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Chapter 2978: Collapsing Immediately

After being infiltrated by an enemy, the Moon God Hall had increased their internal security to an extremely strict level.

Any disciple that wanted to enter or leave the place had to undergo numerous verifications of their identity.

Their blood would be tested first, followed by their cultivation, and then the toughness of their body.

Even the esteemed elders of the Moon God Hall could not avoid this testing.

And because of the previous incident, the tests that the elders underwent were even stricter than the tests for regular disciples.

All of the disciples of the Moon God Hall, along with the elders, did not have the slightest complaint towards this.

Instead, they offered their full cooperation.

Just recently, the Moon God Hall had paid a bloody price exactly because of their negligence.

Three great elders had died and numerous elders had been cut down, which was devastating to the Moon God Hall.

The guards of the Moon God Hall had never been so powerful either.

Four elders personally watched the entrance, just to be safe.

However, at this moment, a pulse of energy so powerful that it was beyond what any Infinite Prime could withstand appeared outside, immediately rushing into the Moon God Hall and slamming against the four elders stationed at the entrance mercilessly.

Within the rumble, the four elders, regardless of their cultivations, were sent flying away by the powerful energy, making them cough up blood.

They slammed against the wall of the divine hall behind them heavily.

Immediately, the entrance hall of the Moon God Hall became flooded with great energy, turning into an extremely powerful shockwave even to Infinite Primes.

It sent all the disciples gathered there flying, slamming into the tough walls in the surroundings.

When the storm of energy wreaking havoc in the hall gradually settled down, two figures had already appeared.

One of them was an old man in white robes, the great elder that the disciples of the Moon God Hall could not be more familiar with, Yun Wufeng!

As for the other, he was the one that had caused much pain and fear to the many Infinite Primes of the Moon God Hall, the “sixth elder”.

Jian Chen continued to use the sixth elders identity, hiding away everything that had to do with him.

“Yu Wuguang, Luo Fei, and Lin Zhongzheng have committed treachery and pledged themselves to the traitor Nan Potian.

Theyve betrayed the Moon God.

Today, I will personally eliminate these traitors and bring order to chaos in the name of a great elder of the Moon God Hall.

The disciples could be viewed as being deceived by the traitors.

They can be forgiven for giving into their force and authority.

As long as you back out of the Moon God Hall, the past doings of all disciples can be forgiven.

However, if you dont, you will all be punished as traitors…” Yun Wufengs resonant voice rumbled like thunder, echoing through the Moon God Hall.

It broke through many formations and spread through most of the structure.

As soon as he finished with that, he flashed and immediately vanished from the hall, rushing straight into the depths of the Moon God Hall.

Jian Chen followed closely behind.

They wanted to deal with Yue Wuguang and the other two this time, but just Yun Wufeng was not enough.

Just him was not enough either.

They needed to work together to achieve that.

At the same time, Yue Wuguang, Luo Fei, and Lin Zhongzhengs faces all darkened in the depths of the Moon God Hall.

They rushed out in a fearsome manner, going straight for Yun Wufeng and Jian Chen.

“Something is off.

On the surface, it seems like Yun Wufeng and the mysterious expert dont stand a chance against us at all, but they just happened to have killed their way here.

Dont tell me theres something else they can depend on”

“I need to be extremely careful with the battle this time, especially with the person disguised as the sixth elder.

I need to be vigilant of his ability that can injure the soul.”

“Dont tell me the sixth elders imposter can still use the ability that can injure the soul”

On the surface, they seemed to be radiating with might, but in reality, all of them experienced second thoughts and doubted everything.

They were extremely cautious.

What truly worried them was not Yun Wufeng.

They had spent all these years together after all, so they were all familiar with what Yun Wufeng was capable of.

They were only worried about Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi.

Very soon, they ran into one another.

This time, they did not say anything unnecessary.

They became locked in a battle as soon as they saw each other.

“Kill Yue Wuguang first and end it quickly!” Jian Chen called out.

