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Chapter 3062: Ming Dong Returns

An interplanar teleportation formation on the Cloud Plane suddenly erupted with light as waves of teleportation power ebbed out.

Three figures appeared in the formation out of thin air.

Among the three of them, the two at the very front were a young couple.

The young man was casual and elegant in bearing, very handsome and graceful.

He gave off a faint sense of arrogance.

The woman possessed great beauty.

She was absolutely alluring, and her bearing possessed a sense of nobility within her elegance.

The woman clung onto the man’s arm, leaning against his body in great happiness.

The couple were Ming Dong and the princess of the Thousand Lotus Empire, Yun Xiaoyan.

The middle-aged man behind them was Ming Xie, who stuck close to them like a bodyguard.

He followed them closely, protecting the ninth majesty’s safety with great loyalty.

“Ah, the Cloud Plane.

It’s been so many years, but I’ve finally returned.” Ming Dong could not help but spread his arms as he gazed at the Cloud Plane, sucking in the air here to his delight.

He was intoxicated by it.

“Brother Ming, it’s not like you grew up here, so why are you so attached to this place” Yun Xiaoyan wrinkled her nose slightly beside Ming Dong and grumbled.

“Yan’er, you don’t understand.

I wasn’t born here, but I hold special feelings towards this place.

If I had a home, then my home in the Saints’ World would be here and only here.”

“That’s because the Tian Yuan clan stands here, and the Tian Yun clan has many of my past acquaintances, as well as my brother that has gone through thick and thin with me.”

“Now, the Tian Yuan clan is my home,” Ming Dong said sentimentally, revealing a special form of attachment.

“C’mon, Yan’er, let’s go home.

Let’s return to our Tian Yuan clan.” Ming Dong made his way out of the teleportation formation with Yun Xiaoyan.

He gazed in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan and could not help but smile warmly.

“It’s been so many years since I left.

I wonder how the Tian Yuan clan is doing, but it should be doing even better than before.”




In the southern region, within an extremely well-decorated hall of the Tian Yuan clan, Ming Dong, Nubis, Qing Yixuan, Xi Yu, and the other core members of the Tian Yuan clan gathered together, having a merry time.

They celebrated Ming Dong’s return.

This time, Ming Dong kept an extremely low profile with his return.

Only the core members of the Tian Yuan clan knew about it.

His current identity was vastly different from before.

Once he was exposed, it would definitely lead to upheaval across the entire Cloud Plane.

Let alone the Cloud Plane, even the nearby planes would have people travelling great distances to meet him.

It would bring even greater fame to the Tian Yuan clan, but it would also create a lot of miscellaneous problems.

“Just what is my brother thinking He refuses to expand the Tian Yuan clan.

There’s so much up for grabs, yet he just lets others take it for free,” Ming Dong grumbled as he drank, “Just what is that brother of mine thinking and worrying about Sigh, if it were me, I’d have nothing to worry about at all.

If something happens, I’ll be there to fix it.

Even if the sky falls down, it won’t touch his head.”

“Since this is how Jian Chen planned it, he obviously has his reasons,” Xi Yu said in thought, clearly also extremely curious about the reason behind Jian Chen’s decision.

As they had a merry time, they completely failed to sense that a group of people had already gathered in the vast outer space beyond the Cloud Plane.

These people were all from the great organizations that had rushed over from the Ice Pole Plane, except their numbers and strength were even greater than back then on the Ice Pole Plane.

On the Ice Pole Plane, the ancestors of the various clans had their qualms about the Snow Goddess, so they dared not show up in person, only sending a clone instead.

They dared not do anything that went overboard either.

However, they did not have to worry about something like that at all when it came to the measly Cloud Plane.

Among the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World, the Cloud Plane was one of the weaker planes.

Even to this day, they did not possess any mid Grand Primes.

These colossal organisations from across the Saints’ World that possessed mid or even late Grand Primes at the very least obviously had nothing to worry about.

“According to the report, the Tian Yuan clan is only active in the southern region of the Cloud Plane.

We need to seal up the entire southern plane.

As long as they’re from the Tian Yuan clan, we can’t let them get away.

We also need to destroy the interplanar teleportation formations as quickly as we can so that we stop anyone important from leaving through them,” an old man said authoritatively among the many organisations.

The pressure he gave off was alarming, a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

Their objective was to control the Tian Yuan clan and use it as a chip to coerce Jian Chen.

They wanted to make him hand over the treasures he had obtained in the Darkstar World that were so precious it could even drive Grand Primes crazy.

It was extremely likely for Jian Chen to possess belongings of a Grand Exalt.

In the eyes of the Grand Primes, this was a life-changing opportunity.


We definitely can’t afford any internal strife at a time like this.

We’ll share the precious resources after we obtain them from the Darkstar World.” Someone added immediately. 

Shortly afterwards, a Grand Prime got to work personally, casting down an extremely powerful barrier around the entire southern region.

At the same time, several Chaotic Prime great elders took action as well.

They entered the southern region, immediately destroying all the teleportation formations littered across the southern region.

It was not just the interplanar teleportation formations.

They did not even spare the inter-region teleportation formations and even destroyed teleportation formations below that.

Some of them even used secret techniques to seal up space so that they could prevent anyone from escaping through fleeing secret techniques.

They obviously could not keep the peak experts on the Cloud Plane in the dark with what they were doing.

Immediately, Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji, Zhou Zhidao, and the other Grand Primes that watched the Cloud Plane all opened their eyes.

They gazed at outer space in shock.

In the Tian Yuan clan, Ming Xie, who was sitting on a jade bed, also opened his eyes.

He raised his head and gazed off into outer space, instinctively furrowing his brows.

Xu Ran, who spent all year round in secluded cultivation, opened her eyes at this moment as well.

Apart from the seriousness, there was suspicion in her eyes.

She whispered to herself, “Someone has actually sealed up the southern region Who’s so tired of living”

As soon as she considered that, her face suddenly changed.

An extremely terrifying pulse of energy appeared above the Tian Yuan clan.

Then it condensed into a colossal sword instantly and thrust towards the Tian Yuan clan’s protective formation with terrifying might.


Immediately, all of the protective formations around the Tian Yuan clan were obliterated with a great rumble.

The layers upon layers of powerful formations that could block the attacks of Chaotic Primes were no different from paper before the energy sword.

That was a powerful attack from a Grand Prime!


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