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Jian Chen enjoyed extremely great treatment on the spaceship.

Not only was he treated to free spiritual fruit and spiritual tea, but the people who piloted the spaceship even specially sent a maidservant to wait outside Jian Chens cabin.

She was ready to take Jian Chens orders at any time.

However, all of the Primordial realm protectors on the spaceship had already learnt about his existence.

These Primordial realm experts did not visit Jian Chen one by one, but they did keep an eye out on Jian Chens movements.

After all, it would be difficult for an expert who could catch up to the spaceship to not raise their attention.

In the Saints World, such powerful experts rarely ever took public spaceships anymore.

They either possessed their own spaceships, or they could directly take interplanar teleportation formations.

An expert who boarded a spaceship half-way through the journey like Jian Chen was rare.

They all worried whether an expert like him was harbouring malicious intent for suddenly boarding the ship.

But fortunately, the spaceship was watched by a great elder who had already reached Chaotic Prime in cultivation, which provided peace of mind to the protectors that were only Infinite Primes.

Jian Chen could obviously sense he was being surveilled, but he did not mind.

He remained in his cabin, silently condensing chaotic essence blood.

“Ive run out of essence blood now.

Not only does it affect how much strength I can use, but even the speed at which chaotic essence blood replenishes has been drastically affected.

I only needed a year to condense a droplet of chaotic essence blood originally, but I need five to six years now.”

“If I calculate the time, Ive actually stayed over two centuries on the nameless planet.”

Jian Chen became slightly worried.

Two centuries was probably just the blink of an eye to certain experts, but to him, this was indeed a little too long.

“Im close to turning a thousand years old.

Once Im over a thousand, I wont be able to enter the Darkstar World again.

Senior Wind has promised me that hell find the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and exchange for ten droplets of Grand Exalts essence blood after he completely grasps the power of the fetal membrane of the world.”

“However, thats still the essence blood of a Grand Exalt.

Even if the Bloodtear Grand Exalt agrees to the exchange, itll probably come at an unimaginably great cost.”

“Even if I forget about the cost, I dont have a single clue just how long itll take senior Wind to completely grasp the power of the fetal membrane.

If its just a few decades, then fine, I can wait.

But if he takes several million years…” Thinking up to there, Jian Chen let out a gentle sigh.

Regarding the shortcut to obtaining ten droplets of a Grand Exalts essence blood, he believed he would be better off taking both paths.

One path lay with the Wind Venerable.

The other path was his promise with the Darkstar Emperor, obtaining ten droplets of a Grand Exalts essence blood from the Darkstar World.

“I need to replenish chaotic essence blood as quickly as possible.

Once I return to my peak condition, I can attempt the Way of Alchemy immediately.” Afterwards, Jian Chen called in the maidservant who had been waiting outside the entire time.

He said, “I have something to discuss with your elders, so please pass on the message.”

“Yes, senior.

May I ask which elder youre looking for” The maidservant was extremely polite.

She lowered her head and trembled slightly as she talked, even afraid to breathe too loudly.

“Any elder will do,” Jian Chen said.

The maidservant accepted the order and backed out carefully.

She reported Jian Chens request, and it reached the ears of several protectors very soon.

In the end, it was still the black-robed old man who first met Jian Chen that came in person.

During the days Jian Chen spent on the spaceship, he learnt the old mans name.

People called him elder Shi.

Elder Shi also happened to be the strongest among the nine Infinite Primes on this spaceship.

“I am Shi Qing.

Greetings, fellow Chang Yang.” Elder Shi appeared in Jian Chens cabin with a smile.

He was very friendly and polite, treating him with due respect.

He did not treat him coldly at all.

Jian Chen and elder Shi sat together.

He smiled faintly.

“Elder Shi, thank you for your enthusiastic welcome and courtesy for the past few days.

Ive instead caused you quite a lot of trouble.”

“Hahaha, youre far too polite, fellow Chang Yang.

Its our blessing to have an expert like fellow Chang Yang ride our spaceship.

Im confident that our trip through outer space will be much more peaceful now that we have you around, fellow Chang Yang.” Elder Shi made small talk politely, but he paid great attention to all of Jian Chens minute movements.

He caught even the slightest change in his expression or even a swivel of his eyes clearly.

But through a series of observations, elder Shi was slightly startled, as when Chang Yang faced him, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, not only did he seem completely unpressured, but he even unknowingly gave off a hint of indifference.

It was as if his cultivation at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime was still not enough to catch Chang Yangs attention.

“Is Chang Yang really a Chaotic Prime” Elder Shis mentality weakened.

Although they also had a great elder watching over the spaceship, she was only at the First Heavenly Layer.

However, if Chang Yang was a Chaotic Prime and one even more powerful than their great elder, then no one on the spaceship would be able to stop him.

After all, far too many tragedies happened on spaceships in the boundless Saints World.

There would always be some experts who targeted spaceships as their prey for various reasons.

“Please dont worry, elder Shi.

I obviously wont be riding your spaceship for free.

If you encounter any danger in outer space, Ill definitely do all that I can to help out as long as its within my capabilities.” Jian Chen changed the subject there.

“However, I do have a small request that I hope elder Shi can assist me with.

I require some God Tier pills that can recover essence blood.

I hope you can gather some for me on this spaceship.

Apart from that, heavenly resources work too.

Id also like a great quantity of them.”

Jian Chen produced a list of the various heavenly resources that went into refining Hundred Tribulations Godking pills and passed it to elder Shi before handing him a Space Ring in the end.

The Space Ring was filled with resources, as well as some low grade and mid grade God Tier pills that could not recover essence blood he had received from the Wind Venerable.

They were what he was offered in exchange.

When he saw these resources, elder Shi immediately lost his composure, as the wealth within the Space Ring was so great that even an Infinite Prime like him was tempted.

Just the dozen or so mid grade God Tier pills alone could fetch an astronomical price.

“You have nothing to worry about, fellow Chang Yang.

Leave this up to me.

Ill go right now to gather what you require.” Shi Qing agreed extremely happily before leaving with the Space Ring.

Afterwards, Jian Chen waited calmly in his cabin.

There were several million cultivators on this spaceship, and elder Shi and the others represented the authority of this spaceship.

They controlled everything on the spaceship, so it was all too appropriate for them to settle this matter.

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