Wielding the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, he also gave off the powerful presence of a Chaotic Prime, charging towards Yue Wuguang fearlessly.

However, as soon as they heard he wanted to end it quickly, all three of them, whether it was Yue Wuguang, Luo Fei, or Lin Zhongzheng, narrowed their eyes.

They were three powerful Chaotic Primes, two at the Fifth Heavenly Layer and one at the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

Even if Yue Wuguang was injured, no longer possessing the battle prowess of his prime, he was still a Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

He was enough to put up a fight against Yun Wufeng.

On the contrary, apart from Yun Wufeng, while the mysterious figure disguised as the sixth elder did possess the battle prowess of a Chaotic Prime, he was only equivalent to an early Chaotic Prime.

Logically speaking, they stood absolutely no chance against the three great elders, yet one of them just happened to call out, “End it quickly! He seemed extremely confident.

The three great elders immediately thought of the strange ability that could attack the soul.

At the same time, a pressure from the world suddenly descended.

Yun Wufeng immediately used a God Tier Battle Skill too, his sharp eyes locked onto Yue Wuguang.

Yue Wuguang shivered inside.

This familiar sight made him recall what he had experienced back then in the Burial Moon Cavern.

He immediately retreated without the slightest hesitation and placed most of his focus on Jian Chen, concentrating on guarding against Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi.

Immediately, Yun Wufengs God Tier Battle Skill finished charging up.

As he swung down with his sword, a huge blade shaped like a crescent immediately cleaved down with blinding light.

Immediately, the space shook violently.

The entire Moon God Hall seemed to rock, swaying about gently.

However, the God Tier Battle Skills target was not the solemn and cautious Yun Wufeng, but the Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, Lin Zhongzheng.

Lin Zhongzhengs face changed drastically.

The power of his cultivation erupted from his body as he put up a full-powered struggle.

But at this moment, an extremely powerful strand of sword intent appeared.

Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi emerged once more, turning into a white streak of light and shooting towards Lin Zhongzheng as if it had broken the limits of space and time.

“Thats it! Thats it! My soul was injured by that! I can never forget this presence!” The moment the Profound Sword Qi appeared, Yue Wuguangs mind shivered, and his face changed drastically.

Lin Zhongzheng also sensed the Profound Sword Qi.

Even though he had never seen Jian Chens Profound Sword Qi, he had heard its description from Yue Wuguang before, so he also became extremely wary.

However, once the Profound Sword Qi was launched, it would always strike its target.

Apart from the Darkstar Emperor, Jian Chen had yet to meet anyone who could dodge or block the Profound Sword Qi.

As a result, despite raising his guard to the extreme, the Profound Sword Qi continued like Lin Zhongzheng had done nothing.


The Profound Sword Qi ripped through the air, tearing through all obstacles and vanishing into Lin Zhongzhengs forehead instantly.

Lin Zhongzhengs body shuddered violently as he let out a beast-like howl.

His soul was not as powerful as Yue Wuguangs.

Against a Seventh Heavenly Layer expert like Yue Wuguang, Jian Chen needed to use two strands of Profound Sword Qi.

However, against a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime like Lin Zhongzheng, just a single strand was enough to heavily injure his soul.

However, his howl came to a halt very soon.

Yun Wufengs God Tier Battle Skill descended.

The crescent blade slammed down with a force that could cut through space, splitting Lin Zhongzheng into two.

Lin Zhongzheng had died!

“Elder Lin- elder Lin- h- has actually just died like this…” Having personally witnessed Lin Zhongzhengs death, Luo Feis face immediately paled.

He actually could not help himself as he experienced a hint of fear, something he had not experienced in who knew how many years.

Luo Fei was frightened out of his wits, not exactly because of Lin Zhongzhengs death, but because he had died too quickly, basically unable to put up a fight at all.

“My strength is similar to elder Lins.

Even elder Lin has died so easily, so if it were me instead…” Luo Feis face changed rapidly.

Soon afterwards, he rushed out of the Moon God Hall as quickly as he could as a blur, escaping from the place.

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