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All Jian Chen could do was believe in ancestor Lan.

Under ancestor Lans arrangements, he occupied a courtyard alone and waited for her news.

Fallen snow covered everywhere, both inside and outside the courtyard, forming a thick layer on the ground.

There were also various ornaments sculpted from transparent ice scattered in the surroundings, refracting the warm sunlight into rainbows.

It was dazzling.

However, Jian Chen was in no mood to appreciate the scenery unique to the Ice Pole Plane.

He truly felt each day to be as long as a year during the process of waiting.

For the first time in his life, he felt that time actually passed so slowly.

“Shui Yunlan has only just been captured.

Even if she has been placed under control, itll probably take her a while before she reveals where my sister is hiding, so the hiding place wont be divulged so quickly.

I have to stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.” Jian Chen paced around in the courtyard, leaving absolutely no traces in the snow.

He was restless, constantly trying to straighten out his thoughts.

He also understood that panicking right now was useless given the circumstances.

Suddenly, Jian Chen raised his head.

His sharp gaze seemed to pierce the sky like a sword, allowing him to see the vast cosmos.

He was already a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime with battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes.

His senses were extremely sharp.

At that moment, he actually sensed surging demon Qi from outer space, approaching the Ice Pole Plane with extremely great speed.


A while later, a great rumble rang across the entire plane.

The surging demon Qi from outer space had directly slammed into the Ice Pole Plane, landing in the distance heavily with tremendous pressure.

The great rumble it had produced when it landed even took Jian Chen by surprise when he was deep within the Heavenly Crane clan.

“Its the Empyrean Demon Cult!” Jian Chens eyes lit up.

He was not unfamiliar with this demon Qi.

Back then on the Cloud Plane, he had come into contact with it more than once.

It clearly belonged to the Empyrean Demon Cult.

And, he could see through the thick demon Qi that it was hiding a pitch-black divine hall, as grand as a castle.

When he saw the demonic castle within the surging demon Qi, Jian Chens eyes immediately lit up.

Back then on the Delight Plane, Jian Chen had once worked with the Empyrean Demon Cult to attack the greatest organization there, the Cloudsurge Empire.

Back then, the Empyrean Demon Cult had utilised a high quality god artifact demonic castle.

Jian Chen could clearly see that the demonic castle back then on the Delight Plane was exactly the same as the one that had just appeared on the Ice Pole Plane.

“The Empyrean Demon Cult has actually come to the Ice Pole Plane” For a moment, Jian Chen felt both surprised and excited.

He could vaguely sense that the region where the Empyrean Demon Cults divine hall had landed was in the same direction as the Hefeng clan.

“Has the Empyrean Demon Cult travelled all the way here to wage war against the Hefeng clan” Jian Chen guessed.

Having arrived on the Ice Pole Plane in such a brazen fashion, the Empyrean Demon Cult had obviously caught the attention of all organisations on the plane.

For a moment, countless senses of the soul wove together in the air above the region where the divine hall resided.

All of the experts on the plane paid close attention, but none of them stood forward to interfere with the Empyrean Demon Cults affairs.

In the Heavenly Crane clan, Jian Chen could not help but become restless.

He was tempted to leave the Heavenly Crane clan right and now venture to the Empyrean Demon Cult to see if he could contact Mo Tianyun.

“The Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point sect has come to visit the Heavenly Crane clan under ancestor Lans invitation.” But at this moment, an old voice rang out from outside.

When he heard the Point Cloud Venerable, Jian Chens eyes narrowed.

He thought, “The Point Cloud Venerable of the Star Brilliance Plane is actually here Dont tell me the person that ancestor Lan invited was the Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point sect”

“Youve travelled quite the distance, Point Cloud Venerable.

Please come in,” at the same time, ancestor Lans voice rang out from one of the three ancestral peaks.

The protective formation around the Heavenly Crane clan suddenly split open, and a wide path condensed from flying snow, hovering in the air.

This was a form of greeting from the Heavenly Crane clan.

