

Earlier, when she used the White Emperor’s power to heavily injure the Earthen Winged King, it had also taken an extremely great toll on her.

However, the fleeing Godkings ignored Bai Yurou.

The appearance of the two Primordial realm sacred beasts made them all despair.

Remaining here would only lead them to their deaths.

Not to mention the fact that part of them were only elders externally recruited by the White Emperor clan, even some proper members of the White Emperor clan had chosen self-preservation.

The White Emperor clan had over fifty Godkings, but over thirty of them fled.

The remaining two dozen or so continued to hold their ground.

They did not flee with the others.

Chu Tianxing happened to be one of the people who did not flee.

“Sigh!” However, given the current situation, Chu Tianxing let out a great sigh as well.

He felt powerless.

Bai Yurou lowered her sword helplessly.

Deep despair and a reluctance to accept the current situation filled her eyes.

The ancestor of their White Emperor clan was heavily injured and already on the verge of dying.

Only by refining the Myriad Divine Illumination pill could he recover.

They had come to Death Valley to gather the various materials required to refine the Myriad Divine Illumination pill.

Now, they had already assembled the supplementary materials.

They only lacked the primary material, the Earthen Winged King’s source of life.

As such, they had to kill the Earthen Winged King and take its source of life for the ancestor of their White Emperor clan to recover.

But right now, they had already heavily injured the Earthen Winged King.

According to the original plan, they had a ninety percent chance at slaying the Earthen Winged King and successfully taking away its source of life.

However, a second Primordial realm sacred beast happened to appear in Death Valley at this exact moment, destroying all of their efforts.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At this moment, a series of sharp sounds pierced the air.

The sacred beast shaped like a hedgehog had struck.

The spikes on its back shot out, vanishing into the depths of the jungle with a cold whistling through the air.

Immediately, miserable cries rang out from the jungle.

All of the fleeing Godkings were confronted with attacks, either heavily injured or pierced straight through, nailed to the trees.

The hedgehog sacred beast attacked everybody.

Its spikes were extremely sharp, fluctuating with powerful energy.

Even Chu Tianxing, protector Qing, and Bai Yurou were unable to avoid the attacks.

Chu Tianxing was faced with two spikes.

He managed to block them with his sword, but he had still been sent flying.

His hand ruptured, his entire arm becoming numb.

The late Godking protector Qing was faced with seven spikes.

She blocked six of them, but the final one pierced her chest, almost blowing up her entire body.

The strongest among them, Bai Yurou, was faced with the assault of over a dozen spikes.

“Argh!” At that critical moment, Bai Yurou howled out.

She began burning her vital energies, casting a forbidden technique to erupt with strength beyond her limits.

Immediately, Bai Yurou’s energy raged as her presence swelled.

At that moment, she truly possessed the invincible demeanor of a supreme Godking that ranked in the top ten.

As the sword in her hand danced, she released waves of power that could rip through space.

Within a series of rumbles, she blocked all of the attacks before turning into a streak of light and launching a full-powered strike at the Earthen Winged King!

Even in the final moments, she still wanted to risk her life and slay the Earthen Winged King!

As long as the Earthen Winged King remained alive, the White Emperor clan would decline.

Slaying the Earthen Winged King and taking its source of life was the only method to save the White Emperor clan right now.

Bai Yurou’s full-powered attack plunged into the Earthen Winged King’s wound, but it only reached three inches in before becoming stuck.

As a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast, the Earthen Winged King’s body was far too powerful, far greater than cultivators of the same cultivation realm.

Even when it was heavily injured, Bai Yurou struggled to kill it with her strength.

That was unless all the Godkings were present and assembled a formation, gathering everyone’s strength before amplifying it through the formation.

Only then could they successfully kill the heavily-injured Earthen Winged King.

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“The White Emperor clan is done for.” Bai Yurou’s expression was ashen.

At that moment, she completely disregarded her own life.

The only thought that remained in her head was the clan behind her.

“Ants of the White Emperor clan, you actually injured me so much.

That’s unforgivable.

Today, I’ll make you all perish here.”

At this moment, the Earthen Winged King had already stuck the two halves of its body back together again.

Its intelligent eyes flickered with killing intent, opening its mouth and directly trying to swallow Bai Yurou.

At the same time, the hedgehog-shaped sacred beast also charged towards Bai Yurou with its mouth wide open, also wanting to feast on her flesh.


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