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Chapter 3281: The Earthen Winged King

Recovering the senses of his soul, Jian Chen used it immediately.

The life-threatening crisis had made his strength drop, such that even his soul had fallen from the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime to the First Heavenly Layer.

However, it was still in the realm of Chaotic Primes.

As a result, when he sent out the senses of his soul, he immediately enveloped a range of a million kilometres, directly including the entirety of Death Valley.

Immediately, nothing that occurred within the entire Death Valley could escape from Jian Chen’s senses anymore.

He discovered Chu Tianxing and the Godkings from the White Emperor clan led by Bai Yurou.

Currently, they travelled swiftly through the forests.

At the same time, he also sensed the two Primordial realm sacred beasts occupying the depths of Death Valley.

Whether it was Bai Yurou’s group or the two Primordial realm sacred beasts, none of them sensed his observations.

The difference in their strength was far too great.

However, the senses of Jian Chen’s soul only lasted for a short while before an intense dizziness overcame him.

His soul shook, and he felt like it was about to tear apart, like it was crumbling.

“The senses of a Chaotic Prime’s soul is enough to easily envelop a major region on the Cloud Plane, which is millions of kilometres.

Yet now, I’ve only covered a million kilometres, and I struggle to last much longer than such a short moment.

There are still too many cracks in my soul.

I need to find a way to recover as quickly as possible.”

Jian Chen let out a gentle sigh.

Right now, it was as if his soul had been assembled from countless fragments, all glued together randomly.

It was far too fragile.

With the state that his soul was currently in, even if he could wield laws, their strength would be extremely limited.

On top of that, he was unable to last long in battle too.

“Regular heavenly resources are completely useless on a Chaotic Prime’s soul.

All I can do now is try to open the space in my soul.”

“There are many heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang Microcosm in there.

Some of them have properties that can treat the soul.” Jian Chen planned inside.

He gently pinched his petrified legs and let out a sigh before immediately shutting his eyes and gathering all of the power of his soul.

Three days later, Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly and sucked in a deep breath.

His eyes were filled with determination.

After three days of meditation, he had already gathered all the power in his soul.

Ready to risk it all, he planned on opening the space in his soul in a single breath.

Opening the space in his soul was originally an extremely easy task, but the simple task had become unprecedentedly difficult because his soul was in great trouble.

In the next moment, Jian Chen let out a growl.

All of the power of his soul suddenly surged, turning into a flood that raged towards the space in his soul.


Immediately, his mind rumbled, and he swayed in his seated posture.

His entire consciousness plunged into chaos, almost fainting.

However, since he was ready to risk it all, he finally opened the space in his soul slightly.

Jian Chen beamed with joy inside.

Enduring the dizziness, he immediately began moving heavenly resources out.

However, he was simply too feeble right now.

Opening the space had almost left him out of power, so he was unable to remove anything that was too powerful.

In the end, he only managed to retrieve five mid grade God Tier heavenly resources before losing consciousness and fainting.

After who knew how long, when Jian Chen slowly woke up again, he immediately discovered that a small part of his soul had actually collapsed.

He was on the verge of falling below Chaotic Prime.

However, Jian Chen completely disregarded that.

Instead, he immediately looked at the five heavenly resources in his hand that he had retrieved.

They were three Twin-headed Lotuses, a Soul-awakening Fruit, and a piece of Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo.

The five heavenly resources could all heal his soul and let its power recover.

“It’s still far too little, nowhere near enough.

It’s a pity that this is all I can take out.” Jian Chen lamented before immediately swallowing a Twin-headed Lotus.

Twin-headed Lotuses were an all-round heavenly resource for healing.

Not only could it treat the soul, but it could heal the body and even the very root of his wounds.

However, the power of laws from this world lingered in Jian Chen’s physical wounds.

They were constantly replenished, so even the Twin-headed Lotus could not heal them.

It could only repair Jian Chen’s soul.

Very soon, the Twin-headed Lotus unleashed its effects.

The cracks in Jian Chen’s soul were being repaired one by one.

As Jian Chen healed his soul, the great battle in the depths of Death Valley also unfurled with intensity.

The fifty-odd Godkings of the White Emperor clan followed Bai Yurou’s lead to form a colossal killing formation, trapping a huge sacred beast inside.

The sacred beast seemed like a huge lizard, except it had a pair of colossal wings on its back.

It stood several hundred metres long.

In the Wood Spirits World, this sacred beast was known as the Earthen Winged King!

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At this moment, it scrambled about in the formation, radiating with the might of an Infinite Prime.

Its strength had already reached the Second Heavenly Layer.

Bai Yurou and the others had taken out an ancient formation scroll and had over fifty Godkings on their side, but they still struggled to contend against the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Earthen Winged King.

Every single attack from the Earthen Winged King made the screen of light from the formation rock.

Every attack would lead to tremendous damage to the several dozen Godkings behind the formation.

And that was the effect after the Earthen Winged King’s attacks had been weakened by the formation, spread uniformly among them.

By now, most of the Godkings already had blood flowing from the corner of their lips, including Chu Tianxing.

Their faces all paled.

However, as Wood Spirits, they all possessed extremely tenacious life force.

The cultivation methods they practised all possessed a certain level of recovery properties too, so they would be fine for the time being.

Suddenly, the Earthen Winged King that struggled within the formation suddenly stopped.

It gazed at the sky, and its intelligent eyes were actually filled with a sense of sternness.

It was also at this moment that Bai Yurou appeared in the formation.

Basking in resplendent light, an ancient piece of jade hovered over her head.

At this moment, the piece of jade rapidly melted away, immediately unleashing a great power that even surpassed the Earthen Winged King.

It instantly condensed into a shining green sword in front of Bai Yurou.

The sword radiated with the tremendous presence of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“The White Emperor’s power!”

When the Earthen Winged King saw this green sword, its eyes narrowed before letting out a mental pulse.

In the next moment, Bai Yurou merged with the sword, combining with the White Emperor’s power and falling from the sky as a flash of green, just shooting past the Earthen Winged King mercilessly like a bolt of lightning.


The Earthen Winged King immediately erupted with blood.

Its body had been split into two by the attack.

Meanwhile, Bai Yurou stood nearby.

She was rather disheveled, and her face was haggard and pale-white, clearly extremely exhausted.

“Use your full strength! Kill the Earthen Winged King!” Bai Yurou yelled at the several dozen Godkings maintaining the formation.

Immediately, the power of the formation erupted at full force and powerful attacks began hurtling towards the Earthen Winged King.

The Earthen Winged King had been cut in half, but it did not die.

At this moment, its eyes shone coldly as it let out furious mental pulses, “Do you really think you can kill me completely with the formation just because you’ve heavily injured me with the White Emperor’s power Ants from the White Emperor clan, you’re far too naive.

I’ll keep you from leaving here ever again!”

As soon as the Earthen Winged King expressed that, the mountains nearby erupted, and the presence of a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime burst out.

When the people from the White Emperor clan sensed this presence, all of their faces changed.

Bai Yurou’s face changed drastically as well.

Her eyes were filled with disappointment, reluctance, and despair.

She only possessed some confidence in slaying the Earthen Winged King after gathering everyone’s power and using her trump card.

Now, a second Primordial realm sacred beast had actually appeared.

How were they supposed to face off against two Primordial realm sacred beasts at the same time as Godkings


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