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Chapter 3180: he Sovereigns Gather

After a series of wild attacks from the Violet Crepeflower clan, the barrier cast down by Fang Jing finally reached its limit after several hours and shattered with a great rumble.

They had destroyed the barrier, but no one in the Violet Crepeflower clan celebrated.

All of them gazed at the barrier as it faded away in great shock.

They all felt particularly stern.

However, the feeling of repression was much more evident.

They were a mighty archaean clan.

They were so powerful in the Saints’ World.

Without any exaggeration, archaean clans were invincible existences that stood on the apex of a world if Grand Exalts were removed from the picture.

They were indomitable.

Yet right now, such a powerful archaean clan had actually been trapped by a barrier for several hours.

Not only was that absolutely humiliating to an archaean clan, it was also a brutal truth that none of them could accept.

Within the Violet Crepeflower clan, just a few high-ranking members wanted to ask the East Origination Saint Monarch what had happened, his figure had vanished.

He had left the Violet Crepeflower clan without any warning, travelling through outer space with terrifying speed, directly making his way towards the Prosper Plane of the forty-nine great planes.

With the East Origination Saint Monarch’s speed, he crossed through the boundless space very quickly and personally met with the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Soon after the East Origination Saint Monarch had entered the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the senses of soul so tremendous that it could not be put into words emerged from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng instantly, immediately engulfing the entire Saints’ World.

With the appearance of the senses of the soul, the ways of the entire Saints’ World pulsed violently.

The laws manifested in the space there, as if an unbelievably great power was interfering with the operation of the laws.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt of the Devour Plane and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt of the Overarching Heaven Plane opened their eyes.

Endless laws seemed to weave through their eyes.

They both became surprised.

“Anatta is searching the entire Saints’ World What is going on What’s made him so furious” Both of the sovereigns felt puzzled.

At that moment, the laws throughout the entire Saints’ World became disorderly, fluctuating with great instability.

Countless cultivators, regardless of their strength, felt that it had become extremely difficult to control and use the laws.

Some of them had even lost control.

A great power shook the laws of the world, interfering with the usual operation of the heavenly ways!

“It’s a Grand Exalt! This is the power of a Grand Exalt!”

“Grand Exalts are equivalent to the heavenly ways.

This is the power of the heavenly ways.

H- how terrifying!”

“A Grand Exalt is scanning the entire universe! What exactly is going on”

Countless peak experts opened their eyes throughout the Saints’ World.

They all looked at the skies in shock.

They could all sense an irresistibly great power emerging from thin air, breaching the protective formations of countless sects and scanning the entire world.

On the Desolate Plane, the Celestial Sword Saint meditating at the top of the Sword God mountains opened his eyes as well.

His gaze was deep.

A few seconds later, two figures appeared silently in the Lightning Zone of Annihilation where the Lightning God clan resided like they had teleported there.

One of them was cloaked in hazy light, wrapped in the endless ways, so it was only possible to make out a blurry figure.

The other was the East Origination Saint Monarch who was still injured and sheet-white!

Their appearance seemed to affect the operation of the ways.

At the same time, an invisible pressure radiated outwards, making the world shake and yield.

Even the Lightning Zone of Annihilation that could strike fear into the hearts of many Grand Primes receded rapidly as if it could feel fear.

Very soon, the Lightning Zone of Annihilation shrunk but a good chunk.

The Lightning God clan hidden inside was clearly exposed as well.

However, what they saw was not the Lightning God clan, but a barrier of energy!

“The Lightning God clan actually also…” The East Origination Saint Monarch immediately narrowed his eyes when he saw the barrier.

After a pause, the Anatta Grand Exalt shrouded in hazy light said slowly, “Bloodtear, Ancient Paths, Overarching Heaven, you should come over as well and take a look for yourselves.”

As soon as he said that, three figures appeared outside the Lightning God clan almost as if they had teleported.

The three figures were the three other sovereigns of the Saints’ World!

However, only the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths appeared in person, like a regular person.

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt were surrounded in hazy light, like shining suns, sitting high in the heavens and overlooking the air.

At this moment, all four sovereigns had gathered at the Lightning God clan!

The East Origination Saint Monarch immediately bowed towards the three Grand Exalts.

However, when he saw the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt, he actually became slightly bitter.

In the past, he had even been an existence that surpassed the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven.

Despite both being Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, his battle prowess was so great that he did not have to take the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven seriously at all with his sovereign god artifacts, Grand Exalt cultivation method and complete Grand Exalt legacy.

Yet now, he was forced to bow towards the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven of the past like a junior.

The great reversal in status left the East Origination Saint Monarch feeling both powerless and a little awkward.

“W- what is this power”

The three sovereigns did not acknowledge the East Origination Saint Monarch.

Instead, their eyes all became glued on the barrier around the Lightning God clan.

“The power that forms the barrier bears great resemblance to the book in Daowei Fatian’s possession,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

He had already learnt everything from the East Origination Saint Monarch, “The power of the barrier comes from a brush.”

“A brush” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths and the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s eyes narrowed.

“The book in Daowei Fatian’s possession is already terrifying enough.

Now, there’s a brush with energy that bears great resemblance.

Don’t tell me the brush is in the Immortals’ World’s possession as well” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt said sternly.

“The brush was indeed wielded by a person of the Immortals’ World,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

He brought his figure towards the energy barrier and swept across it.

Immediately, the energy barrier around the archaean clan silently cracked out.

The presence of the Laws of Destruction rapidly spread through the crack.

In a single instant, the barrier around the Lightning God clan completely vanished.

However, unveiled before them was an empty clan.

There was not a single figure to be seen.

The entire clan seemed deserted.

“The Lightning God clan has already been destroyed.” For the first time ever, the Anatta Grand Exalt’s tone became stern.

Killing intent surged from him and swept into the distance.

The laws throughout the entire world pulsed violently.

“She destroyed an archaean clan silently right under our nose How dare she! How dare she do something like this!” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt spoke up as well.

His voice was bone-chillingly cold, filled with raging fury.

The eight archaean clans of the Saints’ World formed the foundation of a major world, because apart from the Grand Exalts, archaean clans were the most powerful.

All of them could be viewed as mainstays of a major world.

Yet right now, a mainstay had actually been destroyed silently, which immediately left the sovereigns furious.

“I must find that person from the Immortals’ World.

Even if I have to flip through every stone in the Saints’ World, I’ll find her.

And that brush too.

We cannot let her take it back to the Immortals’ World with her.

If we possess the brush, we won’t need to fear the book in Daowei Fatian’s possession anymore,” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt said sternly.

The book in Daowei Fatian’s possession was just too powerful.

Whenever he recalled the unrivalled might of the book, it left him fearful.


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