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Chapter 3252: The Flame Reverend’s Formation

Nan Potian’s eyes were filled with hatred.

His desire to kill Jian Chen had never been so strong.

In particular, his gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with extreme viciousness as if they were mortal enemies beyond reconciliation.

In the past, when he lost his body, he also lost everything.

Only his soul had managed to escape.

Over the past few years, it had taken him tremendous effort to gather the materials.

Finally, after great difficulty, he had reconstructed a body.

After possessing a body, he could better utilise his strength, and with his cultivation as a Grand Prime, he would be able to return to his peak condition before long.

But at this moment, his strength had not completely recovered.

His soul and body had yet to assimilate together completely either, yet he had actually sustained such heavy injuries from Jian Chen.

That was basically irreversible, destructive damage to the body that he had just constructed.

Not only had Jian Chen heavily injured Nan Potian with his Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, but he had even incapacitated all of his body’s functions, directly rendering his body worthless.

After all, this was a body that had just been constructed.

It came nowhere close to his original both in terms of both strength and all other abilities.

It was extremely frail, unable to endure any heavy damage.

“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to slice you into a thousand pieces!” Nan Potian ground his teeth.

Hatred burned away in his eyes, filled with bone-deep resentment.

In the next moment, his body began to burn.

The remaining power in it was released at a terrifying rate.

It was completely destroyed, so he chose to sacrifice the body he had constructed through tremendous difficulties in return for great power without any hesitation at all.

The tremendous power within the body was released in an instant, allowing Nan Potian’s presence to climb rapidly.

It made it seem like he had returned to his peak condition.

“I will let you die a graveless death!” Nan Potian’s body dinstinegrated as he lunged straight towards Jian Chen with surging energy.

The laws of a Grand Prime descended with a startling disturbance.

This time, the divine hall around them erupted under the pressure before they had even made contact, exploding into many pieces with a rumble.

Nan Potian seemed to return to his peak condition after sacrificing his body.

The divine hall gave way first, beginning to crumble.

Jian Chen’s expression changed like he was facing a powerful opponent.

The Zi Ying sword in his hand shone resplendently as he slashed out as hard as he could.

The slash was accompanied by the Laws of Space, so it was extremely fast.

But right now, Nan Potian was extremely powerful.

With a wave of his hand, the terrifying power of his cultivation surged forth, slamming the Zi Ying sword with his hand.


The underground cavern immediately produced a great rumble.

Their attacks were far too terrifying.

It was devastating.

Cracks rapidly spread across the surface of the dead planet, covering every inch before long.

After knocking away the Zi Ying sword, Nan Potian continued onwards.

He arrived before Jian Chen in an instant.

His pressure as a Grand Prime erupted, striking Jian Chen’s chest with his hand.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body could not endure the attacks of Grand Primes.

Nan Potian’s hand pierced his chest and emerged from his back, having turned completely red.

Blood dripped from it.

That was chaotic blood.

Every single drop contained great power.

It was red like rubies.

“My body has been destroyed because of you, so you can compensate me with yours.” Nan Potian’s body continued to burn.

A large portion of it had already been reduced to ash.

He could not last very long in this state.

With a twisted expression, he thrust his left finger towards Jian Chen’s forehead without any mercy at all.

Jian Chen was pale, but he did not panic.

At this critical moment, a mocking sneer instead appeared in his eyes.

The frenzied Nan Potian noticed Jian Chen’s gaze.

His eyes immediately narrowed, and an ill omen overcame him.

However, before he could think too much about it, a finger-sized strand of sword Qi appeared silently over Jian Chen’s head, giving off supreme sword intent.

That was Profound Sword Qi!


As soon as the Profound Sword Qi appeared, it turned into a streak of light and shot into Nan Potian’s forehead before he could respond.

In the next moment, a grunt filled with endless pain emerged from Nan Potian’s throat.

Having sustained the Profound Sword Qi, his soul was severely wounded.

In particular, the indescribably excruciating pain almost made him faint.

He felt the world spin around him.

Jian Chen wielded his fingers like a sword.

Light shimmered in the air, piercing Nan Potian’s damaged body with the sharp Laws of the Sword.

Sword Qi stirred around like a storm, completely destroying Nan Potian’s body.

All that remained was an illusionary soul.

It all happened in an instant.

From when the Profound Sword Qi struck Nan Potian’s soul to when Jian Chen completely destroyed his body, only a single moment had passed, even less than a tenth of a second.

At the same time, Jian Chen raised the Zi Ying sword high in the air.

Taking advantage of the fact that Nan Potian was still reeling from the pain, he swung the sword and slashed towards Nan Potian’s soul mercilessly.


Nan Potian let out a shriek.

His soul had never sustained such great damage.

It was close to fading away.

After all, any cultivators’ soul would be extremely fragile without a body to inhabit.

However, he was a Grand Prime after all.

His soul was extremely consolidated.

After taking on Jian Chen’s attack, his soul still did not perish completely.

It had just become extremely feeble.

Jian Chen had destroyed over eighty percent of his soul.

Now, around a tenth of it remained.

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“It hurts! It hurts so much! Y-y-you’ve actually destroyed my soul! You bastard! You bastard! You’re dead! You’re dead for sure!” Nan Potian shrieked.

His face was contorted and very vicious-looking.

His soul had already become extremely feeble.

His soul had sustained tremendous damage.

This was a far greater loss than his body, as wounds to the soul were most difficult to treat.

At this moment, a fiery-red bead suddenly appeared from his illusionary soul.

It contained the extremely terrifying power of the Laws of Fire.

He used the fiery-red bead without any hesitation.

When the bead appeared, a scorching wave of heat immediately spread out.

An extremely high level formation unfolded from the red bead, sealing off the surroundings and trapping this space immediately.

“This is the Flame Reverend’s formation!” Jian Chen’s expression changed.

In the past, in order to free Mo Tianyun, he had fused the twin swords to destroy a formation that belonged to the Flame Reverend, so he was extremely familiar with the presence.

The appearance of the Flame Reverend’s formation immediately made Jian Chen’s heart sink.

Without any hesitation, he immediately abandoned Nan Potian and rushed outside as quickly as he could.

The Flame Reverend was a supreme expert of the Ninth Heavenly layer after all.

Anything from him possessed devastating power, well beyond what he could deal with.

However, the formation inside the fiery-red bead was completed in an instant, having sealed up this space a long time ago.

Jian Chen was trapped firmly inside.

Even his Laws of Space became completely useless.

After using the fiery-red bead, Nan Potian’s illusionary soul fled outwards swiftly.

The formation could trap others, but it clearly could not trap him.

“Nan Potian, do you think you can escape just by trapping me” Jian Chen’s face sank.

Gritting his teeth, he directly used two strands of Profound Sword Qi.

The Profound Sword Qi caught up with Nan Potian’s soul with lightning speed.

Nan Potian’s soul was already extremely feeble, so how could it sustain two strands of Profound Sword Qi With a miserable shriek, his soul immediately collapsed in the air, having been completely destroyed by the Profound Sword Qi.

However, while Nan Potian was dead now, Jian Chen faced an even greater danger.

He was trapped in the Flame Reverend’s formation.

The temperature there rose at a terrifying rate as powerful Laws of Fire appeared from the surroundings.

In the next moment, the might of the formation erupted.

Roaring flames emerged from thin air, woven with the Laws of Fire, immediately swallowing Jian Chen.


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