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Chapter 3074: The Unbridled Artifact Spirit

“You suspect that the book in Daowei Fatian’s possession is related to these places” the Anatta Grand Exalt asked.

“I’ve studied the past extensively, so I have some surface understanding about the past history, or even some matters that occurred in the past few aeons, but I’ve never found any information regarding this book.

Since this book is so powerful, it can’t have remained unknown like this.

As long as it existed, even with the end of aeons, it would still leave behind some traces.”

“However, there’s absolutely no record of this book whatsoever, so apart from these places that we’ve never been able to see through, I really can’t find another explanation.”

The Anatta Grand Exalt fell silent at first before saying slowly, “Over three million years ago, the Waymight clan was still one of the twelve courts of heaven in the Immortals’ World.

Their strongest expert, Daowei Fatian, was only a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime back then, yet he’s already reached the same level as us now.

The reason why Daowei Fatian is able to take this step and make it so far is extremely likely to be due to the book in his possession.

The book definitely only appeared in recent years.”

“But that’s fine.

The book from the Immortals’ World is very powerful, but if I refine this item, I’m sure it can contend with it.” With a flip of his hand, an illusionary figure immediately appeared in the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ hand.

The item was very strange in shape.

It was shaped like a spatial battleship, yet it also possessed features that were vastly different from a spatial battleship.

“Is this the ultimate weapon you obtained” The Anatta Grand Exalt looked over.

When he saw the item before the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths, his eyes immediately narrowed slightly.

He could sense that every single part, component, or even outline on this item touched on extremely profound mysteries of the world.

In a daze, it seemed to echo the ways of the world, forming an unfathomable resonance.

It was only a figure, but the Anatta Grand Exalt could sense how extraordinary it was from that alone.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths nodded.

“The kid from the Heaven-splitting clan has already obtained the method to forge this item from me, but even if he knows, it’s useless, as refining this ultimate weapon requires comprehending the Laws of Smithing and the Laws of Formations to a hundred percent.

Otherwise, you can’t forge it even if you have the method.”

The Anatta Grand Exalt’s cold eyes immediately shone with killing intent when she heard that.

With a single thought, she pinpointed the Heaven-splitting Ancestor's location instantly.

“Forget about it.

He’s just a junior.

Why must we stoop to the same level as a kid As long as he doesn’t divulge this to the Immortals’ World, leave him be.

Let alone the fact that he can’t forge it, even if he does manage to forge it, it’ll be good news instead.” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths smiled mysteriously and said, “Anatta, don’t you want to know where I obtained the method to forge this ultimate weapon”

The Anatta Grand Exalt stared at the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths and said nothing.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths peered off into the distance.

His gaze seemed to penetrate space and time, directly landing on the distant Desolate Plane.

He said slowly, “I once paid a visit to the Tower of Radiance in the Radiant Saint Hall.

In the very depths of the Tower of Radiance is an extremely well-hidden formation.

Even Grand Exalts would struggle to detect the existence of this formation.

Only those who have comprehended the Laws of Formations to the limit can sense it.

That was where the method to forge the ultimate weapon came from.”

“The Tower of Radiance!” The Anatta Grand Exalt murmured and gazed in the direction of the Desolate Plane too.

The reflection of the Tower of Radiance immediately appeared in his eyes.

“I’m guessing that the true centre of the Martial Soul Mountain is hiding some unfathomable secret.

It’s just a pity that apart from successors of the Martial Soul lineage, even supreme existences like us that have grasped the heavenly ways cannot enter the centre of the Martial Soul Mountain.

It’s extremely likely for the method to forge the ultimate weapon to have originated from the Martial Soul Mountain.”

“The master of the Tower of Radiance is not from this aeon, so any traces and matters left behind in history to do with him have mostly been erased already.

Peering into the aeon where he’s from has already become almost impossible.

The Tower of Radiance is probably the only way to learn about these matters.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths looked at the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“The spirit of the Tower of Radiance just happens to have awakened.

Anatta, would you be interested in paying a visit to the Tower of Radiance with me The artifact spirit probably understands the Martial Soul Mountain better than us.

After all, its past master was a successor of the Martial Soul lineage.”

“There’s something else that leaves me extremely confused, which is why no one from the Martial Soul lineage can reach Grand Prime now.

During the aeon that the master of the Tower of Radiance was from, there were no limits on the Martial Soul lineage’s breakthroughs.”

“On top of that, there’s the Martial Soul Mountains’ ability to instantly appear anywhere in the Saints’ World despite the distance.

That’s an ability that only Grand Exalts possess.”

The Anatta Grand Exalt’s eyes narrowed slightly.

In the next moment, he and Ancient Paths completely vanished.

Basically as soon as they had vanished from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they silently reappeared in the Tower of Radiance locked down in the Radiant Saint Hall on the Desolate Plane.

The distance between the Prosper Plane and the Desolate Plane was extremely vast.

This distance was so great that even Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Exalts would have to spend a good while travelling.

But in the eyes of Grand Exalts, travelling from the Prosper Plane to the Desolate Plane was merely the matter of a thought.

They could reach there instantly.

“Saints Are you the Saints of this aeon” At this moment, a voice echoed through the Tower of Radiance.

A spirit appeared before Anatta and Ancient Paths.

The spirit seemed like a ball of mist.

It had appeared in its most primitive form.

It had not assumed any shape or form.

This spirit was the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance!

But compared to the past, the artifact spirit had clearly recovered by quite a bit.

It no longer seemed as feeble as before, and it no longer stuttered when it spoke either.

“I sense a familiar presence from you.” At this moment, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the spirit, which stared straight at the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths.

Soon afterwards, the artifact spirit seemed to recall something.

It shuddered violently and let out a furious roar, “I know, I know! You’re the one who stole the item that the mistress left with me.

You can’t hide your presence from me.”

“You thief! So much for being a Saint! You take advantage of me when my consciousness has collapsed, and you steal the item that the mistress has left with me.”

“Return it to me.

Return it to me immediately.

Put it back where you found it, or once the mistress returns, she’ll never spare you.

I know you’re both Saints, but don’t even dream about contending against the mistress.

Her strength is beyond your imaginations.”

The artifact spirit kicked up a fuss.

He did not take the Grand Exalts seriously at all.


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