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Chapter 3215: Ten Droplets of Essence Blood

The altar was three thousand metres wide and pure-white and flawless.

It seemed like it had been carved from white jade.

The altar was littered with stone tablets.

Each stone tablet was engraved with a series of names in the ancient language of the Darkstar race.

The owners of these stone tablets were all predecessors who had made tremendous contributions in the Darkstar races history.

A faceless statue stood in front of all these stone tablets.

Despite it possessing no facial features at all, the statue gave off a paramount aura like it could stun the heavens.

The statue was the paramount sovereign that had appeared in the Darkstar races history!

In the distance, Jian Chen sat in the air without budging.

The space that twisted around him seemed to block out all light and form an independent world.

Even though he was in the territory of the Darkstar race, no one could detect his existence.

When he hid away, even the supreme emperor of the Darkstar race was unable to find any traces of him.

At this moment, his eyes shone brightly as he stared straight at the faceless statue on the altar.

He was stern and thinking about something.

At this moment, a pulse of energy even stronger than the ones from the thirty-six major cities suddenly swept through the air above the capital city.

The ten divine halls also began to move.

All of the hall masters and vice hall masters sat in their respective divine halls, unleashing secret techniques and awakening the power of the divine halls, establishing a profound formation with the ten divine halls as a foundation.

They strengthened the Darkstar Divine Hall above as they constantly delivered energy into the divine hall through the formation.

Immediately, the Darkstar Divine Hall erupted brightly with light.

Then it also emitted a column of resplendent light, directly enveloping the altar of white jade.

Immediately, the altar of white jade blurred.

Vaguely, a secret door hidden on the altar seemed to be opened.

In the next moment, the Darkstar Emperor rose and directly made his way onto the altar.

He bowed politely towards the faceless statue before immediately vanishing.

In just ten seconds, the Darkstar Emperors figure appeared on the altar again.

He bowed towards the faceless statue again with great respect before making his way down.

Afterwards, the power from the ten divine halls slowly receded, the secret door on the altar vanished, and the power from the thirty-six major cities rapidly depleted.

Without the support of the power from the thirty-six major cities, the altar that hovered ten thousand metres in the air rapidly faded away, vanishing into the space there again.

However, no one noticed that Jian Chens figure had silently appeared several hundred metres away from the altar at the same altitude of ten thousand metres.

He used the powers of space to hide his traces, such that no one in the Darkstar race could detect him, whether it was through their soul sense or their naked eye.

His eyes shone brightly.

He was glued to the altar of white jade as thoughts flashed through his head.

“Theres actually an independent space within the altar!” Jian Chen thought.

He had been paying attention to the process of opening the altar the entire time.

When the Darkstar Emperor entered the interior, he had obviously noticed it as well.

Several seconds later, the altar of white jade was completely hidden away.

It vanished entirely.

“With my Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime comprehension of the Laws of Space, I actually cant tell where the altar is hidden.

What impressive methods.” Jian Chen signed inside.

He searched the space carefully again in an attempt to find where the altar was hidden, but he still found nothing.

In the next moment, he vanished silently.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived inside the Darkstar Divine Hall.

Then he sat down in a chair to wait for the Darkstar Emperor.

With the process of opening the altar complete, all of the Godkings from the thirty-six major cities returned to their respective territories under the Darkstar Emperors orders.

The ten divine halls returned to their original positions too.

Very soon, the disturbance caused by opening the altar had completely settled down.

The Darkstar races capital city returned to its usual order.

Jian Chen waited in the Darkstar Divine Hall for a while, and the Darkstar Emperor walked in majestically.

He passed a jade bottle to Jian Chen rather painfully and said, “Jian Chen, here are the ten droplets of a Grand Exalts blood that you need.

Our Darkstar race has done everything we can to fulfil your demands.

I hope you will never forget about the promise youve made to my race.”

Before he could even respond, Jian Chen snatched over the jade bottle and opened it eagerly to check its contents.

All he saw were ten droplets of fluid floating in the jade bottle, giving off a powerful presence as well as extremely pure vital energy.

It was a Grand Exalts essence blood!

On top of that, the essence blood had been preserved extremely well.

Despite the passage of time, not a lot of the energy in the ten droplets had dispersed.

Every single droplet was more complete than the essence blood of the ancient Skywolf.

Jian Chen immediately beamed with joy.

The delight in his heart poured outwards, making him grin.

At this moment, he even began to tremble gently.

Just how many years had it been Who knew how many years he had waited for this.

Now, at this very moment, he had finally received the ten droplets of a Grand Exalts essence blood as he wished.

With these ten droplets of essence blood, he could return to the World of Moon and Star again and use the essence blood to break the Dao Union Saint, thus freeing the Primeval Divine Hall.

And according to his agreement with the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall, it would accept him as its master once he helped it break free.

The Primeval Divine Hall was a sovereign god artifact that had been preserved in perfect condition!

“With the ten droplets of a Grand Exalts essence blood, I can obtain a sovereign god artifact in perfect condition.” Jian Chen ravished with joy inside.

As he held the essence blood, he felt extremely excited.

Very soon, Jian Chen pacified his turbulent emotions.

He sucked in a deep breath and carefully placed the bottle stopper back on, stowing the ten droplets of essence blood away carefully like it was treasure.

He immediately guaranteed to the Darkstar Emperor, “Dont worry, I definitely wont go back on what Ive agreed with your Darkstar race.

If I really do possess the power to free your Darkstar race some day, I will do everything that I can to help you break free from this prison.”

Reaching there, Jian Chen paused before asking curiously, “Your altar seems to be hiding a different space”

The Darkstar Emperor seemed to realise what Jian Chen was thinking about.

He responded normally, “Thats just a place to store the ancestors essence blood.

Theres nothing else inside.”

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“And with the ten droplets youve taken, were almost left with no more essence blood.

Theres only a few droplets stored in the altar now.”

“They are vital to the great ceremonies that we hold.

Once our ancestors essence blood is depleted, we wont be able to hold any great ceremonies anymore.

As a result, giving you ten droplets of our ancestors essence blood today is equivalent to staking our entire future on you.”

After a slight moment of hesitation, the Darkstar Emperor said slowly, “If its possible, I hope to provide you with even more help so that you grow faster.

After all, the stronger you are, the more hope we have.

However, given your current strength, the only resources that we possess and can truly assist you are all in the bronze lamp.”

“And this bronze lamp cannot be opened unless Im a Chaotic Prime.”

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