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Gazing at the bronze lamp hovering before him, Jian Chen paled.

Both he and the Darkstar Emperor had underestimated the will of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits.

Even with a barrier formed from Xuanhuang Qi, it did not seem to be particularly effective before a Grand Exalts will.

In the end, the Darkstar Emperor had been directly slain mercilessly the moment he reached Chaotic Prime.

Originally, the Darkstar Emperor was still thinking of severing his cultivation as soon as he removed the items from the bronze lamp.

With that, his cultivation would fall back down to Infinite Prime, and he would avoid the will of the Grand Exalt.

Yet in the end, he did not even have the time to sever his cultivation.

He had been reduced to dust instantly.

“Sigh, we still underestimated the laws set down by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits after all.” The Darkstar Emperors soul appeared from the bronze lamp.

He was still badly shaken from the experience.

The will of the Grand Exalt had only destroyed his body.

His soul was unscathed under the bronze lamps protection.

Jian Chen gazed at the Darkstar Emperors transparent soul blankly and became filled with mixed emotions.

It was because of him that the Darkstar Emperor had lost his body.

If it were not for the bronze lamp that protected the Darkstar Emperors soul, he probably would have passed away already.

With everything that had happened so far, Jian Chen no longer had any hopes of obtaining the treasures inside the bronze lamp.

He had already witnessed the power of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits with his own eyes.

Under such a threat, it was impossible for the Darkstar Emperor to remove anything from within the bronze lamp.

As a matter of fact, he had already paid a heavy price for this.

“Ive harmed you.

I shouldnt have made you try this.” Jian Chen gazed at the Darkstar Emperors soul with mixed emotions, and a hint of guilt appeared in his heart.

“This is nothing.

I just lost my body.

Its no big deal.

I only need to spend some time and heavenly resources, and I can rebuild my body.

The last thing that the Darkstar race lacks is time,” the Darkstar Emperor said in an unconcerned manner.

While he had lost his body, his expression in soul form was rather excited.

He said, “And this attempt wasnt completely fruitless.”

Jian Chens eyes lit up slightly as he suddenly looked at the Darkstar Emperor.

Soon afterwards, a jade-green spine and a palm-sized plate of black jade appeared before the Darkstar Emperor.

The black jade plate seemed ordinary.

It did not give off any pulses of energy.

However, the jade-green spine gave off a gentle green glow.

It contained an extremely lively power of life.

“This is the sovereign of the Wood Spirits spine” Jian Chen subconsciously ignored the plate of black jade and stared straight at the spine.

His heart surged violently.

“Thats right.

This is the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits spine.

It should be of help to you, so take it,” the Darkstar Emperor said.

The spine that hovered before him moved towards Jian Chen slowly.

Sensing the dense power of life within the spine, Jian Chens eyes shone brightly.

He was filled with excitement.

He studied the spine repeatedly with a burning gaze before taking in a few deep breaths and grabbing it slowly.

Immediately, an extremely pure force of life spread out from the spine.

Under the aura of life, Jian Chen immediately felt like his entire body and soul had been purified, sublimating from inside out.

Pleasure filled his entire body.

“This power of life is so great!” Jian Chen could not help but sigh in amazement.

This was the spine of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits after all.

The power it contained had far surpassed Jian Chens imaginations.

That was a supreme power well beyond his current reach.

This was power from a Grand Exalt, and the pure power of life too.

Even a single wisp or sliver of this power could essentially rebuild a persons body.

On top of that, Jian Chen discovered that this power of life was extremely gentle.

Even though it had reached the level of Grand Exalts, it did not possess any killing intent at all, let alone any destructive power.

It only seemed meek and harmless.

It was like the great power that belonged to the mother of the earth.

It would only be used to nourish everything in the world and nurture all the living creatures.

It was filled with a feeling of kindness and gentleness.

From the power of life alone, Jian Chen could vaguely tell that the sovereign of the Wood Spirits should have been a person who held unconditional love for all.

“Such a loving person can actually go as far as to target the entire Darkstar race, even setting down laws to obstruct the races developments.

Sigh, I wonder just what the Darkstar race did in the past to make the sovereign of the Wood Spirits hate them so much,” Jian Chen thought.

However, regardless of what the Darkstar race had done in the past, none of it was his business.

He had witnessed far too many struggles between organisations, as well as the rise and fall of countless of them.

It was very difficult to completely understand and describe everything that went on between them.

All he knew was he had already become an ally of the Darkstar race now.

“The spine of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits seems to be a piece of wood” Jian Chen subconsciously felt the spine, and a wooden sensation immediately filled his hand.

It was a spine, but it did not seem like a spine that belonged to a body of flesh and blood at all.

Instead, it seemed more like it was made from plants.

“The spine has a total of four uses to me.

The first is to comprehend laws through this spine.

However, Ive already comprehended enough laws so far.

I cant bite off more than I can chew.

Comprehending an additional law wont increase my battle prowess by much.”

“Secondly, I can absorb the energy within the spine and treat it like Gustas fleshly core to strengthen my Chaotic Force.

This spine was left behind by a Grand Exalt, but its just a spine after all.

It cant store tremendous amounts of energy like the fleshly core, so this spine comes nowhere close to it.”

“Thirdly, I can unleash the special characteristic of its power of life and treat it as an item for recovery.

The power of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits nourishes all.

It should have extremely evident effects when it comes to healing.”

“Lastly, I can treat this spine as a material.” Jian Chen immediately thought of the various uses for the spine, and he became quite eager.

If he really treated this spine as a material, it would without a doubt be a supreme grade God Tier material.

It would be the best of the best whether it came to forging artifacts or refining pills.

Even across the entire Saints World, supreme grade God Tier heavenly resources were extremely rare.

Just as Jian Chen was submerged in his joy of obtaining the Grand Exalts spine, the Darkstar Emperor checked the second item he had removed from the bronze lamp, which was the plate of black jade.

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When he understood the purpose of the plate, a strange light immediately flashed through the Darkstar Emperors eyes.

He said slowly, “A secret technique is recorded in the jade plate.

If you practise this secret technique, you can carve open a small space in your soul.”

“However, only Chaotic Primes can practise this secret technique.” When he said that, the Darkstar Emperor pushed the jade plate over to Jian Chen.

“This secret technique should be useful to you.

It is a secret technique that belongs to our Darkstar race, but there are no other restrictions to practising it.”

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