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Chapter 3061: Focusing on the Southern Region

The Spirit God clan was an existence that once possessed a glorious history and also an existence that all the great organisations present feared.

The Spirit God clan had once been a terrifying organisation that had given birth to a sovereign.

Even after they lost their sovereign, the Spirit God clan still managed to remain at the apex of the Saints’ World through their complete legacy of the sovereign, standing among the ranks of the archaean clans.

They had lost their title as an archaean clan already, and they were on a constant decline from their former prosperity, such that each generation of experts was no better than the last.

However, they had still been an archaean clan in the past after all.

Even when they had already declined, they were well beyond what any of the organisations present could contend with.

Not to mention the fact that the Spirit God clan was now under the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s protection too.

With a sovereign as their support, the Spirit God clan that was already very powerful immediately became a supreme organisation that even archaean clans refused to provoke.

As a result, when the Grand Prime from the Spirit God clan appeared, the organisations gathered around the Heavenly Crane clan immediately felt troubled.

“It’ll be troublesome now.

I didn’t think that Jian Chen would actually catch the Spirit God clan’s eye, such that they want him to marry into the clan.”

“Sigh, the Spirit God clan has never given up on regaining their status as an archaean clan.

They’ve constantly been working towards this goal over the years.

Their supreme ancestor does not possess complete confidence in being able to reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer, so they’re trying to burden an outsider with this heavy responsibility.

They’re hoping that they can recruit a few outstanding geniuses.”

“The Spirit God clan wants to groom a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

Over the years, they’ve recruited many prodigies from various places across the Saints’ World.

All of the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne are important targets for this, but this time, they seem to treasure Jian Chen far more than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

“What’s strange about that Jian Chen is truly anything but simple.

He could enter the World of the Forsaken Beast, which means he’s less than a thousand years old.

He could create such a great mess in the Darkstar race at such a young age.

It’s said that he completely upheaved the Darkstar race.

The Spirit God clan obviously won’t let a genius like him slip by.”

“In less than a thousand years, not only has he reached Chaotic Prime, but he can also contend against the Darkstar Emperor.

Jian Chen truly is an unparalleled genius.

Probably even those disciples of Grand Exalts were ten times as old as Jian Chen when they achieved the same feats.”

“It’s said that there’s an extremely great possibility that some of the items left behind by the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race has ended up in Jian Chen’s hands.

What a pity.

He possesses what I desire, or even I would like to befriend a genius like this.”



The various ancestors discussed in secrecy.

They all frowned, caught in a dilemma.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor and ancestor Lan who hovered above the Heavenly Crane clan exchanged glances as well.

The Spirit God clan’s strange request had taken them by surprise.

At the same time, on an icy mountain range ten million kilometers away from the Heavenly Crane clan, the Rain Abbess stood with her hands behind her back on a mountain peak.

The power of space seemed to flow around her, such that she was completely hidden in the space there.

It was difficult to discover her visually or through the senses of souls.

She simply stood there silently.

Her gaze seemed to be able to pierce space, gazing in the direction of the Heavenly Crane clan from a very distant place.

“Sigh, he really does know how to make people worry for him, actually making such a great mess.

Fan Yun, you sure are unlucky to have a junior brother like him.” the Rain Abbess let out a gentle sigh.

Her face was filled with powerlessness.

Seeing how ancestor Lan and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor did not give a reply, the small old man from the Spirit God clan immediately became a little frantic.

He rubbed his hands and stood on the ground, gazing at the two beauties in the air and asking again, “How is it Ancestor Lan, Icecloud Founding Ancestor, has Jian Chen given his answer Has he agreed to marry into our Spirit God clan”

“You have to let him know that our Spirit God clan definitely won’t touch the items on him.

Once he marries into our Spirit God clan, we’ll shoulder all of the problems he’s stirred up in the past.

Our Spirit God clan will become his greatest support, such that he will have no one and no organisation to fear,” the old man said with great dedication, clearly treasuring Jian Chen very much.

Ancestor Lan and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor exchanged glances again.

Only after a short moment of thought did they tell the old man, “Jian Chen is currently in an important period of secluded cultivation.

It’s extremely important to him, so we can’t disturb him.”

“Ahh, what bad timing.” The old man slapped his knee, making him seem very annoyed.

“However, Jian Chen shouldn’t be in secluded cultivation for too long, a few decades if short and a century if long.

If you don’t mind, you could spend that time in our Heavenly Crane clan.

Once Jian Chen emerges, we’ll let you know immediately.”

“You want me to wait a few decades in the Heavenly Crane clan” The old man hesitated slightly.

He was a Grand Prime ancestor of the Spirit God clan after all.

Even though he was the weakest among the ancestors, he was still an ancestor, yet right now, they were telling him to wait here for a junior, and the wait would last several decades.

That really was rather shameful.

“So be it.

I’ll wait then.

Jian Chen’s talent is enough for me to wait that long.

Speaking of which, if he agrees to marry into our Spirit God clan, even waiting a few centuries, a few millennia is fine with me, let alone a few decades.

What can I do about the fact that our Spirit God clan just values talent so much” The old man grinned and made his way towards the Heavenly Crane clan leisurely.

Right when he was about to pass through the protective formation, he suddenly turned around and waved his hand at all the organisations from the Hundred Saint City.

He squinted his eyes and said, “Everyone, please return.

Our Spirit God clan will be reserving Jian Chen as our son-in-law.”

With that, the old man directly passed through the protective formation of the Heavenly Crane clan.

Outside, the faces of the people from the organisations of the Hundred Saint City all sank, but none of them dared to say anything.

The Spirit God clan possessed the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s protection, so they could indeed do whatever they liked.

None of them could afford to offend them either.

“Hmph, c’mon, let’s go to the Cloud Plane.

Doesn’t the report detail that Jian Chen founded a clan on the Cloud Plane We’ll control his clan and coerce him with that.

I’d like to see whether he’ll just turn a blind eye to this or not.”


We’ll go to the Cloud Plane immediately and control his clan.

We have to do this before he formally joins the Spirit God clan, or we won’t be able to target his clan any further once he’s married into the Spirit God clan.”

“We have to move quickly.”

In the next instant, the various organisations all retreated, rushing to the Cloud Plane as quickly as they could.


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