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“The sacred, undefileable land of the past has now become so chaotic.

Sigh.” Having witnessed the man in white being caught, Yun Wufeng could not help but let out a deep sigh.

He was melancholic.

Afterwards, he made his way over to Yue Wuguangs corpse and stowed it away in a Space Ring.

It was not just Yue Wuguangs body.

Even the traces of blood that Yue Wuguang had left on the ground had been cleaned up by Yun Wufeng with his own hands in utter sincerity.

Yun Wufeng held blind faith towards the Ice Goddess Hall.

Even when the Ice Goddess Hall had already declined, he still believed it to be a holy land that could not be defiled and blasphemed.

Jian Chen was not concerned by Yun Wufengs actions.

He maintained a frown the entire time as he repetitively recalled the man in white who he found extremely unfamiliar, yet also gave him a sense of familiarity at the same time.

He tried to recall where he had seen this person before.

At this moment, he noticed the blood that the man in white had sprayed out when he appeared.

It was still there on the ground with the pieces of organs.

Jian Chen arrived before the blood and with a thought, a few droplets of blood that had already been frozen into beads slowly hovered in the air.

As a Primordial realm expert, every single droplet of his blood possessed rather powerful energy which had not run out.

Through his powerful senses, he seemed to be able to peer into the owners real identity by using the weak presence remaining in the blood.

Suddenly, Jian Chen made a discovery.

He shuddered violently and his face immediately changed drastically.

Even his gaze became utterly shocking in the next moment.

“Its her.

Its actually her.” The extreme shock made Jian Chen call out involuntarily.

His heart stirred violently, surging away immediately.

He had already discovered the true identity of the man in white through the droplers of blood.

He was Shui Yunlan!

Shui Yunlan was the only person who knew the whereabouts of his sister.

If he wanted to find his sister Changyang Mingyue, then he needed to go through Shui Yunlan.

“My friend, whats wrong” Yun Wufeng heard Jian Chens cry and could not help but turn around, casting over a questioning gaze.

But soon afterwards, he discovered Jian Chens face had become extremely sunken, which immediately gave him an ominous feeling.

But in the next moment, Jian Chen suddenly vanished.

Even the Laws of Space around him were rather unstable, fluctuating away violently.

He rushed outwards hysterically in pursuit.

At the same time, a panic-stricken voice rang out in Yun Wufengs head, “Go after him! Go after him! We cant let the Chaotic Prime from just then get away! We have to make him stay behind no matter the cost!”

Jian Chens voice was filled with a hint of madness, as if he no longer cared about anything else.

He immediately understood what had happened.

Shui Yunlan being captured was anything but simple.

It definitely was not because Shui Yunlan had made some enemies for herself.

Their true target was his sister, Changyang Mingyue!

At the same time, the Snow Goddess of the Ice Goddess Hall!

Jian Chen rushed out of the Ice Goddess Hall.

He had never travelled so quickly before.

He immediately expanded the senses of his soul, enveloping the surroundings.

Even his two remaining strands of Profound Sword Qi were ready to be unleashed at any moment.

Unfortunately, as the senses of his soul swept through the surroundings violently, he found nothing at all.

He did not even find a single trace or clue.

The Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime who captured Shui Yunlan seemed to have vanished into thin air, leaving no leads behind.

He immediately realised his realm of cultivation was just too low.

With a flash, the doubtful Yun Wufeng appeared before Jian Chen.

Just when he was about to ask Jian Chen, Jian Chen cut in front of him.

He was extremely worried, “Senior Yun, quick, help me look for that persons tracks.

We have to stop him.”

Yun Wufeng had no idea what was going on, but he could tell how panic-striken Jian Chen was.

He immediately nodded, “Alright, Ill definitely do all that I can to help you!” With that, the senses of Yun Wufengs Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime soul swept out violently.

The senses of the soul were far more powerful than Jian Chens.

Even when Jian Chens soul had merged with a strand of true Chaotic Force, he could not contend with a mid Chaotic Prime with his current cultivation.

Yun Wufeng did not hold back either.

As he searched around with the senses of his soul, he even formed seals with his hands and used secret techniques, scouring the world.

In the end, his eyes even shone with the light of peering into the unknown.

A while later, Yun Wufeng stopped all of his searching methods and shook his head with a gentle sigh, “The Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime hid his presence and he erased all traces.

With what I am capable of, I cant find him.”

“D- dont tell me you cant even find the direction he left off in” Jian Chen asked urgently.

His eyes had even reddened slightly, becoming bloodshot.

He knew the Eighth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime definitely had an extremely colossal organisation standing behind him.

Once Shui Yunlan ended up in the hands of an organisation like that, Shui Yunlan would struggle to hide any secrets even if she was perfectly loyal to the Snow Goddess with what these peak experts were capable of.

There were just far too many secret techniques that could delude and control the soul in the Saints World.

Some secret techniques could even make a person confess all their secrets without even knowing.

Once they used something like that against Shui Yunlan, his sister would be in danger.

“My friend, I can only apologise.

Ive truly done everything that I can.” Yun Wufeng was apologetic.

Jian Chen had helped him far too much, not only assisting him in escaping from the Moon God Hall, but helping him kill a group of traitors from the Moon God Hall too.

Yet in the end, when Jian Chen needed help, he was unable to do anything at all.

Jian Chens chest heaved violently.

His emotions were out of control.

He was like an ant in a scorching pot, anxiously pacing around.

“What do I do What do I do Theyve captured Shui Yunlan.

My sisters hiding place can be exposed at any time, yet right now, I dont even know their identity.

What am I supposed to do right now” Jian Chen clutched at his hair.

At that moment, he really was tempted to possess the supreme power that could overwhelm all, or he would not be so helpless.

“The Heavenly Crane clan.

Ill try the Heavenly Crane clan.” Suddenly, Jian Chen thought of an idea and immediately rushed away using the Laws of Space.

He did not even have the time to bid farewell to Yun Wufeng.

Jian Chen reached the Divine City of the Heavenly Crane as quickly as he could.

He had already used the tablet of the Heavenly Crane clan to contact He Qianchi along the way, so He Qianchi had arrived in the city as soon as he reached the Divine City of the Heavenly Crane.

“My friend, whats put you in such a hurry Dont tell me youve made a great mess because of the Moon God Hall” He Qianchi asked as soon as he saw him.

“Senior, I have something extremely important to attend to.

I want to see your esteemed ancestors immediately,” Jian Chen said urgently.

Shui Yunlans capture directly influenced his sisters life.

He struggled to remain calm before something like that.

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