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Chapter 316: Entering the Immortal’s Cave (Two)


As the battle continued on for some time, a cry filled with pain could be heard on the battlefield as a middle aged man was bitten from the waist down by a creature whose head looked like a mouse, dragging him down beneath the ground.

“That’s the Pangolin Emperor!”

“The Pangolin Emperor is here, everyone be careful of the ground!”

As soon as everyone heard the yell, they all stared intently at the ground.

At that moment, right in front of the group, a large golden colored rat like beast flew up from the ground with the upper half of a man in its mouth.

“Be careful, the Pangolin Emperor is here!”

“Hurry up and attack it, don’t let it escape into the ground!”

As soon as the Pangolin Emperor appeared, everyone began to shout out loud as they charge at the Pangolin Emperor.

The Pangolin Emperor was extremely fast and immediately flew back into the ground after swallowing the body in its mouth.

Even when three Saint Weapons slashed at its body, only sparks could be seen.

The Pangolin Emperor was a scaled magical beast with golden scales all over its body.

Despite its defenses not being as strong as the Albino Earthworm, it was still stronger than what the average Earth Saint Master could damage.

An incredibly sharp spike arose from the ground and instantly speared through the hip of a man before he could even react.

“Ah!” The man cried out in a shrill voice before thrusting his fire attribute Saint Weapon into the ground in hopes of exposing the Pangolin Emperor from its subterranean hiding spot.

All that he hit was earth as the Pangolin Emperor had already moved on from the area.

An intense purple light flashed as the entire world shook all of a sudden.

By the side, the Amethyst Thunder Lion shot out a blue spear of lightning that arced toward the closest person, burning his body black which caused him to fall to the ground.

Several men struck out at the lion immediately with their Saint Weapons, creating a clanking sound as they smashed against its scales with some sparks and blood.

Although the Amethyst Thunder Lion’s defenses weren’t all too weak, it wasn’t capable of defending against a barrage of blows without taking some damage.

An angry roar was emitted from the lion’s mouth as it swiped its sharp claws at the surrounding people attacking it.

Another arc of lightning was spat out from the lion’s mouth and struck the closest person without giving him a chance to dodge.

In that instant, ten of the thirty Earth Saint Masters that had attacked the Amethyst Thunder Lion had been shocked by the lightning and fell to the floor with charcoal black bodies.

Another three men were torn apart by the lion’s claws, dying instantly and injuring several others.

The power of an Amethyst Thunder Lion was incredibly strong, and so those fighting against the lion would suffer the most casualties.

On the other side, the groups fighting the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm were having an easy time.

The two divisions both had three Ruler Armament user and were strong in their own right, making it hard for their group to suffer any casualties.

Qin Ji brought up his Ruler Armament and swung it down onto the Albino Earthworm, easily cutting past the scales on its body and bringing a decent amount of damage to it.

In a short moment, the entire body of the Albino Earthworm was dyed bright red with its blood.

The Flying Spirit Snake wasn’t much stronger than the Albino Earthworm, especially with its wings restricted by Tianmu Ling’s whip.

Although she wasn’t displaying the full might of her Ruler Armament, it was still enough to contend against the Flying Spirit Snake.

In the end, the snake’s strength while bound up was far less than before, which impacted it majorly, so only around sixty percent of its full power could be displayed.

Qin Ji’s Ruler Armament struck against the body of the Flying Spirit Snake and left behind a deep one meter long gash, causing it to cry out.

The yellow clothed girl stood far away and shot arrow after arrow from her longbow.

Each golden arrow flew toward the head of snake.

With a violent hissing sound, the snake began to sway its head side to side as blood dripped down.

Jian Chen and the other men began to fly at the snake with their Saint Weapons ready to attack.

On its head, each person swung down to deliver a heavy stroke.

Despite each magical beast being quite strong, the humans attacking them at the same time was far too much.

Each man was an Earth Saint Master at the least, and taking a hit from them was taxing on their strength.

As for the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm, taking on three Ruler Armaments each brought about even more damage than what the Amethyst Thunder Lion had caused.

As of right now, only the Pangolin Emperor had an advantage over the other side and was in good condition.

The Flying Spirit Snake continued to struggle fiercely against the bindings but to no avail.

The wounds on its body was growing more and more severe and its temper even more violent as it continued to be injured.

Tianmu Ling’s face grew serious as she bit her lower lip and concentrated while sweat pooled over her forehead.

At the moment, she was completely focused on constraining the wings of the Flying Spirit Snake.

Suddenly, the Flying Spirit Snake let out a loud hiss as a large amount of corrosive acid shot from its mouth headed in every direction.

The very moment the poison landed on a person, the clothes and flesh of the area it landed on immediately melted away.

“The poison is too corrosive, it can penetrate through Saint Force and in two hours it can kill even an Earth Saint Master! Retreat!” Qin Ji commanded as the three men and Senior An quickly retreated back with him to escape from the poison.

The cloud that was wafting up from the poison was already making causing visibility to be almost nonexistent, causing anyone on the outside to be unable to see what was happening within the area.

