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Sure enough, elder Shi did not leave Jian Chen disappointed.

After leaving Jian Chens cabin, he immediately purchased the pills that Jian Chen required on the spaceship.

Then he used his influence to purchase all the supplementary materials for refining Hundred Tribulations Godking pills from all the stalls and stores on the entire spaceship.

After all, several million cultivators gathered on the spaceship.

It was better described as a flying city than a flying ship.

All sorts of facilities were available inside, and just the stores that sold various cultivation resources amounted to a sizable number.

But without any exception, all the stores were run by the organisation that the spaceship belonged to.

As a result, elder Shi obviously possessed paramount authority here.

Immediately, all the stores delivered all their God Tier pills and heavenly resources beneficial to recovering essence blood to elder Shi.

Even the various cultivators riding the spaceship took out some of their pills or heavenly resources for exchange.

The price that elder Shi had put forward was far too high.

He was offering fifty percent more for any of the God Tier pills and heavenly resources that could heal essence blood than they could fetch outside.

Under elder Shis efforts, he actually managed to gather some God Tier pills and heavenly resources that could recover vitality for Jian Chen.

None of the cultivators that rode the spaceship were particularly powerful, basically all at Godhood, but who didnt have their own fortuitous encounters

“Chang Yang actually requires so many pills for recovering vitality.

Is he injured with his essence blood drained, gathering it all for himself, or is he preparing to refine some kind of pill with these resources” In a luxurious cabin at the very top of the spaceship, the great elder was also mystified by Jian Chens actions of gathering heavenly resources, which made her guess to herself.

“Great elder, Chang Yang doesnt seem like hes injured right now.

Among the mid grade God Tier pills he has offered up, some of them are also for healing.” Elder Shi stood before the great elder politely and gave his opinion.

“Not necessarily.

If he intentionally hides it, itll be very difficult to tell.

However, if that really is the case, then its basically a complete coincidence that he boarded our spaceship.

He shouldnt be the kind of expert with ulterior motives we worry about.”

“He was probably injured before running into us in outer space.

As for his objective for boarding our ship, its probably to save strength from travelling by himself, as well as to gather these pills and recover.” The great elder took out a jade bottle from her Space Ring and said, “I do happen to have a few God Tier pills that can recover essence blood here.

You can exchange them with Chang Yang for equal value.”

During this time, Jian Chen remained in his cabin, resting.

He patiently waited for elder Shi to deliver the various resources.

Basically every two or three days, Jian Chen would receive a great pile of heavenly resources.

Ninety-nine percent of them would be for refining the Hundred Tribulations Godking pills.

Only a very small fraction was what he required to recover essence blood.

This process lasted for a whole month.

A month later, basically all the qualifying heavenly resources and God Tier pills up for exchange had ended up in Jian Chens hands.

Apart from these, there was a low quality God Tier pill cauldron as well.

Jian Chen had paid over a dozen mid grade God Tier pills as well as some other precious materials to an Infinite Prime protector on the spaceship for this pill cauldron.

“There are only around forty low grade God Tier pills for recovering essence blood and around a dozen low grade God Tier heaven resources.

However, despite all being God Tier pills, these pills have a much weaker effect than the Wind Venerables God Pills of Condensing Blood.

There are quite a lot of supreme grade Saint Tier pills though, over ten thousand of them.” Jian Chen was not satisfied with the result of this month.

There were far too few God Tier pills.

As for supreme grade Saint Tier pills, their effects were basically negligible on him.

However, he had no other choice.

After all, something was still better than nothing.

Jian Chen entered secluded cultivation next.

He ate the various pills like candy, silently condensing new chaotic essence blood.

Even though he had obtained over ten thousand pills in total, they could not last Jian Chen as he basically wolfed them down.

Finally, after three months, Jian Chen had completely depleted all the pills he had gathered on the spaceship.

The resulting effect left Jian Chen very disappointed too.

Over forty low grade God Tier pills, around a dozen God Tier heavenly resources, together with over ten thousand supreme grade Saint Tier pills, had only allowed him to condense a total of twenty droplets of chaotic essence blood.

“Ive lost too much chaotic essence blood.

Earlier, I basically over-exhausted my body, so itll be several times more difficult to recover now.” Jian Chen temporarily gave up on condensing chaotic essence blood, as he understood that he had to reach one of the forty-nine great planes if he wanted to make a complete recovery.

He spent the remaining time studying the Way of Alchemy.

The sooner he could refine the Hundred Tribulations Godking pills the better.

The spaceship sped through the vast cosmos, but it was not exactly a smooth journey.

They encountered attacks from space beasts numerous times, but they did not run into any threats on par with Chaotic Primes, so the Infinite Prime protectors on the spaceship all dealt with them with ease.

Jian Chen remained on the ship, comprehending the Way of Alchemy.

He did not disembark, as the spaceship was of impressive quality and moved extremely quickly.

Even when he travelled alone, he was not much faster than the spaceship, so he was better off just conserving his energy.

Before he knew it, the spaceship had already flown for two years through the vast outer space.

Finally, on this day, the spaceship suddenly trembled and left the vast outer space, landing on an extensive piece of land.

“Fellow Chang Yang, weve reached the Ice Pole Plane.” As soon as the spaceship landed, elder Shi arrived before Jian Chen and smiled.

“Our spaceship will be stopping on the Ice Pole plane for half a month before setting off again for the next destination.

May I ask if fellow Chang Yang plans on travelling further with us or plans on staying on the Ice Pole Plane”

“The Ice Pole Plane Weve arrived on the Ice Pole Plane” Jian Chen was taken aback.

During the days he spent on the spaceship, he never learnt what the next destination was.

He never expected to come to the Ice Pole Plane.

Immediately, information relating to the Ice God Hall, the Moon God Hall, and the Heavenly Crane clan, as well as Changyang Mingyue, fairy Hao Yue, and He Qianqians figures filled Jian Chens head.

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