Only those whose status had reached a certain level could enjoy treatment like that.

“Come to the Soaring Snow peak immediately!” Ancestor Lans pleasant voice also rang out in Jian Chens head.

Jian Chen had been waiting for this moment the entire time.

He did not hesitate at all, immediately flying to the Soaring Snow peak as quickly as he could.

When he reached the Soaring Snow peak, the Point Cloud Venerable had already beaten him there, standing with ancestor Lan.

Jian Chen did not find the Point Cloud Venerables name unfamiliar at all.

Back then on the Star Brilliance Plane, Kai Ya and he were hunted down by the Elder of Mountains and Seas.

They were trapped in the Elder of Mountains and Seas Heaven-obscuring Barrier of Flowing Water, and it was the Point Cloud Venerable who secretly took action in the end that destroyed the Elder of Mountains and Seas Heaven-obscuring Barrier of Flowing Water.

Afterwards, when he ventured to the Aqua Plane to destroy the Gloomwater sect, it was all thanks to the Point Cloud Venerables secret assistance that prevented any accidents from happening when he annihilated the Gloomwater sect.

Otherwise, once any peak organisation greater than the Gloomwater sect interfered and tried to obstruct him, his attempt to destroy the Gloomwater sect would not have unfolded so smoothly.

However, he also understood that while the Point Cloud Venerable had assisted him in the past, the Point Cloud Venerable was also somewhat connected to Kai Yas death.

As a result, Jian Chens feelings towards an important figure like the Point Cloud Venerable remained conflicted.

After arriving on Soaing Snow peak, Jian Chen finally saw the Point Cloud Venerable.

This was actually his first time seeing the Point Cloud Venerable in person.

The Point Cloud Venerable seemed like a very ordinary old man.

He was dressed in white robes, and he had a healthy glow about him, radiating exuberantly.

Only his sombre eyes seemed to be as deep as the cosmos.

“Hmm Ancestor Lan, may I ask who this is”

The Point Cloud Venerable could not help but look at Jian Chen with his appearance.

As he stared at Jian Chens unfamiliar face and sensed his unfamiliar presence, he immediately became rather puzzled.

The moment Jian Chen had appeared, his heart skipped a beat.

He had a feeling that he had seen this person somewhere before.

“Just a junior.

Theres no need to pay any heed to him, Point Cloud Venerable.

We shouldnt delay this, so lets head over right now.” Ancestor Lan did not introduce Jian Chen to him.

She casually brushed aside the Point Cloud Venerables questions and said secretly to Jian Chen, “The Point Cloud Venerable grasps the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time.

When these two laws are used together, they result in unfathomable abilities.

Its said that its possible to walk along the river of time and tour the past and the future.

The entire world becomes transparent in his eyes.

Dont say anything, not even a single word, just in case the Point Cloud Venerable finds something with his abilities.”

“There are certain things that the Point Cloud Venerable should not know about,” ancestor Lan told Jian Chen as if she had some misgivings.

Jian Chen understood what she meant.

He acted like nothing was happening and bowed towards the Point Cloud Venerable in regards to his seniority before standing silently behind ancestor Lan.

Ancestor Lan brought Jian Chen and the Point Cloud Venerable to the space outside the Ice Goddess Hall again.

However, as soon as he saw the Ice Goddess Hall swallowed by the wind and snow, the Point Cloud Venerables expression immediately became unnatural.

“Ancestor Lan, you wanted me to find someone.

Dont tell me the person youre looking for is connected to this place” the Point Cloud Venerable asked rather stiffly.

“Youre overthinking, venerable.

If they really were connected to this place, why would the Ice Pole Plane still be so peaceful” Ancestor Lan spoke like normal, urging the Point Cloud Venerable to move a little faster.

The Point Cloud Venerable had his doubts, but he still ended up going along with it.

Immediately, the Ways of Time and the Ways of Space descended.

The two ways wove together on the Point Cloud Venerable, forming something akin to a path of time in the end.

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