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With Shui Yunlans appearance, the Heavenly Crane clan immediately became the peak organisation at the centre of attention on the Ice Pole Plane.

The peak organisations that stood among the various regions of the plane all sent important figures to the Heavenly Crane clan, which included plenty of Grand Prime ancestors.

These people were obviously visiting for the sake of Shui Yunlan.

Of course, Shui Yunlan alone was nowhere near enough for all of these peak organisations to mobilise so many people.

Shui Yunlan did come from the Ice Goddess Hall, but her status was only equivalent to a mere servant in the eyes of these Grand Prime ancestors.

The true reason was that Shui Yunlans appearance foreshadowed the return of the Snow Goddess to the Ice Pole Plane after she vanished for many years.

When the ancestors of these organisations visited the Heavenly Crane clan, they were all eager to see Shui Yunlan, hoping they could learn even a bit of news regarding the Snow Goddess.

There were even some ancestors who expressed their loyalty towards the Snow Goddess without any regard, swearing oaths along the lines of being willing to do anything for the Snow Goddess.

They were all willing to provide as much help and resources as possible for the Snow Goddesss recovery.

But without any exception, the Heavenly Crane clan turned down all of their requests to see Shui Yunlan.

Shui Yunlan was placed under the heavy protection of the Heavenly Crane clan ever since she set foot in the clan.

Even the great elders of the Heavenly Crane clan had no right to see her.

As for these visiting organisations, their allegiance was unknown, so the Heavenly Crane clan obviously was not bold enough to let them see Shui Yunlan.

Only after several days did the Heavenly Crane clan gradually return to the same peace as before.

In the depths of the Heavenly Crane clan, ancestor Lan, Hun Zang, Shui Yunlan, and Jian Chen gathered together on the Soaring Snow peak.

“Shui Yunlan, may I ask when her majesty the Snow Goddess will return Each day without the Snow Goddess is another day of chaos for our Ice Pole Plane.” Ancestor Lan asked the question that she cared about the most.

The threats that the Heavenly Crane clan currently faced did not come from the Flame Reverend alone.

The Heavens sect on planet Cangmang was eyeing them as well.

However, once the Ice Pole Plane had the Snow Goddess, who would be able to stop the Flame Reverend, the Flame Reverend would no longer pose any threat to them anymore.

As for the Heavens sect, they would never be able to muster the courage to set foot on the Ice Pole Plane again by then.

“I will only tell a single person about anything regarding her majesty, and that is Jian Chen!” Shui Yunlan said, clearly not particularly trusting of ancestor Lan.

Shui Yunlans response did not faze ancestor Lan.

She shot a glance at Jian Chen before leaving, avoiding the conversation intentionally.

Soon afterwards, Hun Zang chose to leave as well.

Their Martial Soul lineage was not interested in some Ice Goddess or Snow Goddess.

If it were not because of Jian Chen, the Martial Soul lineage would have never become involved in this troublesome matter of the Ice Pole Plane.

Very soon, only Shui Yunlan and Jian Chen remained.

“Shui Yunlan, can you tell me about the situation of my sister now” Jian Chen asked immediately.

He was eager.

Shui Yunlan was in no hurry to answer him.

Instead, she took out a special transmission talisman and passed it to Jian Chen.

She said cautiously, “Its very easy for experts that far surpass our cultivations to eavesdrop on our conversation.

You should refine this jade talisman immediately.”

Jian Chen did not hesitate, accepting the special jade talisman and refining it immediately.

The moment he finished refining it, Shui Yunlans voice directly rang out in Jian Chens head through the transmission talisman.

“Theres something very wrong with her majestys state right now.

Not only has she failed to recover her memories and past self, but shes even fallen unconscious.”

Jian Chens heart tightened as soon as he heard how his sister was unconscious.

He became extremely worried.

“After falling unconscious, the coldness she gave off formed a domain of its own.

Even with my strength, I cannot get close to her, much less check just what has happened to her majesty.

However, I can vaguely sense that there are two powers in conflict within the domain of coldness.

From my many years of knowledge and experience, Id say her majestys condition is very abnormal.

If it isnt resolved quickly, it- it might harm her majesty.”

Shui Yunlan became deeply concerned.

“Whats happening with her majesty obviously isnt an issue for the great Ice Goddess.

Originally, I wanted to sneak into the Ice Goddess Hall and call for her majesty the Ice Goddess while Wu Hans organisation was on the brink of destruction from the Empyrean Demon Cult, but I didnt receive any reply at all in the end.”

“Jian Chen, our Ice Goddess Hall has no friends or allies in the Saints World.

Apart from you, I cannot find another person that I can completely trust in the Saints World right now, so please help her majesty.” Shui Yunlan pleaded with him.

She was filled with a sense of powerlessness.

Seeing how delicate Shui Yunlan seemed right now, Jian Chen could not help but recall what he saw on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Back then, Shui Yunlan had been an invincible expert in his eyes, an unbelievably terrifying existence.

