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Chapter 3098: The Sacred Lord of Reverse Stream

“In the Violet Wind Empire of the southern region, there is a great expert lying low in the imperial capital.

With your ability, you should be able to discover him very easily if you intentionally search for him.

He just happens to be in need of a droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad.”

“Essence Blood of the Myriad is relatively difficult to gather for other people since the process is heinous, but your Empyrean Demon Cult has carried out endless slaughter throughout the Saints’ World in recent years, so it shouldn’t be anything difficult to collect.”

“You’ll get what you want for a droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad.”

Beyond the Desolate Plane, Mo Tianyun, who was about to return to the sea of stars, came to a halt.

His eyes turned to the southern region of the Desolate Plane, gazing at one of the five everlasting empires, the Violet Wind Empire.

“Many thanks!” Mo Tianyun clasped his fist towards the Celestial Sword Saint from outer space.

In the next moment, he appeared within the Violet Wind Empire.

“Remember, don’t let him notice me.

I don’t want any disturbances to my peace.” The Celestial Sword Saint’s voice rang out.

He directly communicated with Mo Tianyun from such a great distance away.

“Last of all, after that woman beside you has obtained all her imprints of ways, it’s best if you pay a visit to the Radiant Saint Hall with her.

The power of the Radiant Saint Hall can purify things to a certain degree.

In her current state, Radiant Saint Force can purify and refine her soul to a certain extent.

It can leave her soul even clearer.”

“If you want to go to the Radiant Saint Hall, it is best to rely on your relationship with Jian Chen.

He’s still very weak, but you need to admit that his identity is much more useful than your identity as the Empyrean Demon Lord.

It should be enough for her to receive the personal baptism of the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.”

At this moment, within the Violet Wind Empire, Mo Tianyun and Ning Shuang appeared in the extremely busy imperial capital.

They strolled aimlessly down the bustling streets.

“I haven’t noticed the great expert that the Celestial Sword Saint spoke about with the senses of my soul.

He must be hidden extremely well.

I need to be a little closer before I can verify his identity.

Ning Shuang, let’s take our time and look for him for now.

The city might be large, but we only need a few days to cover the entire place,” Mo Tianyun said.

If he wanted to find this senior, the senses of his soul were completely useless.

As a result, he was forced to resort to the stupidest as well as simplest method, which was to cover every single street and alleyway in the imperial capital, reaching every corner.

“Tianyun, what strength does the Celestial Sword Saint possess” Ning Shuang asked.

Her gaze flew past the countless shops on the streets with some interest.

“The Celestial Sword Saint seems to be at the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, but he’s obtained the legacy of a supreme expert, the Three Lives Sword God, so his true strength is far more terrifying than it seems on the surface,” said Mo Tianyun as if he was absolutely obedient to her.

He would give a detailed explanation to any of her questions patiently, basically telling her everything that he knew.

“However, the Celestial Sword Saint has always given off an unfathomable feeling.

He makes me feel like he’s a bottomless well.

I simply can’t see through him.

This was exactly how I felt when I first met him.”

“However, even when I see him now, I feel the same,” Mo Tianyun said in thought, “Perhaps it’s because he possesses a Grand Exalt’s legacy.”

Before they knew it, Mo Tianyun and Ning Shuang had already approached a square within the imperial capital.

The square was littered with many teleportation formations, such as interplanar teleportations, regional teleportation formations, and so on.

Many of the low-level teleportation formations gushed with light and radiated with energy.

Cultivators of various strengths from all corners of the world were delivered here or sent away.

It was a busy mess.

Only the interplanar teleportation formation was quiet.

The interplanar teleportation formation was clearly a precious treasure that belonged to the Violet Wind Empire.

Not only did they specially line the place with guards, but there was also an Infinite Prime who watched over it at all times.

That only demonstrated how much the Violet Wind Empire valued the interplanar teleportation formation.

At this moment, a cane chair was located near the quiet interplanar teleportation formation.

An old man laid on the chair with his hair in a mess and his clothes in tatters.

He was absolutely filthy too, so he bore great resemblance to a beggar.

Anyone who saw him would struggle to believe he was an Infinite Prime stationed here by the Violet Wind Empire to watch over the teleportation formations.

At this moment, the unkempt old man laid back in the cane chair with his eyes closed as he slept away.

Even his snoring was clearly audible.

“This junior, the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult, greets the senior!”

At this moment, a voice rang out.

Mo Tianyun and Ning Shuang stood three meters away from the old man, clasping their fists and bowing towards the unkempt old man who seemed to be asleep.

The old man did not respond.

His snoring was deafening as he slept like a log.

“This junior, the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult, greets the senior!” Mo Tianyun clasped his fist and bowed again.

There were many soldiers stationed nearby, but none of them seemed to notice Mo Tianyun.

Their sharp gazes only swept among the crowd.

To these soldiers as well as all the passing cultivators, Mo Tianyun and Ning Shuang both seemed transparent.

“I am in possession of something that senior might be in need of.” Mo Tianyun was unfazed.

At this moment, the unkempt old man seemed to be disturbed.

He rolled over lazily and waved his hand in annoyance, slurring his words.

“Where’d this fly come from Go away, go away.

Stop disturbing my sleep.

If you want to use the teleportation formation, then go find the guards.

Don’t disturb me.

I’ve been sleeping soundly.”

“I am in possession of a droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad!” With a flip of his hand, a droplet of multicoloured fluid immediately appeared out of thin air.

It was a highly-refined droplet of essence blood.

As it was sourced from far too many races, the blood seemed to contain all the colours of the world, flowing with a special sheen.

However, when the droplet of essence blood appeared, the unkempt old man who had been sleeping like a log a moment earlier immediately quivered and stood up from the cane chair.

His old eyes erupted with interest, without any drowsiness at all.

“Essence Blood of the Myriad! You actually have a droplet of Essence Blood of the Myriad.

Tsk tsk, refining this is not easy.

It would take me tremendous effort, and I’d have to commit some heinous deeds.

So tell me, what do you want from me” The unkempt old man stared straight at the droplet of essence blood.

Mo Tianyun gazed at the unkempt old man deeply.

A hint of sternness appeared in the depths of his eyes as he said, “If I’ve guessed correctly, you must be the legendary Sacred Lord of Reverse Stream, senior, a figure of great prominence from the same era as the Sacred Lord of Overarching Heaven.”


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