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The spatial crack was filled with multi-coloured, chaotic, and violent streams of energy, as well as temporal vortices that had claimed the lives of many Primordial realm experts.

In a certain location in the spatial crack, the battle between the Rain Abbess and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor had already reached a white-hot intensity.

They fought with great vigour, and the pulses of powerful energy they created swept millions of kilometers away with devastating power.

They destroyed everything in their path, obliterating the countless streams of energy that filled the space.

Even temporal vortices of varying sizes collapsed as a consequence of their battle.

In there, their figures were completely hidden away.

Only two powerful balls of light were visible, colliding and clashing together.

Each ball of light resembled an entire world.

They produced devastating rumbles with their collisions, which was utterly shocking.

“Supreme Kingdom of Snow!” Suddenly, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor called out and flying snow immediately filled the space.

A colossal, illusionary kingdom immediately appeared out of thin air, sealing off the surroundings and immediately wrapping around the region of space before pulling it into the illusionary kingdom of snow.

The Rain Abbess was unable to avoid this.

She was immediately sucked in, appearing in the illusionary kingdom of snow.

In the next moment, the illusionary kingdom of snow erupted with blinding, lethal light.

Icicles, ice blades, ice arrows, and even spears condensed from ice shot over from all directions.

Each attack possessed unmatched bearing and startling might.

The attacks were thickly-grouped and came as layers upon layers, filling the whole area.

Like an attack from an army of archers, they all shot towards the Rain Abbess.

The power of rain enveloped the Rain Abbess, obscuring and blurring her figure.

As she stood in the kingdom of snow, she remained calm and composed even when the attacks surrounded her.

Faced with the attacks that came in from all directions, she did not make any unnecessary moves.

She only raised her slender hand steadily and pushed it forwards gently.

With that, the kingdom of snow immediately began to shake violently.

The space there seemed to have collapsed, not only blurring the landscape and throwing it all into chaos, but also shattering all of the incoming icicles, ice blades, and ice arrows instantly, which turned into cold streams of air that dissipated in the kingdom of snow.

However, the God Tier Battle Skill, the Supreme Kingdom of Snow, was a supreme technique from the Ice Goddess Hall after all.

The Snow sect had always treated it as a sect treasure, so its powers were much more than this.

Colossal figures began to rise up in the kingdom of snow after the icicles had all dispersed.

They were four giants of snow and ice that stood over three hundred meters tall, clad in ice armour and wielding spears.

They seemed like four guardian generals of indomitable spirit, valiant in appearance.

The four generals of snow and ice all possessed cultivations equivalent to the caster.

They all possessed the strength of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

However, their only flaw was that they did not possess the ability to challenge those stronger than them like the Icecloud Founding Ancestor.

But even despite that, they formed a stunning deterrent force through their advantage in numbers.

They were equivalent to four Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes.

On the Ice Pole Plane, that was an unbelievably great force.

Across the forty-nine great planes of the Saints World, there were even many planes without a single Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, yet four of them had actually appeared together all of a sudden in the kingdom of snow!

The four divine generals surrounded the Rain Abbess from four different directions before raising their spears at the same time and thrusting out suddenly.

The spears pierced the air with devastating power.

The entire kingdom of snow was filled with violent energy.

The space there even seemed to be pierced, causing the four spears to vanish the moment they were thrusted out.

The Rain Abbess formed a seal with one hand.

She was unhurried and completely at ease.

As she moved through her hand seals, four fish scales immediately appeared out of thin air.

These scales were completely condensed from energy and laws, glistening like gold.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spears landed on the four golden scales with destructive power, and the scales immediately erupted with light.

With a slight tremble, they successfully blocked the four divine generals attacks.

At the same time, the Rain Abbess extended a single slender finger and swept it across the space before her gently.

Her movement was extremely elegant.

The space immediately rippled where the tip of the finger passed by.

In the next moment, the four divine generals immediately became riddled with countless space cracks.

They were extremely sharp as if they could cut through everything the world had to offer.

Immediately, the spacial cracks cut the four indomitable divine generals into countless pieces.

However, the four divine generals seemed to be indestructible.

They condensed from thin air again the moment they were dispersed, still possessing the strength of Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes.

The Rain Abbess swept her finger gently again, shattering the four divine generals using the same move the moment they reformed.

Her powers of space seemed to be the sharpest blade in the world.

Even the extremely sturdy armour on the divine generals was no different from paper before the spatial blades.

They stood no chance.

However, the divine generals born from the kingdom of snow seemed to be eternal.

In the next moment, the four divine generals condensed yet again.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect was known for her ability to challenge the Seventh Heavenly Layer, but it was not completely because of her cultivation method and her current cultivation.

The technique she used right now, the Supreme Kingdom of Snow, was what she depended on the most to contend against Seventh Heavenly Layer experts.

The four divine generals only possessed the cultivations of regular Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, but their advantage was they were unkillable.

Once they were dispersed, they could immediately condense and take shape again.

Faced with this endless revival, even Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Primes would be powerless if they were caught in it.

They would struggle to break free.

“Sigh.” But at this moment, the Rain Abbess clad in the power of rain ended up letting out a gentle sigh.

She said with a hint of disappointment, “Icecloud Founding Ancestor, if this is all that youre capable of, then the battle between us can stop right here.”

With that, the power of rain around the Rain Abbess suddenly swelled.

Like a domain, it immediately expanded, swallowing the illusionary kingdom of snow like what she had done with the Snow sect earlier.

“T- this is impossible!” The Icecloud Founding Ancestors shocked and alarmed voice rang out from the kingdom.

Afterwards, the illusionary kingdom vanished in the power of rain.

From the outside, all that was visible was a colossal ball of power, swelling, shrinking, and swelling.

This continued for quite a while before a great boom abruptly erupted.

The power of rain around the kingdom suddenly exploded, and the kingdom in there shattered with the powerful explosion.

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