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Chapter 3094: Conditions

Time trickled by silently.

After who knew how long, Jian Chen began to wake up slowly.

The moment he woke up, he felt like his head was about to explode.

Indescribable pain assaulted him, leaving his head splitting.

On the Bridge of Life and Death, more than two-thirds of his soul had collapsed, not only leaving it heavily injured, but also unprecedentedly feeble.

Enduring the heart-wrenching pain and dizziness, Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly.

Immediately, the outline of the majestic hall filled his eyes.

“This is… the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng” Jian Chen murmured weakly.

He tried his best to recall everything that happened before he fell unconscious.

He seemed to have made the hundredth steps successfully.

“I should have… successfully made it across… the Bridge of Life,” Jian Chen muttered to himself in broken sentences.

He needed to gasp for air after every few words.

“No, my body…”Very soon, Jian Chen seemed to notice something.

Suddenly, he looked at his body.

When he saw how his body was in perfect condition, his eyes immediately narrowed.

There was a hint of confusion and disbelief.

He could clearly remember that his body had sustained severe damage under the mutual assault of the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Destruction.

Not only was he left without a single inch of intact skin, but even a great chunk of his flesh and bones had vanished.

His limbs had even disappeared.

But right now, his body actually seemed perfectly fine!

Of course, that was only the surface.

His body’s condition was still an utter mess.

It was not just his body.

He immediately discovered that his chaotic neidan that should have shattered already was actually in perfect condition too.

However, it was much smaller overall with far less Chaotic Force.

These abnormalities immediately left Jian Chen stunned.

However, he soon seemed to think things through.

He gazed at the depths of the hall, and he immediately spotted a figure seated in the air, cloaked in the light of the ways like a god.

Even without thinking, Jian Chen knew who this person was.

He immediately climbed up to his feet with difficulty, but that obviously affected his wounds too, which filled him with excruciating pain.

He endured the intense pain from his soul and body and bowed deeply towards the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“Junior Jian Chen greets the Grand Exalt!”

However, he did not receive a single reply from the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“Junior Jian Chen greets the Grand Exalt!” With no other choice, Jian Chen could only bow a second time.

Just like before, he did not receive any response from the Anatta Grand Exalt either with this second bow.

“Sir…” For a moment, Jian Chen had no idea what to do.

The thoughts of Grand Exalts were unfathomable.

He had no idea why the Anatta Grand Exalt was ignoring him.

Were the heights he stood at far too low, nowhere near enough to catch the attention of Grand Exalts

That did make sense.

With his puny strength, he truly was no different from an ant before the Anatta Grand Exalt who was a sovereign of the world.

After all, did a sovereign have to acknowledge the greetings of an ant

Thinking through that, Jian Chen immediately cut to the chase.

He directly took out the crystal coffin and stated his reason for coming here.

He pleaded, “I’ve crossed the Bridge of Life and Death to see the Grand Exalt because I have a request.

I hope you can save my friend.”

This time, the Anatta Grand Exalt finally broke his silence.

A dignified voice rang out, “On the Bridge of Life and Death, you endured inhuman pain.

You experienced a tremendous challenge that no ordinary person could withstand and paid a huge price, risking your life before finally crossing the bridge.

Have you done all of this just so that you can ask me to save this person”

“It’s as the Grand Exalt has said.

I’ve faced all these trials just to save her,” said Jian Chen.

The Anatta Grand Exalt fell into a momentary silence.

“You’ve successfully passed the test of the Bridge of Life and Death, but that only gives you the opportunity to see me.

It doesn’t mean that I will fulfill your request.”

“I am obviously aware of that.

I just hope that the Grand Exalt can take into account my efforts of returning the Anatta Tower back then and save my friend.

She’s been injured by the Flame Reverend’s Laws of Fire and is on the brink of death.

The Grand Exalt is the only person that can save her,” Jian Chen pleaded desperately.

This was the first time in his life he had ever pleaded with someone like that.

However, he had no other choice, as it had to do with fairy Hao Yue’s fate.

He had to seize this final opportunity.

“Regardless of where the tower is, I can retrieve it with a single thought, such that no expert can stand in my way.

Do you really think I needed you to return it” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s cold, merciless voice rang out, showing no respect at all.

Jian Chen immediately became speechless.

He simply stood there blankly.

He was aware that the Anatta Grand Exalt might not necessarily recognise his contributions of returning the Anatta Tower.

After all, it was the first majesty that had promised him this, not the Anatta Grand Exalt.

However, he never imagined that despite all the dangers he faced back then, risking his very life the entire journey to return the Anatta Tower, it was actually absolutely nothing in the Anatta Grand Exalt’s eyes.

Back then, he had gone to such great lengths where he almost even lost his life, yet it was actually all so childish and laughable in the Anatta Grand Exalt’s eyes.

For the sake of this, Kai Ya had even died at the hands of the Elder of the Mountains and Seas.

For a moment, Jian Chen actually felt sorrowful.

However, he had to suppress all of his emotions at a time like this.

He bowed deeply towards the Anatta Grand Exalt again and pleaded, “I’m willing to trade a precious treasure of the world to save her.” By now, Jian Chen had no other choice.

He was already prepared to take out the Fortune God Jade.

Fortune God Jade was extremely precious, and it possessed the ability to avoid all detection and senses.

It could only be discovered with the naked eye, so he was confident that even when Grand Exalts possessed the exceptional ability to see through all lies, they definitely would not be aware he possessed a treasure like the Fortune God Jade on him right now.

“Apart from Chaos Fruit of Ways and Ancient Chaos Qi that bear the presence of chaos from the chaotic space, there are no treasures in the world worthy of my attention.

Even if you produce a sovereign god artifact in perfect condition, it still won’t interest me, as sovereign god artifacts that don’t suit me are useless to me.”

“Both Chaos Fruits of Ways and Ancient Chaos Qi are items that even surpass God Tier materials.

Are you in possession of Chaos Fruits of Ways or Ancient Chaos Qi” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Jian Chen’s head.

It immediately extinguished his hopes.

The Anatta Grand Exalt only wanted Chaos Fruits of Ways and Ancient Chaos Qi He never imagined that he would be rejected before he even had the opportunity to show off his Fortune God Jade.


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