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Seeing how frantic Jian Chen was, He Qianchi cut right to the chase.

He nodded, “Alright.

Ill take you to the ancestors right now.” As he said that, He Qianchi turned around and flew towards the ice mountain behind the city.

Jian Chen followed right behind He Qianchi.

Both of them moved with the speed of Chaotic Primes.

They were lightning fast.

Before long, Jian Chen had passed through an extremely powerful protective formation under He Qianchis lead, formally entering the Heavenly Crane clan.

The Heavenly Crane clan stood on an ice mountain.

There were countless structures there, whether it be halls or pavilions, either built on the mountain or right in the mountain, on mirror-smooth platforms dug out from the mountain.

Ice cranes flew through the air from time to time, producing crisp cries.

There were many descendents of the Heavenly Crane clan among them too.

“Greetings, great elder!”

“Greetings, great elder!”

He Qianchi flew through the many peaks of the ice mountain with Jian Chen, making their way towards the depths of the Heavenly Crane clan.

They came across many descendents of the clan along the way, who all bowed and greeted them politely.

He Qianchi responded to these bowing juniors with a kind nod and smile.

“Ive already used a secret technique to contact the ancestors.

As for whether they can help you out, thats not something I can decide.” He Qianchi communicated to Jian Chen along the way.

He had no idea just what trouble Jian Chen had encountered, but he could tell it was definitely something major.

If it was mishandled, it might even affect other things.

However, the three catties of Soil of Divine Blood that Jian Chen had produced made the Heavenly Crane clan owe him a huge favour.

This favour made it difficult for the Heavenly Crane clan to decline any request from Jian Chen.

Of course, what happened next was not something a great elder like He Qianchi could decide.

Everything would be up to the ancestors.

Suddenly, He Qianchis expression changed.

He was both surprised and unsurprised by this.

He turned to Jian Chen and said, “The ancestors have agreed to see you, but the one seeing you this time is the strongest of our three ancestors, ancestor Lan.”

“In our Heavenly Crane clan, ancestor Lans authority is paramount.

The two other ancestors pale in comparison, so when you see ancestor Lan, be sure to be a little more polite.”

He Qianchi instructed Jian Chen sternly and explained multiple aspects for him to be careful about.

Only when he had told him everything he had to say did they finally reach where ancestor Lan cultivated.

Appearing before Jian Chen was an upside down ice mountain that hovered in the air.

The tip of the ice mountain pointed down, while the waist of the mountain had been cut in half, forming a spacious land that faced the sky.

However, the surroundings of the hovering mountain fell with seemingly-endless huge flakes of snow, enveloping the place like a crystalline curtain.

It seemed hazy from the outside, shimmering about mysteriously.

“This is the Soaring Snow peak where ancestor Lan resides.

Its one of the three ancestral peaks of our Heavenly Crane clan.

I can only accompany you here.

Ancestor Lan is waiting for you on the ancestral peak, so you can go there by yourself,” He Qianchi stopped and said sternly.

Jian Chen nodded.

After clasping his fist at He Qianchi and bidding farewell to him, he immediately passed through the thick, flying snow around Soaring Snow peak, arriving on the flat surface.

It was also at this moment that the snow around the peak suddenly split apart along the middle, forming a path that reached right before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, before proceeding along the path.

In the end, he entered a divine hall that resembled an ice statue.

The moment he set foot in the divine hall, he was met with terrifying coldness, which immediately made him shiver.

A layer of ice crystals rapidly formed on the surface of his body.

The coldness was extremely terrifying.

It seemed to be able to infiltrate his body, not only making him feel extremely cold, but even seemingly freezing his blood.

Even his Chaotic Force began to circulate sluggishly.

In the centre of the hall, a woman in white stood with her back to him, unable to see her appearance.

Before her stood a huge pill cauldron.

A heavy fragrance wafted out of the pill cauldron.

Even just a sniff of it was refreshing, as if it could purify the entire body and completely wipe away all feelings of exhaustion.

However, the flames used for alchemy were not the Laws of Fire that bore tremendous heat Jian Chen was familiar with.

Instead, it was a flame condensed from ice.

The ice flames gave off no heat at all.

All it did give off was an extreme coldness, enough for people to feel despair.

“Greetings, ancestor Lan!” Jian Chen knew the woman before him was the ancestor Lan that He Qianchi spoke of.

He immediately bowed politely.

“Yang Yutian, are you that person who disguised himself as the fifth hall master and had the various organisations of the Hundred Saint City dancing around in your palm back then in the Darkstar World” Ancestor Lan asked.

Her voice was very gentle, very pleasant and very crisp, like the sounds of nature.

She continued before Jian Chen could answer her, “You really are quite capable.

After all, when it just comes to your disguise alone, even I cant see through it.”


Why have you come to find me in such a hurry”

“Ancestor Lan, I have an extremely important friend who was abducted by an unknown expert.

This person used profound techniques to hide all traces.

Im incompetent, so Ive specially come to the Heavenly Crane clan for assistance.

I hope ancestor Lan can take action and help me find the whereabouts of this person,” said Jian Chen.

Ancestor Lan let out a gentle laugh, “You want me to personally take action just to find a persons whereabouts Out of all these years, youre the first.”

“Im also aware this is very disrespectful to you, senior, but my friend who was abducted is just too important to me, so I must ask you to help me,” Jian Chen pleaded.

“So be it.

In consideration of the fact that the three catties of Soil of Divine Blood had alleviated our Heavenly Crane clans emergency, Ill help you.

Where was your friend abducted” Ancestor Lan asked.

“In the Ice Goddess Hall.”

“The Ice Goddess Hall Why would it be there” Ancestor Lan frowned, before murmuring, “Back them, when the Empyrean Demon Lord barged into the Ice Goddess Hall, he destroyed all of the Flame Reverends plans and arrangements.

Even all the experts that the Flame Reverend had stationed there were doomed.

In other words, it shouldnt be someone under the Flame Reverend.”

After a moment of consideration, ancestor Lan suddenly formed seals with her hands and beat them into the pill cauldron, making the pill cauldron operate by itself.

Afterwards, she waved her hand and a powerful force immediately swept up Jian Chen.

They both then vanished.

Jian Chen only saw a blur before his eyes.

When his field of vision cleared up again, he had already arrived outside the Ice Goddess Hall.

“Ill merge my soul with the world and resonate with the ways, to peer into the past and the future.

Lets see whether I can find that persons tracks,” said ancestor Lan.

Soon afterwards, ways and laws radiated from her body, as if she could represent the supreme order of the world to a certain degree.

Of course, it was only to a certain degree.

Compared to actual Grand Exalts, she was worlds apart.

Under this state, the various matters of the past that had occurred in the world played out in ancestor Lans head like pages of a book.

None of the matters that occurred in the past could be hidden from her.

Jian Chen waited anxiously.

He was both nervous and eager.

He was eager for ancestor Lan to live up to his hopes and accurately pinpoint the identity of the expert with the bamboo hat.

If he did not even know the experts identity and background, then he could forget about saving anyone.

A while later, ancestor Lan opened her eyes again.

A sliver of surprise flashed through her bright eyes.

She said, “A Grand Prime secretly erased all traces of the person, and the Grand Primes quite powerful too, a mid Grand Prime at the very least.”

Jian Chens face changed drastically.

What he worried about the most had still ended up happening.

However, he still gazed at ancestor Lan with a final ray of hope, “Ancestor Lan, did you find any clues”

Ancestor Lan shook her head gently.

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