Enveloped in a transparent barrier, Qin Ji disregarded all attempts at defense and leaped high into the air before coming down onto the snake, piercing it in its heart.

“Slash!” The region near the heart of the Flying Spirit Snake immediately ripped in a one meter gash as Qin Ji flew into the next strike and split apart the wound even further with his weapon once more.

The Flying Spirit Snake let out an ear piercing hiss as it violently swung its body upright.

In the next second, the tail of the snake smashed into Qin Ji’s barrier.

Although Qin Ji wasn’t injured, the impact was enough to send him flying far away.

As he flew through the air, Qin Ji’s eyes widened suddenly.

In an earth shattering moment, he could see the blurry glows of an azure and violet ray of light through the poisonous mist.


In the next second, a desperate wail from the Flying Spirit Snake could be heard.

Within the poisonous mist, no one was capable of seeing what was happening, but they knew that something had obviously struck the ground heavily and shook it.

The Flying Spirit Snake continued to hiss in pain as its voice grew warped.

The poisonous mist in the area began to swirl around madly as if something was shaping it into a random shape.

The bloodsoaked Jian Chen quickly flew out from the poisonous mist with the majority of his clothes melting away from the poison and some of the green poison still stuck to his body.

Only the yellow clothed girl was standing in front of him, and since there was a layer of poisonous mist covering his body, no one else was able to see Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately took out a new set of clothes and quickly cleaned off the rest of the snake’s poison before putting on the new set.

Just like he was still in yesterday’s clothes, Jian Chen flew around the poisonous mist with a smile to regroup with the rest.

At that moment, the previously spasming Flying Spirit Snake finally stilled as the poisonous mist dispersed as well, allowing everyone to see what happened within.

The moment everyone could see, their faces went still with shock and amazement.

Even Qin Ji was no different from the rest.

The entire body of the Flying Spirit Snake was on the ground but the area where its heart was had been completely bisected away from the rest of its body.

Blood splurted out from the wound in large amounts from its head sized heart which was also cut into two pieces.

The Flying Spirit Snake lay on the ground still alive, but it was not too far away from death, and the monster core had already disappeared from its body without a trace.

Qin Ji couldn’t help but think back to when he saw the blurry azure and violet glow.

He had felt a great change overcome Jian Chen, but he didn’t say anything as he felt doubt and confusion cloud his heart.

Just then, the Albino Earthworm let out a terrible sound as well before collapsing to the ground with Shi Xiangran’s Seal of Treasure Mountain smashed on top of its head.

Even its entire body had been smashed several times with the seal to make for a serious injury.

Both the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm were dead now.

Only two remained one was the Amethyst Thunder Lion which was prancing about.

Despite the wounds on its body, they was nowhere near anything life threatening.

Its strength was far superior to those in its grade because of its innate skill and rarity.

Even an Earth Saint Master could only hope to do a sliver of damage to it.

The Pangolin Emperor was the most healthy one.

Scuttling about underground, it would play hide and seek with those on top as if it were a game rather than a battle.

Appearing and disappearing randomly before attacking people in a single instance, it left behind no traces and only a major headache.

The divisions fighting both the Amethyst Thunder Lion and the Pangolin Emperor had taken major casualties.

At least a dozen men died fighting the lion while many more had taken serious damage as the tenacious continued to struggle with it.

As for the Pangolin Emperor, it had already swallowed seven men while injuring a dozen others.

The Pangolin Emperor hadn’t even taken any damage yet.

“The Amethyst Thunder Lion is far too strong, come and help us quickly, or we won’t last much longer….”

“Help us deal with the Pangolin Emperor…”

Seeing how the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm were killed, the others cried out for assistance with glee.

Quickly extracting the monster core from the Albino Earthworm, Dugu Feng led his men into the forest without regard for the two divisions still fighting the magical beasts.

“Ignore them, let’s go! Don’t be left behind, the immortal’s cave is right in front of us!” Qin Ji shouted to Jian Chen and the rest of the division as he brought three men with him to chase after Dugu Feng.

He did not care for the corpse of the Class 5 Flying Spirit Snake.

Without looking at the Flying Spirit Snake’s corpse, Jian Chen called out to the rest of the men to follow them into the forest.

After making a mad dash, Jian Chen followed Qin Ji into a cave.

This cave was unnaturally deep and with every single interval, there was a single nightpearl emanating a white glow of light.

The interior and cave walls were glossy as well, meaning that someone had used an incredible amount of strength to cut the walls evenly.

“Bang!” A loud sound could be heard up ahead as the entire passageway began to tremble.

Jian Chen, the yellow clothed girl, Tianmu Ling, Yun Zheng and Senior An began to hasten their pace even more before quickly arriving at an area where everyone was gathered.

Upon seeing Jian Chen enter the room, Shi Xiangran immediately activated his barrier to secure his safety.

Right in front of everyone, a single stone door blocked their paths.

“Bastard, just who touched the mechanism here It dropped a stone wall blocking our way in!” Jiede Wukang roared in anger as he held his Ruler Armament


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