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Chapter 3104: The Situation of the Lower World

“I’m finally back!” Gazing at the dusty teleportation formation, Jian Chen was both excited and thrilled.

He found a sense of familiarity, one that he had not felt in a very long time, from the teleportation formation, as well as a sense of closeness.

He had personally set up this teleportation formation here when he left the Tian Yuan Continent.

Its purpose was to let him return from the Saints’ World conveniently in ten thousand years’ time.

However, plans never varied fast enough to keep up with changes.

Who would have thought that he would return here again in less than a thousand years after leaving.

This world was Jian Chen’s homeland, as well as where he had grown up.

He had left behind far, far too many traces here.

As a result, Jian Chen immediately developed a special feeling for this world as soon as he returned.

Shangguang Mu’er struggled to hide her excitement as well.

Her attachments to this world were nowhere near as plentiful as Jian Chen’s, but as a mother, she thought about Xiao Bao more than anyone else.

“The space here is extremely fragile.

You must control your powers carefully, or you might destroy this world,” Mo Tianyun warned everyone before vanishing with Ning Shuang, Xiao Jin, and Xiao Ling.

He immediately crossed the distant space and reached the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Mu’er, let’s go back too!’ Jian Chen glanced at Shangguan Mu’er’s alluringly beautiful face and gently brought his arm around her waist before immediately vanishing.

Compared to the durable space and complete laws of the Saints’ World, the world that the Tian Yuan Continent resided in was clearly much weaker.

In such a low-level space, everyone’s abilities had been drastically magnified.

For example, the range of their senses were several dozen times greater than when they were in the Saints’ World, or even a hundred times greater.

The range they could envelope with the senses of their souls was no different.

In the Saints’ World, a full-powered strike from them could shatter a tiny portion of space temporarily, but here, a casual strike from them could even destroy the entire world.

In a single instant, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er appeared above the Tian Yuan Continent, standing in the sea of clouds like they were standing on flat ground.

Even without releasing the senses of his soul intentionally, a rough outline of the entire world appeared in Jian Chen’s head clearly.

He could even sense the existence of the World of Forsaken Saints.

Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess did not linger on the Tian Yuan Continent.

They directly made their way to the sea realm before seemingly entering a different space, searching for the Xuanhuang Microcosm’s whereabouts.

As for Xiao Ling, she moved through the bustling cities with her childish nature on full display.

An innocent, naive smile hung on her face as she had the time of her life.

Xiao Jin was completely different from his appearance.

Despite still looking like a child, he gave off a sense of maturity and level-headedness that conflicted with his age.

He stuck closely to Xiao Ling’s side.

Jian Chen did not keep an eye out for Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin.

He let them wander through the Tian Yuan Continent and have their fun.

There was no longer anyone in the lower world that could threaten her, not to mention the fact that she even had a great expert, Xiao Jin, as her bodyguard.

Jian Chen began paying attention to the Tian Yuan Continent.

With a single thought, the current situation on the continent appeared in his head clearly, but he immediately frowned from what he saw.

He had discovered that the Tian Yuan Continent clearly seemed like it had just gone through a brutal war.

Almost half of the entire continent was covered in pits and ditches, and the ground was dyed red with many corpses strewn around.

Many rivers and lakes had turned red.

“Why did such a brutal war happen on the Tian Yuan Continent” Shangguang Mu’er noticed that something was amiss too.

Her gaze immediately sharpened, giving off a great sense of worry at the same time.

As a mother, the first thing she thought of under these circumstances was her child, Shangguan Aojian!

Shangguang Aojian had already grown into a powerful expert who could carry his own weight when they left.

Jian Chen had even given him a lot of the heavenly resources he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm last time, so his strength definitely would have progressed rapidly given his talent.

It might have even been possible that he had already become the greatest expert in the world.

However, care and concern led to irrational thinking.

After personally witnessing the traces of war on the Tian Yuan Continent, Shangguan Mu’er still could not help but become deeply worried.

She could tell with a single glance that many Saint Emperors had participated in the battles that swept through the continent.

There were even traces left behind by experts that had surpassed Saint Emperor.

In the next moment, the senses of Shangguan Mu’er’s soul expanded suddenly, enveloping the entire world instantly.

On top of that, her soul spread through the tunnel between the two worlds and directly reached the World of Forsaken Saints.

In that instant, basically everything across the two worlds was within Shangguan Mu’er’s grasp.

With her strength as an Infinite Prime, she could achieve this with ease in this lower world.

However, her expression became rather ugly.

She turned towards Jian Chen and said in great unease and worry, “I can’t find any traces of Xiao Bao.

H- he’s gone.”

Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly too.

He said calmly, “Mu’er, don’t panic.

Let’s see what exactly happened here over the years.” With that, Jian Chen’s gaze immediately deepened, like they hid two vast galaxies that spun away in the depths of his pupils.

At the same time, his eyes shone with a profound light.

In that instant, his soul merged with the world, and he peered into the ultimate secrets of the world.

Using the various traces and imprints in the surroundings as a medium, he peered into the past and the future.

The level of laws in the lower world was nowhere close to the Saints’ World’s, so Jian Chen could easily peer into everything that had happened in the past few centuries.

He could even see the future to a certain degree.

Immediately, everything that had happened in this world since his departure appeared clearly in his eyes.

Through these images, he found Shangguan Aojian’s figure, and he saw how Shangguan Aojian’s strength skyrocketed with the resources he had left behind after the entire cultivation environment drastically improved with the resolution of the disaster of the world.

A century after his departure, Shangguan Aojian had already reached Reciprocity, becoming the greatest sovereign in the world that no one could displace.

He was invincible.

He kept the experts of the various races under watch, protecting the peace of this world.

By the second century after his departure, Shangguan Aojian had broken the restraints of this world, reaching Godhood in an unbelievable manner in this lower world.

He forged an eternal legend.

Meanwhile, the great elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian, as well as the many seniors and experts of the ten protector clans, the sea realm, and the Beast God Continent also broke through consecutively with the improvement of the cultivation environment and the availability of the World of Forsaken Saints as a training ground.

They all broke through to Saint Emperor and even reached the Origin realm.

On top of that, Jian Chen saw that by the third century after his departure, Shangguan Aojian had formed a powerful group of several dozen Origin realm cultivators from the experts of the various races and even some experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

Then, he ventured to a boundary of the world.

In the end, they breached the world barrier and ventured off to other lower worlds.

Tian Jian of Mercenary City had been part of this group.

During the years with Shangguan Aojian’s presence, the various races of the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints were in a state of peace.

They got along reasonably well.

Despite the different races constantly producing experts, never did a brutal, high-level slaughter erupt between the various races and organisations due to Shangguan Aojian.

However, the peace in this world gradually vanished with Shangguan Aojian’s departure with the various Origin realm experts.

Jian Chen even discovered that the initiators of this horrific war that had almost swept across the entire Tian Yuan Continent were the Flame Mercenaries!


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