Even the World of Forsaken Saints that had almost brought a great disaster upon the Tian Yuan Continent was as feeble as an ant before Shui Yunlan.

Jian Chen struggled to connect the feeble Shui Yunlan right now to the invincible expert who had been all-powerful in the lower world back then.

“Dont worry.

Ill definitely do everything within my ability to help my sister, but you have to let me see my sister,” Jian Chen said seriously.

They had carried out their entire conversation through the transmission talisman.

Their voices directly rang out in each others heads, so on the surface, it only seemed like they were staring at one another and not communicating.

“I can bring you to where her majesty is hidden right now.

Only I can bring people in, but before we go, we need to prepare some resources for her majesty.

If her majesty wishes to recover her strength, the amount of resources she requires is immeasurable,” said Shui Yunlan.

“Cultivation resources Thats easy!”Jian Chen thought of an idea.

He ended his conversation with Shui Yunlan before finding ancestor Lan immediately.

He directly demanded cultivation resources from the Heavenly Crane clan under the cause of assisting the Snow Goddess with her recovery.

The Heavenly Crane clan was a peak organisation with three Grand Primes after all.

Not only were they even stronger than the peak clans of the Cloud Plane, but their wealth was well beyond anything the Cloud Plane could match too.

Why would Jian Chen let such a wealthy organisation slip by

After all, he was on par with a Chaotic Prime now.

Both his knowledge and insight had vastly improved compared to before.

He understood how tremendous the resources would be for the Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime Snow Goddess to return to her peak condition.

He was very wealthy right now, and the Tian Yuan clan that had obtained a share of the wealth of numerous peak clans on the Cloud Plane was very wealthy as well.

The quantity of resources they possessed could be described as astronomical, but these resources were nowhere near enough for a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes recovery.

As soon as she heard Jian Chens reason for asking for resources, ancestor Lan immediately became stern.

She said, “Our Heavenly Crane clan obviously wont shy away from assisting the Snow Goddesss recovery, but our strength alone is nowhere near enough to provide her majesty with everything she requires.

As a result, we need to gather the peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane and have them work together to achieve this goal.”

When it came to working for the Snow Goddess, ancestor Lan was as diligent as she could be.

She immediately contacted the many organisations on the Ice Pole Plane and began gathering resources for the Snow Goddess.

Ancestor Lan was obviously faced with doubts from a few peak organisations.

They all thought the Heavenly Crane clan was using this opportunity to make profit for themselves.

However, the Snow sect and the Chillwind sect did not doubt her at all.

They both arrived at the Heavenly Crane clan with Space Rings filled with resources, personally handing them to Shui Yunlan.

The Snow sect and Chillwind sects actions immediately silenced all of the doubts.

Soon afterwards, the various peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane all delivered various resources, some more than others, to the Heavenly Crane clan with different thoughts in mind.

There were no organisations bold enough to remain uninvolved, nor were there any organizations bold enough to just stand by.

They all understood that if they did not make a stance and express their allegiance, the other organisations on the Ice Pole Plane would use this opportunity to stir up trouble.

They would become a target for all even if the Snow Goddess returned and did not care.

Of course, these resources all went to Shui Yunlan.

Jian Chens relationship with the Snow Goddess was not made public, so on the surface, Shui Yunlan served as the Snow Goddesss only representative.

In a short moment, the resources in Shui Yunlans possession reached an astronomical sum.

It was completely impossible to keep track of.

The Snow sect had contributed the most.

They had basically taken out seventy percent of all the resources in their treasury.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor had truly gone to work with providing more resources to the Snow Goddess.

Following the Snow sect was the Heavenly Crane clan and the Chillwind sect.

Three days later, Shui Yunlan was finally ready to bring Jian Chen with her to see the Snow Goddess with all the resources on her.

The two of them disguised themselves and left the Heavenly Crane clan.

Under the secret escort of the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, ancestor Lan, and Hun Zang, they entered the supreme divine hall of the Ice Pole Plane, the Ice Goddess Hall.

“Dont tell me my sister is hidden in the Ice Goddess Hall” Jian Chen studied the huge space within the Ice Goddess Hall that resembled a miniature world and questioned.

Shui Yunlan shook her head and said, “Her majesty isnt inside the Ice Goddess Hall.

Shes hidden in a miniature world that the Ice Goddess personally created in the past.

The miniature world is extremely secretive.

The Ice Goddess once said that it was impossible to discover the miniature world unless we encountered an expert on the same level as her.”

“Actually, it doesnt have to be here for us to enter the miniature world.

Anywhere within the vicinity of the Ice Pole Plane is enough to open the gateway.”

“The Ice Goddesss abilities are great.

Since she said no one below Grand Exalt can find it, then no one can find it.

However, just in case, I thought we should be safe, so I chose to enter while inside the Ice Goddess Hall, as the Ice Goddess Hall can hide us from far too many things we cant detect.”

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