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The power of the Nine Godly Arts developed around Mo Tianyun.

Every single godly art contained the profound mysteries of the world.

Every single godly art possessed unbelievable might.

Finally, the Nine Godly Arts merged into one on him, conjuring an illusionary world.

At first glance, the world seemed like a complete illusion, but at a closer glance, there was an element of truth within the illusions.

This was a desolate world that existed between illusion and reality, woven by the laws with endless substances growing and evolving.

The desolate landscape seemed like it belonged to a primordial age.

As Mo Tianyun unleashed the World of the Primordial, his presence immediately reached an unprecedented peak.

At that moment, he seemed to be imbued with the power of an entire world, leaving him powerful as never before.

Shortly afterwards, he seemed to merge with the primordial world, abruptly rushing forwards with the force of the entire world as he went up to receive the incoming demonic figure fearlessly.

Immediately, the world shook, and the laws were thrown into disarray.

The colossal, demonic figure summoned by the Rain Abbess and the primordial world that had merged with Mo Tianyun collided valiantly with devastating might.


In the very instant the demonic figure and the primordial world collided, the boom was drowned out by the resulting energy storm.

From outside, only a colossal storm of energy was visible, erupting with startling and magnificent colour in this spatial crack like a blooming flower bud, sweeping across the entire world.

In that instant, the Rain Abbess, Mo Tianyun, and even their attacks vanished completely.

No one could tell what the result of this clash was, much less who had won between them.

Only a very long time later when the terrifying energy storm slowly subsided did the Rain Abbess and Mo Tianyun gradually appear once more.

The two of them confronted one another a hundred kilometers away.

They were unscathed, but they were in horrible shape to varying degrees.

The Rain Abbess lovely, violet dress was tattered, and a small part of her sleeve had already vanished, revealing half of her arm.

Mo Tianyuns long hair was a mess, dancing around under the impact of the storm.

He seemed to be rather roughed up, but when combined with his cold and resolute face, it only seemed to add some demonic charm to him.

Spurt! At this moment, the Rain Abbess suddenly coughed up blood.

It was a mystery whether it was the result of her clash with Mo Tianyun or the backlash from using overly great power.

As she coughed up the blood, it had undoubtedly signified the result of this battle.

She had lost.

“Rain Abbess, are you convinced” Mo Tianyun stood with his arms crossed and said emotionlessly.

The Rain Abbess remained the same as before, just as cold.

She stared at the man before her frigidly and said, “Empyrean Demon Lord, the entire reason why you managed to defeat me is because of your bloodline.

Your bloodline is extremely powerful.

Who are you exactly”

“Who I am is not important to you.

Ive come today with two objectives.

One of them is to settle our past grievances, while the other is to propose that we cooperate with something,” said Mo Tianyun.

The Rain Abbess snorted coldly.

“Settle our past grievances In the past, your Empyrean Demon Cult attacked my Cloudsurge Empire, causing immeasurable losses for us.

You even stole the innate spiritual materials that I had nurtured after so much difficulty.

Do you really think you can just write off these grievances with your bit of strength”

“I admit that youre extremely powerful, Empyrean Demon Lord, but if you think you can achieve a convincing victory over me with just that, then youre far too naive.” The Rain Abbess voice was icy-cold.

As she said that, the final, golden scale hidden on her neck suddenly began to flash.

A terrifying presence immediately flowed out.

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The Rain Abbess was releasing the final scale regardless of the consequences.

However, releasing the golden scale seemed to come at an extremely great cost to her, which made her hesitant and uncertain.

Even though she had already activated the golden scales power, she was unable to make up her mind.

However, right when the Rain Abbess activated the golden scale, something happened in the Tower of Radiance on the distant Desolate Plane.

At this moment, the Tower of Radiance that had been firmly sealed there by the formations of the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths suddenly began to shake without any prior signs.

The Tower of Radiance was a sovereign god artifact after all.

Its shaking immediately led to an earthquake across the entire Radiant Saint Hall.

Mountains swayed, and boulders tumbled down.

Immediately, the entire Radiant Saint Hall was alarmed.

All of the experts were disturbed.

The six protectors, all of the vice hall masters, and the elders who had condensed soultrees gathered together immediately.

All of their eyes were glued to the shaking Tower of Radiance, filled with doubt and uncertainty.

Inside the Tower of Radiance, in an unknown space, a spirit that seemed powerful but was actually extremely feeble trembled away emotionally, letting out a faltering but rousing voice.

“T- t- t- this presence- i- i- its m- its m- m- m-”


In the spatial crack, Mo Tianyun immediately became stern when he sensed the aura that the Rain Abbesss golden scale gave off.

Even his eyes narrowed slightly.

After a short moment of hesitation, he raised his right hand slowly.

A flying blade as thin as a cicada wing appeared out of thin air above his hand.

No, perhaps it could not be described as a flying blade, as it resembled a sharp claw more.

It was a sharp claw as thin as a cicada wing after special refinement.

The sharp claw was wrapped in the patterns of ways, giving off a chilling power of slaughter.

It unconsciously radiated with a pressure that flooded the surroundings and swept through the stars.

“Rain Abbess, I am in possession of this, so even if you actually unleash that power, you might not necessarily be able to finish me off.

At the very least, Im confident enough to retreat safely, but what about you Once you actually use that power, the price youll pay definitely wont be small.

Is it really worth it to take such a great risk over such a small matter” Mo Tianyun said.

Her eyes became fixed on the sharp claw hovering in Mo Tianyuns hand.

At this moment, the Rain Abbesss face changed, as she managed to identify it at first glance.

The sharp claw was clearly a sovereign god artifact!

On top of that, it was a sovereign god artifact that was highly compatible with the Empyrean Demon Lord in terms of power, bloodline, and laws!

The level of compatibility was so high that the wielder, Mo Tianyun, did not even need the corresponding cultivation to unleash an abnormal amount of power from the sovereign god artifact.

He could wield it with ease.

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